Happy Easter!!

April 3, 2010

Yep, I’ve been absent again.  So much going on and me just trying to survive. ;)

We had a great day of hunting Easter eggs, playing at the park, running around our neighborhood, having a fantastic dinner at Brad’s parents’ house, more hunting egss, blowing bubbles, and topping off the evening with a few Wii games.  Fun, fun!! :D

Here’s Kasen standing next to our neighbor’s art work.  They used 3D chalk, which is why Kasen is sporting their 3D glasses.  I used my brand new fish eye lens here – I received that for my birthday this past week.  And if you were wondering, I’m now 29! ;)  It’s a great number and I’m thinking I’ll be 29 for many, many years to come! LOL :)


Have a Blessed Easter!!!!!

See ya’ later!!