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Our Little Ham

March 17, 2011

He is such a goofball! :)  I’ve been trying to get him to show me where his cheeks are – he’s great with eyes, nose, hair, neck, mouth, lips, teeth, tongue, elbows, belly button, tummy, bum, and toes.  He’s still having difficulty with chin, forehead and eyebrows, but he sure likes to try.  However; this is what he does when I ask him where his cheeks are. LOL  He shows me exactly where they . . . just with a little added animation. ;)


See ya’ later!!

Once a Diva . . . .

March 16, 2011

always a diva! LOL ;)  Kasen and one of her friends from school had a play date yesterday.  They were so cute playing divas in the make up chair.  They ran around the entire mall giggling, and jumped and climbed  in the play area as well.  Kasen was so cute and said, “When I’m older like you Mom, I will still love Laurel.”  Kasen definitely loves her friends and hanging out with them.  Of course, the best part for me is getting a chance to have adult conversation.  Even though it was interrupted a thousand times LOL, we still got a chat in there – Moms are awesome like that. ;)  Holden had fun too – he kept saying “Mom, WATCH!” as he would jump off of everything in sight.  He is a total daredevil.  We’re just counting the days until he makes us take a trip to the ER. LOL

Here’s our DIVA!! :D