What an Awesome Start

January 1, 2010

What a great way to start the New Year.  First of all, I only had to get up for just a minute during the middle of the night – thank you Brad!!!  I helped change one of Holden’s diapers, but was able to immediately fall back asleep – all while Brad fed Holden and got him back down for the night.  Then Holden slept until 8:30 a.m.  Yahoooooo!!! :)

We then got up, straightened the house a little and prepared breakfast.  Well, I guess that kind of turned into brunch.  Brad’s parents came over and my Mom is here so we had all the grandparents together.  It was wonderful.  Then we had an all out fantastic day of playing with our new Wii.  We were slower to get one than most, but we thought Kasen would be ready this year and boy were we right.  She’s awesome, and definitely watch out when she plays “swording” – she’s relentless. LOL

Today was my idea of a perfect day – spent with those we love.  If today is any indication of how 2010 is going to be, I can hardly wait to see what else will come our way.  Right now, I’m happy, and more than anything, completely content with our lives, and it’s taken me a reeeealllly long time to feel that way.  Our family is complete, and I feel that we can finally move forward with our lives – no more chasing the adoption dream . . . . it’s right here, right in our laps, very real, and more than that . . . it’s better than I ever imagined. *happy tears*

And now, on with the pic!! LOL  Kasen pleads and begs not to have a bath every night, but she has the best time once she gives in.  Here’s our spunky little gal in the bath tonight after our super fun and exciting day. ~


See ya’ later and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!