I Heart Faces Photo Contest

June 16, 2009

Whew, my computer is finally working again.  It had a virus and we had to run numerous scans on it, which left it unusable for several days.  So frustrating, but I’m thrilled that it just started working again this evening.  Just in time for  the I Heart Faces Photo Contest. ;)

This week’s theme is “Sepia-Toned.”  I took this picture of Kasen in her cute little hat and I thought it looked great in sepia.  I love this picture because Kasen is so quiet and still, which is quite a rarity; and she has those beautiful piercing eyes! :)


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See ya’ later!!

Danelle McCollum: I agree, those are beautiful eyes! Great picture.

Katy: Absolutely beautiful.

Kathy aka Gams: Your entry is just stunning!

Maggie: Beautiful!! Check mine out at pictureyouhappy.blogspot.com! :)

erica: she is beautiful! and i agree her eyes are piercing! what a beautiful shot :)

Jen: Stunning! I just love everything about it!

jeanette: Color, blk & white or sepia, Kasen has some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Plus, the expression for someone who is 3, wow.