Dancing in the Rain

August 18, 2010

We had a little downpour this evening, which was greatly needed.  I walked on to the front porch to see if it cooled down this crazy Texas heat, when I was suddenly joined by my little sidekick. :D  We started holding our hands out to feel the rain and slowly, but surely, Kasen inched further and further on to the front walk.  Before I knew it, she was already on the sidewalk.  Soooo, I did what I always do, I grabbed the camera. ;)   It was so cute to see her twirl, run and jump in the rain.  By the time she was finished, she was soaked, but smiling from ear to ear.  Precious.


Love her toes in this next one ~






And this is when she heard the thunder. LOL  She booked it right to the front door. :)


See ya ‘later!!

Lisa: Those are great!!

Mae Mae: Makes me want to run in the rain - oh the joy of a child - so wonderful - so Kasen...