When Lipstick Goes Wrong

October 15, 2009

Kasen is definitely feeling better – she was hanging, swinging, jumping, and tumbling all over the house today. LOL  She did have another horrible night of coughing, and I kept trying to get her to be a *little* calmer today because all that energy would set her coughing off again.

She decided to have a fashion show today, strewing clothes all over the house.  Ugh.  Along with that fashion show, a mini make-up session ensued.  She was sooo proud of herself when she showed me. LOL  Seriously, I HAD to take a picture of her artwork. However; she finally realized it didn’t look too great. She kept pointing above her lip and saying, “Well, I think this looks a little stupid.” LOL

Even with lipstick all over her face, she is still a beauty. ;)


See ya’ later!!