I Heart Faces Photo Contest

August 18, 2009

Whew, I’ve missed a LOT of contests – just crazy busy with our new little guy, and Kasen woke up with croup this morning. :(  However; when I saw that the theme was “Bubbles” this week, I knew right away which picture I would enter.  This picture makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.  Kasen was taking a bubble bath and wanted to turn on the jets . . well, that just made the bubbles bigger and bigger until they were almost flowing over the edge of the tub.  She thought it was really funny until they got just a little too big for her. LOL  I love how her little head is sticking out and she’s giving me that face making you wonder what she’s thinking.  Too funny. :)

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See ya’ later!!

Stephanie: I think this is definately a winner! I would be surprised if this doesn't get picked! Absolutely incredible!

Lauren: great shot! i love her expression :)

Becca: I agree this totally looks like a winner to me! :-) creative and impressive! (plus that's a LOT of bubbles!)