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Hello Bright Eyes!!

July 30, 2009

Isn’t he precious??  Every time I put him in the studio, this is what I get!  No sweet sleeping pics while I put him in all kinds of cute positions.  No, I get BRIGHT eyes!!  Oh well, I guess I’ll take it. ;)

Oh yeah, he’s starting to smile a lot now.  I have to work REALLY hard to get them, but they are oh so worth it! :)


See ya’ later!!

Time For Bed

July 28, 2009

I guess you can tell by the smile on Kasen’s face how much she LOVES Holden.  She wakes up every morning, saying “I’M HUNGRY!” LOL  Then, that’s followed by “Hello Little Brother.” Awwwww.  Sweet little guy, he has no idea how much he’s loved.

I took this before bed the other night – here they are both in their PJs ready for slumber.  Now,if I could just get Holden to sleep like Kasen, I would be thrilled. :)


See ya’ later!!

P.S.  I’m working on a new computer and I have hardly had five minutes a day to see how everything works, so I’m still getting used to the different brightness settings and how different my pictures look.  Hopefully this one looks okay.

First Bath

July 27, 2009

Brad took this picture after Holden’s first bath a while ago.  He liked the bath for a while, but he tired of it pretty quickly.  I really have to be fast now so he doesn’t get too upset.  He looks so squeaky clean in this pic – I can even smell that sweet baby lotion on him, which is nice to feel all happy after the day we had today.  Wow, I forgot how much babies cry.  My goal for tomorrow is to just take a shower and get Kasen dressed, since neither of those things happened today. LOL  Actually, I have a few things planned for tomorrow- it’s just getting going that’s the problem.

Here’s Mr. Clean ~


See ya’ later!!

Just One

July 25, 2009

Yes, it’s busy.  Yes, I’m sleep deprived.  Yes, I’m missing this blog.  Yes, I’m behind on everything single thing.  But, I wanted to add one quick pic that I took last week of the big sister.  I have to say that even though there have been some HUGE adjustments in her life and it’s manifesting itself in many different ways – some NOT great, I do have to say that she LOVES her baby brother and she is excellent with him.   I love that!!

Here’s my precious girl, Kasen.  We went on a little Mommy and Me shopping spree and she HAD to have this hat.  Cute!! :)


See ya’ later!!

I Know, I Know . . . .

July 14, 2009

that I’ve been missing in action, that there have been no more pictures of our newest little bundle, but I do have an excuse . . . well several.  I have a new computer, switched from PC to Mac -the learning curve is huge, new editing software-also a large learning curve, exhaustion from only getting three hours of sleep in a row, sometimes it’s only two, and just once did I get over five hours in a row (that was just a trick though – hasn’t happened again!).  Yesterday was the twelfth anniversary of my father’s death.  You would think it wouldn’t affect me as much after all these years, but that would be SO wrong.  *tears*  Boy do I miss him – we were so close and I miss not being able to share his newest grandson with him, and Kasen too, obviously he never met her either.  :(  Now add to that a VERY trying three year old – I would say that yesterday was one of our worst days, but she does LOVE her baby brother and is SUPER sweet to him, thank goodness.  I keep hearing it’s all normal and I’m certainly banking on that. ;)

We just had another home study this morning and we’ll be having another one next month, and then another one the month after that – Florida requires three home studies in the first three months, and since we placed in Florida, we have to abide by their rules.  Today’s home study went great, Kasen was excited to see our case worker, and it was fun to show off Holden too. :)

Well, I’ll leave you with one picture of my sweeties since that’s all I could figure out how to edit. LOL  I do LOVE this picture – my precious family. :)


See ya’ later!!