Happy Adoption Day

February 14, 2010

Four years ago today, Kasen became legally ours. *I wish I could find a jumping up and down excited emoticon* :D  She is our light after the storm, our rainbow baby, our precious, precious girl.  We couldn’t love her anymore if we tried. She is such a joy and we love her to the moon and back.

Kasen and Brad playing in the snow on Thursday.  We had a record snowfall here in Texas.  It was CRAZY!  I loved the snow, but didn’t like it when our power went out all evening.  Kasen and Brad went outside to build a snowman, but I think Kasen had more fun pelting Brad with snowballs. LOL


Since we still didn’t have power on Friday, we sat around the fire most of the day and tried to keep warm.  It was fun getting out some toys that haven’t been loved in a while.  It wasn’t fun explaining to Kasen why this didn’t work and that didn’t work because they all required electricity. ;)  See our sneaky little visitor. :)


Our sweet girl granting me with a super quick photo shoot this evening since it’s the day we legally became a forever family. :)


See ya’ later!!