Second Day as a Five Year Old

August 12, 2010

We heard a lot of “I can do that by myself now.  I’m a big girl.  I’m FIVE you know!” :)  Kasen had her annual doctor’s appointment today, and she was only too proud to wear her shirt with the big number five on the chest.  Just in case people weren’t aware that she was five, she had the shirt as a conversation starter to let them know . . . . and she did . . . . several times.  LOL  I can’t even tell you how many people know all about her birthday party too, in great detail.  She’s hilarious. :D

As I watched her get weighed and get her height checked, I got a little melancholy.  I remember her first time at the doctor’s office, Brad and I unbuttoning her tiny, pink, cotton outfit so she could get weighed, while she screamed her little lungs out.  How did she get so big so fast?!  Whew, it really does fly by.  All those moments swirled in my head, just wondering where the last five years went.  She did everything the doctor asked her to do, no prompting from me, no holding her down, no crocodile tears while the doctor looked in her ears and mouth.  How far she’s come.  She was quite concerned about the shot though and kept telling me that she didn’t want one.  However; when the time came, she got the shot, got her finger pricked and there were no tears.  She was SO proud of herself.  Beaming and giggling, she said, “I got a shot and didn’t even cry.  I whined a lot, but I didn’t cry.” LOL  That’s our girl. :)

Oh yeah, she weighed 39 pounds, she’s in the 45th percentile.  She measured 41 3/4″  high – again, in the 45th percentile – just about perfect! ;)


collage-k08-11-10aSee ya’ later!!

Shannah: Oh, my GOODNESS she is so big...and beautiful! It's such a milestone when they turn 5, isn't it? I think Zander grew a foot overnight when he turned 5...or at least he thought he did. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!!