Super Cute

January 9, 2010

Yep, our little dude is super cute.  My goal was to get some good shots of Kasen and Holden together, and believe it or not, Kasen was the cooperative one! LOL Holden just wasn’t having it. He was fine as long as he had the spotlight all to himself though. ;) Sooo, I got a few great shots of Holden solo, and I’m really pleased with them.  Of course, everything goes in his mouth right now because he is teething big time.  I’m thinking one of those little suckers should pop out pretty quick.  I’m betting his top right one will be next.  We’ll see.

As for me, I’m still slowly recovering, but I’m not in as much pain this evening thank goodness.  I did have an allergic reaction to the iodine that was used in surgery and I still have a lovely rash on my leg and it’s quite itchy.  I’m hoping that will be gone soon.  Leave it to me to have something like that happen.  Oh well, like I always say, it could be worse! :)

Since I’m not adding a pic of Kasen tonight, I’ll leave you with one of our funny conversations.

Kasen: “Mommy, can you walk?”

Me: “Well, not very well yet.”

Kasen: “But you can limp, right?”

Me: “Yes, I can limp.”

Kasen: “So you can limp-walk!” LOL :)

Funny girl – I love to hear how she thinks.

Okay, here’s the dude ~


See ya’ later!!