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Little guy had his first haircut today.

He did great.

No crying.

He got a little agitated toward the end, but a play cell phone turned all that around. LOL

Oh yeah, Kasen blew bubbles for him too.  That helped tremendously.

Now . . . . he looks even more adorable than usual. ;)




See ya’ later!!

P.S.  Kasen got her hair cut as well.  Those pictures to come later.

This silly little guy is really keeping me hopping.  Just in one day’s time, he has unplugged approximately six cords repeatedly, crawled in the bathtub and turned the water on, tore up three magazines and tried to eat several pages of his favorite one, cleared my desk of all paperwork in less than one second (that is, he reached up, grabbed it, and threw it all over the floor), he dumped my mail basket on the floor, tried to eat one of Kasen’s rings (costume jewelry), unplugged and dismantled Kasen’s night light, threw food all over the floor twice, destroyed a half a roll of toilet paper . . and yes, I was watching, he is just FAST.  He dumped a hamper of clothes on the floor, pulled out every CD in my office and played frisbee with them, ripped up my dictionary, pulled silverware out of the dishwasher while climbing IN the dishwasher, emptied half of one of my office drawers (I caught him before he finished), pulled down my plant stand (at least he didn’t break this one – that’s a different plant stand, different day), and the list goes on and on.  Can you say “TIRED?!” ;)  It’s no wonder he has bruises all over his head  . . . . .  he is a climber, a risk taker, a speed demon, and as Brad says, “He has a knack of getting into EVERYTHING he’s not supposed to.”  *sigh*  Yep, I’m tired.  Thank goodness he naps during the day or I would really lose my mind.  You have to see the face that he gets when he’s caught too, definitely makes you melt.  Yep, that’s me, just call me sucker! LOL :)


Yes, I’m going to bed!

See ya’ later!!

Mother’s Day Present

May 13, 2010

We celebrated Mother’s Day early this year.  And every year, I ask for the same thing for Mother’s Day . . . a trip to the zoo and a picture of me and Kasen.  Well, this year, it was a picture of me with my TWO children (doesn’t that sound great?!). :D  Remember, Holden wasn’t here yet last year. ;)  Well, we accomplished one of those pics, the one with Kasen.  We could have tried harder for the picture of me and Holden, but it was too hard to get him out of his stroller because he NEVER wanted back in.  Sooooo, I’ll settle for one out of two . . . . and I’m quite happy with the one!  Well, actually, Brad took several of pics of the two of us while we were feeding the birds.  That was so much fun.  Even though I don’t enjoy the birds, I’m getting better, only because it makes Kasen so crazy happy.  These birds were little and sweet too, until they started pecking at each other because they were fighting over the food.  That’s exactly what they are doing in the bottom left picture and as you can see, we thought it was rather funny. ;)

Kasen could not have been more thrilled, she was just bouncing through the zoo.  She kept saying, “I’m just so excited.  I’m just so excited.” LOL   Every thing is an adventure in a four year old’s eyes.  It was just a gorgeous day, beautiful cool weather, not too hot, not too cold.  Perfect.  It was a good thing we went on Saturday because Sunday was rainy and grey.

We had the added pleasure of Brad’s parents going to the zoo with us this year.  We thought it was a great Mother’s Day present for Mae Mae too. :)  Then we took everybody out to eat afterwards and just enjoyed being with family.  That’s the BEST part anyway, spending the day with those you love.  What great memories and what a beautiful early Mother’s Day we had.

collage05-08-10aSee ya’ later!!

Gorgeous Rainbow

May 11, 2010

Last week, we had a nice thunder shower and then came the rainbow, a double rainbow.  I had no idea it was out there until Brad told me to quickly look outside.  I grabbed my camera and ran.  As I was taking pictures, Brad had gone back inside to get Kasen out of bed to see it as well.  She had just gone down so she wasn’t even asleep yet.  I love the look on her face in the picture, such joy.  We went back inside to clean the lens on the camera since it had raindrops all over it, but by the time we got back outside, the rainbow had vanished.  It was just beautiful and the sky kept turning these gorgeous colors . . . . . purple, then pink . . . . . stunning.





See ya’ later!!