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How You Doin’?

March 13, 2010

Our sweet little man – there’s that infamous bottom lip again! :)


Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

See ya’ later!!

Team Canada

March 12, 2010

We had some happy people at my house when Team Canada won the US/Canada hockey game for a gold medal.  We are also super happy for Brenden Morrow since he plays for the Dallas Stars.  Kasen and Brad wore their hockey jerseys for good luck – it worked!  Kasen was so thrilled with her jersey that she wore it to school on Monday.  She made sure to tell her teachers and anyone walking by that she had on her Canada hockey jersey. :)  She did look super cute.  I took some pics of her after the game and she was totally working it – love that girl. :D





Kasen is finally feeling better, but still has a bad cough.  Holden is really sick now, super congested and stuffy nose, bad cough and just all around miserable.  Wouldn’t you know it, I’m finally feeling better and now our two kids are sick. :(  Now if I can keep from getting it again after Holden hacking in my face for days, I’ll be lucky.

See ya’ later!!


March 7, 2010

Sorry I’ve been missing in action.  I have been sick, really sick for a LONG time.  I thought I would never get better, but I’m slowly coming around.  Not to mention the fact that I’m still healing from my knee surgery – it does NOT help when a certain four year old decides to kick it with all her might during a throw down temper tantrum, not once, but twice!  Ugh.  Then she fell on it just a few days ago.  Lovely.  Holden’s been in on it too – I was holding him on my lap and he threw his head back and hit it, yep, you guessed it, right smack dab in the middle of my knee.  Excruciating.  Now I know they’re both out to get me. ;)  I’m limping more now than I was two weeks ago.  My doctor said that I couldn’t damage it again after surgery, and it’s certainly been put to the test.  I’m not sure he’s correct, but I’m hoping for my sake that he is.  The pain has just been downright horrible. :(

I keep meaning to post, but I just crash every night after the kids go to bed.  Thankfully our little guy has been sleeping through the night for one week now and I can’t even tell you how grateful I am for that.  I’m hoping that his all night sleeps continue because it’s GREAT.  However; little guy decides that he can now crawl at rocket speed and he’s taken up climbing in the last two days.  I’ve caught him on top of boxes and step stools so far.  He’s CRAZY I tell ya’. :D  Kasen wasn’t even crawling yet, so this is new for us.  Brad said, “Well, Kasen got into EVERYTHING and so does Holden, but Holden has twice the strength.” LOL  We are in T.R.O.U.B.L.E. ;)

We had our annual Oscar party tonight with Kasen.  She got all dolled up and yes, I took pictures.  I’ll have to post them later because I just don’t have the energy to edit them and post them tonight.  However: here are some random pics that I’ve taken in the past month.  Enjoy!

P.S.  These are especially for you Gayle – a little birdie told me you had been asking!!! :D













That’s all for now. :)

See ya’ later!!