Chubba Chubba – Just More Proof

October 25, 2009

Yep, he’s a chunker all right, all the way down to his toes. :D  And really, look at this cute baby bum – how much more chubba chubba can you get?! LOL  We laugh at those rolls daily. My Mom affectionately said that he looked like he had a spare tire around his middle. LOL  He shakes that whole body when he laughs too – he just about turns inside out he gets so excited.  Kasen came up with a great word today, she said, “He squeagles.”  And you know what, he does squeagle, he squeals and giggles at the same time and he instantly makes all your cares fade away when you see that big, open mouthed, drooly smile.  I think I can even forgive him for not having any patience whatsoever, because when he gets excited like that and squeagles, my heart just melts.  Yours would too. ;)

And no, he doesn’t weigh 14 pounds, more like 16 and a half, probably pushing 17 by now.  He was just SO excited to be in the buff, that he couldn’t stop wiggling, causing the arrow on the scale to go haywire.  I wasn’t going for precision anyway, just trying to capture the cuteness factor. :)  Mission accomplished. :D
h10-24-09aSee ya’ later!!