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July 29, 2010

Yep, that’s little dude truckin’ down the sidewalk this afternoon.  This is one of the main reasons I’m soooo busy, he’s EVERYWHERE!! ;) LOL

This first picture is done in watercolor, so the colors are darker.  Looks pretty cool I think. :)



h07-28-10cSee ya’ later!!

Kasen – isn’t it adorable?


I took her in about a month ago and she had five inches cut off.  She really wanted it shorter, but I wasn’t sure she actually did.  Anyway, I told her if she still wanted it cut short that we would go back.  Welllllll . . . . she REALLY wanted it shorter, so we went back and got four more inches cut off.  I told her it was so cute and that I loved it.  She responded by  cupping her hand under her hair, all the while bobbing it up and down, batted those beautiful blue eyes up at me, and said in her best teenager voice, “You really should have listened to me the first time.” LOL  What a girl. :D

I wish that I could say that our long weekend has been fun and carefree, but so far it’s been rough . . . really rough.  Brad started working Friday night and is STILL working – he’s been on and off of the very same conference call since then.  I think they’re going for a record, or they’ve already set one.  Whatever, not fun.  Not fun trying to get the kids to be quiet, not fun missing him, and frustrating not getting to do fun family stuff.  Oh well, we’re still hoping for some free time for him tomorrow.  It’s been HARD on both kids.  Kasen and Holden were both acting up and now Kasen is coughing non-stop.  Ugh. :(

I decided we would try a mini photo shoot this morning, and that didn’t go quite well either! LOL  Kasen was really cooperative, but Holden didn’t want anything to do with our demands.  Soooo, I just shot and hoped to capture a few good shots.  And that’s what I got, a few good shots.  I’m guessing we’ll try to watch fireworks next year – crossing my fingers! ;)

Here are the kiddos – I actually love these!  I did try to get both kids in the same shot, but like I said, didn’t go well.  Sooo, what you see is what you get! LOL :D






See ya’ later!!  Happy Fourth!!!!!!!!! :D

All About Holden

July 3, 2010

What can I say about Holden?!  Oh yeah, first of all, he’s walking EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME!  It’s precious to see that wobbly walk from one end of the house to the other, but I can guarantee you he won’t be wobbly for long.  He’s getting good. :D


Adventurous, loves to climb on anything.  Lover of his stuffed bunny at nap and bedtime.  Screeches when he’s frustrated, but consoled quite easily . . . most of the time. ;)  Snuggles when he’s hurt or tired.  Great belly laugh that can’t help but make you smile.  Initiator of silly games.  Very social, but will certainly check you out (quite seriously) if he’s not absolutely sure.  Warms up quickly.  LOVES his bottle, this might be a problem. LOL  Goes to sleep with almost no effort on our part.  Gives sweet kisses and gentle pats on the back.  Loves playing Pat-a-Cake.  Water is his best friend . . . the pool, the water table, the bathtub, any faucet with running water – makes him squeal with delight.  Favorite toys are things that open and close.  Great at pretending, especially with play food and utensils.  Excellent car rider.  Quietly plays in his crib when he wakes up.  Super smiley in the morning.  Tires easily . . . probably because he’s on the move so much.  Loves his big sister, but will certainly let her know when she takes something that he wants. Loving table food and if he sees us eating anything, he wants to try it too.  He can bang toys, sticks and blocks louder than anyone I know.  Huge smiles result in being thrown in the air, spun around and swinging.  If stairs are anywhere in sight, he motors to them as fast as he can, so he can climb, climb, climb.  Will look at you with those big blue eyes while saying “Owww” and proceed to pinch your arm – turkey!!  LOL  Saying lots of words and having long conversations of jargon that I just love.  Will pull out any plug that he can get his hands on and is fascinated by every single electrical outlet in the house, as well as any cables or cords.  Will spend 30 minutes crawling up and down out of a child’s chair. Throws toys recklessly over his head, one after the other, so you better watch out!  Loves to be carried. Tries extremely hard to sing when anyone else is – sounds hilarious-Brad said he sounds like Frankenstein. LOL  Think he might be able to yodel. ;)  When he gets hurt, he makes a perfect “O” with his lips and says in a very high pitched and exceptionally sad voice, “Ohhhhhh.”  Seriously breaks your heart.  Entertains himself really well.  Sensitive. Caring. Silly. Sweet. Calm. Fast. Brave. One. Completed our family in a way we never thought possible.  Amazing, wonderful Holden – we love you to the moon and back!! :)

Here are a few recent pictures of the little guy!






See ya’ later!!

Young Love

July 1, 2010

Recently, while I was in Iowa, I had a few photo shoots.  One of my shoots involved my nephew Lucas, and his lovely girlfriend Rachael.  They were so great and up for anything.  And it’s pretty obvious that there’s some adoration there. ;)

Thanks guys for everything.  I actually have a few more pics that I love, but I had to narrow it down or I would never get them posted.  I hope you like them as much as I do.














Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever posted that many pics in a post before.  And I’ve got more photo shoots to work on – guess I better get back to work. :)

See ya’ later!!