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Beautiful, Gorgeous Day

January 30, 2011

It was a gorgeous day – we even got to 75 degrees.  Beautiful golden sunlight and an enjoyable, adventurous walk with the kids.  Holden pushed his shopping cart and Kasen pushed Holden’s new doll stroller, along with his little boy doll.  Yep, it was cute.  Of course, the two pushers ditched their toys and my Mom and Brad ended up carrying them home, while Kasen and Holden set out to discover every bug, piece of dirt and stick they could find.  Holden “tried” to bring a neighbor’s ceramic bunny home, but we finally persuaded him that the bunny already had a home and was pretty happy there . . . had been for a good 12 years. :D  Kasen has always liked that bunny too.  I remember her wanting to touch it all the time when she was around 2-3 years old.  Guess that bunny has something pretty special to draw both of them in like that. LOL

When we first started the walk, Kasen and Holden were leading the pack.  Kasen was first naturally, and then Holden.  I guess Holden thought we were too far behind and he turned around, waved his little hand in the air, motioning toward himself, while yelling “Come on!” :)  We’ve never heard him say that before.  It’s just amazing the words that come out of his mouth.  I’m stunned every day.  It’s a good thing he’s cute too because little dude is a biter, a hitter and a head butter.  Whew, talk about a temper!  Boy does he ever have one.  The funniest statement came from a friend when she said, “He’s the sweetest little tornado that you’ll ever love.” LOL  That he is!  He’s had a few new teachers at school lately and they both point him out as the one that’s into EVERYTHING.  When I’ve picked him up, I’ve heard statements such as, “He gives you a run for your money doesn’t he?” and “Wow, he really keeps you on your toes.” and one teacher overhead another teacher say, “The Mom to that boy has earned every gray hair she has.” LOL  And there’s a LOT!  LOL  I have to say that even though he can be super wild, he’s the most polite little boy you’ll ever meet if I do say so myself. LOL  ”Please, thank you, you’re welcome,” and “bless you” are heard very consistently throughout the day and I love hearing it every single time.  And the one that melts my heart the most, “Uvvvv youuuu” or “Ubbbb youuuuu” every night when I put him in his crib.  Precious. :)

Kasen had a Daddy and Kasen day today at the Heard Museum, which is really sweet.  They went on a nature hike and got to see animatronic dinosaurs.  She really wanted me to go, but I needed to stay home and watch Holden.  My Mom is here, but she just can’t get around very well right now.  She’s having a lot of trouble with her back and she definitely can’t lift Holden, so that makes it impossible for me to leave him with her.  I know it’s frustrating for her because she wants to help more, but I’m just happy to have her here.  She’s excited to help with the mending though.;)  Kasen keeps finding projects for her. LOL  One of her little stuffed animals had a hole in it and she was so excited that her Mimi fixed it for her.  Anything that gets torn or loses a button, she says, “It’s okay.  Mimi can fix it.  She can fix anything.” LOL  I think it’s a good thing that I’ve been keeping my sewing abilities under wraps . . . . .like being able to sew a button on, and maybe some hemming.  That stuff is just on a VERY need to know basis. LOL  Some may say that’s sneaky, but I think it’s smart.  You don’t hear me talk about Kasen asking me to fix anything for her now do you?! ;)

Here’s my handsome little dude and my sweet girl in the background.  Happy to have such a lovely day, especially since we’re supposed to get down in the 20′s this week.  Brrrrr!



See ya’ later!!

Hair Cuts

January 28, 2011

Last week, we finally took the kids to get their haircuts.  It was . . . . ahem . . . .a little, long overdue. ;)  In my defense, Holden had really cute little curls in the back, but this dry winter weather made it a little crazy looking.  Okay, a LOT. LOL  It was looking like the mad scientist’s hair in the movie, Back To The Future.  I mean, even the hair dresser started laughing when I took Holden’s coat off and she saw the back of his head. :)  And in true Kasen fashion, she had to have her hair cut as well.  She wanted it cut over her ears, but we compromised on a cut just to jaw length.  It does look super cute, and I admit I was a little worried because it just keeps shorter and shorter.  Short and sassy does fit her to a T though.  I didn’t think she could get any more adorable, but she went and did it anyway. :)  I have to say that I think we have two really cute kids! Here are the pictures in chronological order – let the laughing begin. :D






See ya’ later!!

Here’s our silly boy sharing ice cream with Brad’s Dad.  Holden’s fake laughter completely cracks me up.  I love the way he looks at his Papa when it’s Papa’s turn to eat the ice cream.  Toooo cute – this video just has to make you smile. ;)

Click here to see: Holden Eating Ice Cream.

See ya’ later!!

One Quick Pic

January 12, 2011

I’ve got lots of pictures, but I’m still working on them.  I was pretty busy working on my nieces’ senior pictures since time is of the essence.  Anyway, I have my girls’ weekend trip pics, DisneyWorld pics, Christmas pics, playing in the snow pics and many other pics to share . . . in time. ;)

For now, here’s a pic of Kasen playing in the leaves on the first day of 2011.  Great way to start the New Year! :D


Special Bond

January 2, 2011

My nieces have always had a special bond since they’re twins.  Even when they were little, they would watch out for one another.  After they should have been in bed, they would make their way down the stairs, stopping with one in front of the other.  The one in front would speak for the one in back.  For example, Tess would be standing on the lower step and proclaim that Molly needed a drink of water . . . and vice versa.  They did that for quite some time – too cute.  Even now, I know they have each other’s backs.  It’s been wonderful to see them grow, see their relationship develop into not only great sisters, but really good friends.  They’ll be heading to college next year and because of what they want to study, they’ll be going to different universities.  Although they’ll be far apart, I know they’ll still support one another and continue to grow into even more beautiful women, inside and out. :)

You can’t look at these pics and not see how much fun they have together.  They really are the best. :D




See ya’ later!!