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Introducing . . . . .

June 28, 2009

Holden Douglas Isaac Schneider.

Born June 25, 2009 and forever in our arms on June 28, 2009.  He weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. and was 19″ long.  We are all in love!


That’s all for now – we are busy with our little bundle of joy!!  And we are completely thrilled that our family is finally complete. :)

See ya’ later!!

New week, new contest.  At least this week I’m not struggling to get my entry in before the contest closes.  I’m a day ahead!!  Wooohooo!!  And for those of you checking, still no news on the baby.  We are eagerly awaiting the call though!! ;)

This week’s photo contest theme for the kids entry is “Let’s Hear It For the Boys!” ~ Must be a photo of a boy or boys. No girls allowed this week!

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This is one of my very favorite boy shots – it’s our cousin’s son.  The camo hat, his gorgeous eyes, and that sweet grin just make the picture super special to me! :)


For my adult entry – the same theme goes – “Let’s Hear It For The Boys” ~Must be a photo of a man/men. No ladies allowed this week!

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This picture was taken at the end of a photo shoot and little “Z” was tuckered out.  He’s snuggling his bear and Daddy is snuggling him – too precious.  I adore the look on Dad’s face – you can tell that he is totally smitten with his son. :)


See ya’ later!!

Father’s Day

June 21, 2009

I know I’ve been absent – we are still trying to get ready for this new baby and  getting ready to travel on a moment’s notice.  It makes it very hard for this die-hard planner . . . spontaneity is not a word in my vocabulary! LOL

Today was such a great day spent with Brad’s parents – good fun and great food!!  Even Brad and his Dad did some work at our house – thank you soo much Doug!!  And thanks for the food Doug & Heather – it was terrific!!

Here’s a pic of Kasen and HER Daddy!!  She is totally a Daddy’s girl lately.  They were playing in the pool today and she told him that he was the King and she was the Princess.  Yep, that about sums it up! LOL ;)


See ya’ later!!

Whew, my computer is finally working again.  It had a virus and we had to run numerous scans on it, which left it unusable for several days.  So frustrating, but I’m thrilled that it just started working again this evening.  Just in time for  the I Heart Faces Photo Contest. ;)

This week’s theme is “Sepia-Toned.”  I took this picture of Kasen in her cute little hat and I thought it looked great in sepia.  I love this picture because Kasen is so quiet and still, which is quite a rarity; and she has those beautiful piercing eyes! :)


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See ya’ later!!

All Girls & A Struggle

June 11, 2009

Today was a day of ALL girls, and even with all that estrogen in my house, everything was relatively calm. :)   It was supposed to be a swim party day, but due to the crazy thunderstorms, it ended up being an inside-the-house-playing-with-toys day.  And it was FUN!!!!  The Moms got to talk quite a bit, and the kids just played and played.  Kasen did really well sharing all of her toys . . . . well, at least what I saw. LOL  Of course, that could have been a whole different story when I was in a different room!!  Let’s just hope that she behaved herself when I didn’t have a watchful eye on her. ;)

After several hours, I decided to see if I could take some shots of the girls in my studio.  I have really been struggling with this aspect of my life.  Since our new baby boy is almost here – due in less than TWO weeks – YIKES! – we have run out of room.  The guest bedroom/play room is now our little boy’s room.  Everything in that room had to go somewhere and the only logical place is my in-home photography studio.  It is one of the biggest rooms since it’s our front living room.  So, what that means is that my studio will be coming down. :(   That room will now be our guest bedroom/play room.  We’ll be putting the studio equipment away somewhere.  Brad tells me that I can pull it out whenever I want, but if you’re a Mom of a baby/toddler/young child, you all know what that means.  It just won’t happen.  It IS a lot of stuff.  In my last ditch effort to utilize my studio equipment, I took shots of the girls today.  I didn’t get shots of all of them, but there’s still time, before the equipment is lost in some dark hole somewhere.  I can’t even tell you how much I’ll miss having that easily accessible.  Maybe someday we’ll have enough room to take full advantage of  it once again.  I sure hope so, it’s definitely my passion.  It’s nice to have a hobby/business that totally makes you happy.  *sigh*   someday . . . someday . . .

Well, just look at these two cuties and then you’ll see why photography warms my heart.

Here’s adorable Helen – we had a lot of fun in the studio, just the two of us.  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Helen because she plays by herself so well and she seems SO quiet . . to me.  Well, it was great to talk and laugh with her, and she took direction incredibly well.  She was cracking up, but I happened to catch this tender moment and I have to say it’s my very favorite of the bunch. :)


Next is  Sofia – what a sweetie.  Now I REALLY had to work for smiles from her at the beginning, but the more I took, the more she relaxed and had a great time.  Kasen was even trying to make her smile.  She was making goofy/silly faces behind my head to get Sofia to crack a smile.  Sofia gave me the most serious face and said, “She is not making me happy.” LOL  Sofia’s Mom took Kasen off to play and just let me take pics of Sofia with no one around.  That’s when Sofia really came alive.  She told me “You’re taking a lot of great pictures.” LOL  I hope so Sofia, I hope so.  Oh yeah, I tried to get her to put a different outfit on, or a different hat, and it was a definite “No.”  Yep, she definitely knows what she wants. ;)


See ya’ later!!

P.S.  I almost forgot.  We got a call yesterday and “K” is 1 centimeter dilated.  However; the doctor doesn’t think she will deliver really soon . . .whatever that means.  She’s due in less than two weeks, that’s REALLY soon to me. LOL  Sooo, that’s all I know for now, still waiting and waiting and waiting.  I’ll let you know if any more news comes our way. :)

I’ve been gone a while because we’ve been so busy working on the house, getting ready to travel, decorating the baby’s room, and spending a lot of time with Kasen before the new baby arrives and she actually has to share the spot light! ;)

No news yet about the baby’s arrival.  There is a doctor’s appointment today, so maybe we’ll know something by tomorrow.  If we’re lucky, we’ll know something this afternoon.  Whatever the case may be, I’ll let you know!!

No post is complete without a picture, so here’s one of Kasen and her new buddy, Scott.  He is the son of a VERY dear friend of mine – she actually introduced me to Brad, so I’m forever indebted to her. ;)


See ya’ later!!

I just LOVE this contest, it’s been so much fun getting to participate and be inspired by so many other photographers.  This week’s theme for kids is “Happy Birthday” ~ Must have a child in it and clearly be a birthday celebration of some sort!  I picked a pic of Kasen and my MIL bringing out my husband’s birthday cake.  Kasen was SO excited to help, and she was thrilled that I let her pick out whatever she wanted to wear to her Daddy’s birthday celebration.  She went all out with a beautiful dress and patent leather shoes. :)   I thought this picture called for a vintage look.  Don’t forget to check out all the other great birthday celebrations at I Heart Faces


There is as new category this week – Pets Category – “Anything Goes” theme (even though we call this special category “Pets”, we really don’t care if the animal is an actual pet or not.)  Since anything goes, this is a cute little turtle that I took a picture of at the Dallas Aquarium.  He just kept swimming by and looking directly at me, so I kept snapping pics.  He seemed totally intrigued by my camera and I was totally intrigued by him. ;)

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P.S.  We had another adoption home study yesterday morning and everything went well.  And on that front, no more baby news yet – he’s staying put for now. :)

See ya’ later!!