Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Girl

August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Kasen!!

Our sweet, cuddly, fiery, funny, spunky, silly, wonderful little girl.  Your Daddy and I can’t believe that you are FOUR years old today.  Where has the time gone?!  You have brightened our lives, filled our souls, and we love you more than life itself.  We are amazed by you daily and we enjoy you so incredibly much.  I marvel at your knowledge, your infinite curiosity and your love of life.  There is so much more that I want to say, but sleep is calling my name.  Now that we have your little brother, things have been quite hectic in your life (okay, VERY hectic), and even though it’s been quite an adjustment, you adore him more than I ever thought you would.  What a lucky little guy to have you as a big sister – he couldn’t have asked for any better. :)

Four, still just a baby in my eyes.  However; I know you certainly don’t like being called that, you are definitely a “big girl.” ;)   For me, you will always be my baby, our rainbow after the storm, the one who brightened our days and lifted our spirits and gave us more happiness than we ever thought we deserved.  We love you sweet girl, our little pumpkin, our sweet pea, our honey, our doll, our precious darling joyful girl, our Kasen.

We love you!!

Happy Birthday!! :)


See ya’ later!!

Shannah at The Flashcard Zoo: Oh, honey. I know how you feel. Four years old IS still a baby, right? I mean, they can't be big kids yet, can they? And I'll just admit that I am putting off buying Z's fall wardrobe...sniff sniff...because it won't be in the toddler section anymore. I'll be shopping in the big boy section!! Now excuse me as I go collapse on my bed and sob.