Eight Years

October 21, 2009

Seriously, eight years . . . . . how can it be?? :(  Eight years ago today we delivered our sweet firstborn daughter, our precious Halle pumpkin.  Our much awaited, much loved child was born into Heaven, breaking our hearts into a million pieces.  Our lives have changed so much since that day.  We are definitely busier now, our house is cluttered with toys and baby clothes, we’re completely sleep deprived, and yes, we finally have sticky fingerprints on the walls . . and the TV, and the furniture, and the doorknobs. ;)  However; they are not Halle’s fingerprints and I will continue to miss those and every one of her milestones as long as I live. *tears*


Heather: This rainy, cloudy day seems to reflect our emotions as we too think of Halle today and wish we could be celebrating her 8th birthday. She will always be in our hearts and it brings some peace to know that Uncle Jay will be with her; along with those who love her and are now with her in Heaven. Love always Halle, from your Mae Mae & Pa Pa

Shannah: Many many hugs, Karen. I can't imagine the range of emotions you must feel on this day. My heart breaks for your loss, but also leaps for joy now that your family is complete. xoxoxo