Last Day of April – Wow!

April 30, 2010

I woke up feeling a tiny bit better, but this deep chest cough is knocking me for a loop.  Hopefully the kids won’t act up TOO much today, because I’m exhausted.

Here’s our little guy, which we now affectionately call “our little bulldog” on occasion.  Look at those teeth and you’ll see why! LOL  I’m thinking he’ll be needing some orthodontic treatment in his future. ;)

Holden is such a sweetheart.  He says “Mama,” “Uh ohhhhh,” and “Wow.”  Has the best belly laugh, but you have to work super hard to get it, or my trick, just tickle him all over.  He is sooo ticklish, from his squishy little neck, to the palms of his hands, to the bottom of his chubby little feet.  He adores Kasen, but will definitely let us know when she’s getting on his nerves with a loud, throaty, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!”  Outside is one of his favorite places to be, especially in his swing or in the pool.  We think he’s going to be a fish like his big sister, which will be sooo cool.  They can wear each other out! :D  He likes to be picked up and would love for me to carry him on my hip allllll day, but that’s just not happening.  He’s almost 23 pounds and that’s heavy!  However; he’s not much of a snuggler at all.  At night, after he finishes his last bottle, I will say “Awwwww” and then he will lay his head on my chest.  I always say, “Oh, are you my little cuddle bug?”  Then, almost as soon as he puts his head on my chest, he lifts it and shakes his head “Nooooo.”  Little turkey.  We do this about 10 times every single night.  I love it.  His legs kick like crazy when he’s happy and he can crawl at rocket speed.  His favorite place to crawl as fast as he can is to the master bathtub.  He crawls up on the side and turns the water on, and stands there bouncing up and down because he’s so unbelievably proud of himself.  I had just sat him on the floor this morning after he had breakfast and before I could even get the bottle washed out, I had to run to see where he went.  Yep, there he was, already crawling up the side of the tub.  When he saw me, he turned away from me quickly and turned the water on before I could get to him.  All the while screaming happy screams.  Silly boy.  And yes, we keep our bedroom door closed because of this.  Obviously not fast enough this morning though.  He is the best sleeper and a great eater.  I don’t think he can top Kasen on the “great eater” front, but we’re willing to give it a try.  What a blessing he has been to our lives.  He brightens my every morning with his sweet smile and his adorable babbling.  Without further ado (and because I started this post four hours ago!) . . . . . . . . .finally, here’s our little chunky monkey.


See ya’ later!!

Shannah: Awwwww! Don't worry about the lack of cuddles. I was so worried when Zander was Holden's age that I would never get hugs and cuddles. Then suddenly one day he decided he was a cuddler. Now we get super cuddles every morning. It will happen.