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One Quick Silly Pic

October 15, 2010

Here’s our silly girl with her new tooth (pretend of course)!  She says she looks like Nanny McPhee. ;)  Well, it was better than the Dracula teeth – glad she didn’t win those! LOL


On another note, I wanted to thank all of my friends for their offers and helping out with childcare while I’m dealing with this pinched nerve.  It could not be more appreciated.  I did have my MRI Thursday morning and since Holden was sick, Brad stayed home from work to watch him while I had my appointment.  I can totally see how people get claustrophobic in those things.  I just closed my eyes and tried to have happy thoughts.  Thank goodness for loud music and headphones.  I’ve had an MRI on my knee, but this was totally different being put in that tube.  I kept thinking I was in a Grey’s Anatomy episode and people were looking at my spine, getting excited while they tried  to decipher how they were going to operate. LOL  Being so still for over 30 minutes made my arm and hand feel even more numb than usual.  It made for an even harder night than I usually have too.  I couldn’t go to sleep because of the pain and then I was up at 2:30 a.m. reeling from how much my arm/neck/shoulder hurt.  I finally passed out around 6:30 a.m. and then wouldn’t you know it, Kasen was up at 7:00 a.m.  The sleep deprivation is killing me.  It’s not like I can even take a nap when I have two little ones depending on me.  After more than two weeks of this, I really hit my wall yesterday. :(

Now that I’ve had my x-rays and my MRI, I will have another appointment with my doctor on Tuesday to see exactly what is causing all of this pain.  I begged him to help me last week and I think I’ll cry this time if he doesn’t give me some hope.  My left shoulder was hurt a few years ago, but nothing can compare to this pain.  I was sobbing in the car today on the way home from Kasen’s Mothers’ Day Out program, and Kasen said, “Mommy, I’m SOOO sorry that you’re hurting so badly.”  Awwww, my sweet girl.  Okay, after all that talk and just that little bit of typing, I’m done – off to get my ice pack and just pray that someday soon I’ll get some pain free sleep.  I hope I never take that for granted again!

See ya’ later!!


October 11, 2010

Will be back soon hopefully to post pics.  I can hardly move without intense pain (I’m thinking pinched nerve) and there have been tears.  Many, many, many tears.  It’s been going on for almost two weeks now and I finally have a doctor’s appt. tomorrow.  I’m praying he can help.  I don’t think I can take another day like this, or another night of only 3-4 hours of sleep. :(

See ya’!!

Pumpkin Patch

October 4, 2010

What a wonderful day to spend at the pumpkin patch.  Fall weather has finally hit and it is wonderful.  We dressed the kids pretty warmly this morning since it was in the 50′s – it did warm up in the 70′s, but it was pretty cool while we were there.

Kasen used the pumpkins as an obstacle course and Holden just called them “apples.” ;)  There was horse petting, sliding, hay bale mazes, kettle corn, bounce house jumping, face painting, balloon animals, car riding, shaved ice, pumpkin picking, and lots and lots of laughter.  It was so much fun to see the kids enjoy themselves.  I really look forward to going every year and this year was no exception.  Fantastic memories and there is nothing more special than spending family time together.





Now I’m going to try to get some sleep.  I have a pinched nerve in my back, it’s actually around my shoulder blade, which is making it impossible for me to sleep at night.  I’m exhausted and you can’t just go hang out and rest when you have little ones, not to mention the pain during the day.  I’m pretty sure it happened when Holden tried to launch himself out of my arms this past week.  He’s SOOO strong.  I did catch him, but boy am I paying for it now.  Ouch. :(

See ya’ later!!