Outdoor Fun

April 29, 2010

Life has been busy, as usual.  I woke up super sick this morning and that hasn’t been fun AT.ALL.  Thank goodness for my in-laws and my husband who completely took over child care so I could get some much needed rest.  I still feel really crummy, but I’m hoping by this weekend, I can start to feel myself again.  I’ve been taking pictures, but I just have not had the energy to edit them and post them.  When I start to feel better, I’m definitely going to work on that – I know some people have been missing my updates and I’m sorry about that. :(

Kasen has been her usual spunky self and now that her Mae Mae and Papa have returned from their vacation, she’s even better!  Holden is still climbing all over the place and he just about gives me a heart attack when I find him standing on a chair or a stool.  Crazy kid.  Kasen is still quite enthralled with him, and just told me the other day, “I sure love him.  I’m so glad I have a little brother.  You know that don’t you?!  Be-cuzzzzzzzzz, I wanted a baby SISTER.  Remember that?” LOL I have to admit it was hard for her when we kept telling her that he was a girl.  Well, we thought he was too.  Imagine our surprise when we found out our she was a he. :D  That was pretty hard on Kasen at first, because we had really built it up that she was going to have a baby sister.  Thank goodness she loves him.  We do too. :D

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures of the kids playing in our backyard.  We’re out there every single day.  They both LOVE being outside and our weather has just been gorgeous.






See ya’ later!!