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All Smiles

September 26, 2011

Holden is such a doll, with the brightest smile.  You’d never know that he’s a super destroyer by this pic. LOL  Yep, he can break almost anything by biting it, can break wood blinds in half, and chew the finish off of a 3 in 1 crib . . . . . yes, the one that starts out as a crib, then converts to a toddler bed, then turns into a full headboard.  I told him that when he’s a teenager and he asks why his bed looks like that, I’ll definitely tell him it was all his doing.  So not excited about that one. :( Well, I’m not excited about any of them, but I do think it’s cute when he points to the damage and says, “I did this. I ruined it.” LOL  I have to admit that I even laugh at that one.  But seriously, Kasen was pretty destructive, tearing up books, biting on plantation shutters (oh yeah, Holden’s done that too), but Holden definitely has her beat in the destructive category.  He’s already ruined all but one of his forks by chewing the tines off (it’s that neat children’s plastic tableware from Ikea), and that cute new placement that I ordered special with his name on it, yep, bite marks all over that as well.  He’s started biting the kitchen table too when he’s done eating, so we have to excuse him immediately after he eats.  Seriously, what’s up with the biting?!  I think he just got that huge mouthful of teeth too darn early and he doesn’t quite know how to handle them still.  We’re praying he learns fast.  I’ll tell you what they are good for, those awesome smiles.  So for now we’ll just focus on that, and hope he outgrows the other stuff . . . SOON!!! ;)

Here’s the smiley boy. :)


See ya’ later!!

I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 26, 2011


This week’s theme of the I Heart Faces contest is “People’s Choice” – you enter your favorite face photo that was taken between June 1st and August 31st, 2011.  I take LOTS of pics, so I went and looked at all the pictures I’ve taken in that time frame.  I kept looking at all the sweet face photos that I’ve captured, showcasing such gorgeous eyes, with beautiful scenic backgrounds.  But this one kept making me laugh out loud, every time I looked at it.  Kasen and Holden love taking a bath in the “big” bathtub.  When I tell them they can take a bath in the big tub, they both scream, hold their hands in the air, and run around in circles.  Obviously it doesn’t take much to excite them. LOL  So, the bathtub pic it is. It makes me smile every.single.time. :D

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 20, 2011

Woohoo!! :D I received 8th place on this photo!  I was so excited!!  Click on the button below to see the top 10 winners.  I’m so honored to have been chosen. :)



I’ve really missed entering the I Heart Faces Photo Contest, so when I saw that this week’s theme is “A Touch of Sun,” I had to enter one that I just love.  This is my daughter Kasen playing, twirling, like she always does, in the beautiful bluebonnets.  We headed out to the fields of bluebonnets right at sunset, and I love the lighting and the way the sun is shining through her hair.  This picture is so Kasen! :)

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See ya’ later!!