Happy First Birthday Holden!

June 25, 2010

Wow, one whole year!  We all can’t believe it.  Can’t believe we survived! LOL  I’m not gonna’ lie, it was an extremely rough start (making me question my sanity 100s of times), but everything worked out and our life couldn’t be more complete with our wonderful little man.  His calm disposition, great sense of humor, adventurous qualities and his winning smile all make our hearts melt and know that he is the perfect fit for our family.  I can hardly wait to see that sweet smile in the morning and I adore the rocking before bedtime when he’s sooo funny and punchy because he’s so tired.  He’s become quite the snuggle bug that I secretly hoped he would become.  I’m his go-to person when he’s in distress and yes, I love that! ;)

Kasen is still head over heals in love with him.  I love to see Brad’s face light up when he comes home from work, Holden rounds the corner, crawling as fast as he can, saying “Da-yeeee, Da-yeeee, Da-yeeee.”  And now he’s walking around the corner, slowly, but further and further each day.  I have to laugh when he crawls up in his chair and now tells me, “Down, Down,” before the words can leave my mouth.  However; now he says “Geeeeet Down” while motioning his finger to the floor – cracks us all up every.single.time. :)

One year ago today, we met you for the first time Holden – what an exciting, fun adventure that we will never forget.  What a precious gift you are and we are forever grateful to your birth mom for making such a selfless decision.  Every day we feel blessed and honored to have been chosen to raise you and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We love you little man.  ONE YEAR – WOW!!!!  We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring.

Kasen and Brad meeting Holden for the first time. :)


I’ll be back to show more pictures of Holden – then and now.

See ya’ later!!

Gayle Brockman: Happy First Birthday to Holden and a big kiss to Kasen. I can not wait to meet him on August 18th and give Kasen a hug in person!!! Where did the year go?? Love to everyone - Gayle and Brian