Our Sweet Girl

April 5, 2010

Our sweet little girl is very sick tonight. :(  She wouldn’t even touch her supper, or her drink, not even a popsicle. . . just sat at the table and cried that her head hurt.  She has a fever and she was even reluctant to take her “cherry medicine” – aka Children’s Tylenol, which she LOVES.  Guess we’ll have  a day of watching cartoons and movies tomorrow since she isn’t going to school.  Hopefully she’ll just be calm and not super cranky.  I really hate seeing her like that, soooo quiet, sooo still, not like our rambunctious, exuberant girl AT.ALL.  She did finally eat a popsicle and have few bites of dinner, so I’m feeling a little more hopeful.  Poor girl, I really thought she was just having allergy problems.  Guess I was wrong. :(

Here she is in happier times – our annual Easter egg shot – taken at Brad’s parents’ house because they have the lovely green grass that doesn’t turn brown during the winter.  Ours is a yucky brown color still.  We’re seeing a little green so it won’t be long now.