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Bubbles & Backyard

March 20, 2009

I am SO thankful today for a husband that let me sleep in!!  And I’m thankful for Nyquil. ;)   I’m also thankful for our precious little girl, even though her mouthiness today was something to be reckoned with.  It has really gotten worse over the last week, and Brad and I had to buckle down with the punishments.  That all translates into – she was NOT happy today.  Nor was I. :(   Maybe a good night’s rest for the both of us will help.

We did get outside for a bit today and had some fun.  We blew bubbles, played with her new stomp rocket and played on her swingset.  All while Brad worked on the front yard.  Again, YAY Brad!! :)

Here are a few pictures taken this afternoon.  I’ve been experimenting with different processing lately, in case you couldn’t tell. ;)



See ya’ later!!

Gardening In Style

March 19, 2009

We bought some flowers at the nursery a few days ago and today was the BIG day.  The day to plant the flowers.  Kasen was beside herself.  Actually, she had already picked out two pots of flowers by herself, and planted those the very day we bought them.  She wakes up every morning asking how her flowers are doing.  So cute.

Kasen was hanging out in the house this afternoon after being outside most of the day.  I had dressed her a little too warm because I didn’t think it was going to be SO hot this afternoon.  It was really pretty cool this morning when we ventured outside.  Well, she got too hot in the house and took most of her clothes off.  Then, when Brad decided it was time to plant the flowers, Kasen wasn’t dressed, which meant she wasn’t ready.  It was a nightmare trying to get her to put clothes on to go outside.  We finally agreed on an outfit and when I went to put on her shoes, she did the picking.  As we walked out the front door, Brad looked at Kasen and said, “See?  That wasn’t so hard was it?  And look at your beautiful ruby red slippers . . . . just perfect for gardening!” LOL  I tried to talk her out of them, I did.  I tried to talk her into the practical sneakers, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it.  She kept saying “These are beautiful slippers to go with my outfit, don’t you think?” ;)   “Yes honey, they are truly wonderful.”  That’s what you call gardening in style! :)


This was taken in full sun.  Notice how smooth her hair looks. ~


This was taken with the sun behind her – notice the highlights in her hair – LOVE that. ~


Whew, gardening is hard work. ~


This one cracks me up!! -  Gardening time over. ~


See ya’ later!!

For the Love of Sand

March 18, 2009

Sand, the mere sound of the word used to make me want to take a soaking, hot, bath immediately.  LOL  My next thought or thoughts were instantly dirt, grime, grit, and in general, just plain messy.  For years I have felt this way.  I have a love/hate relationship with sand, yes, mostly hate.  I have taken shower after shower to get that flat sand off of me in Mexico.  So irritating.  I have dumped handfuls of sand out of my bathing suit after getting slammed on the ocean floor from a huge wave in Hawaii.  And I have, with great irritation,  shaken sand out of every beach bag I own.  The worst part however, is feeling the crunch of sand in between your teeth.  That would also be because of the tidal wave slam – not fun. :(

Now that I’ve totally grumbled on about even the sheer mention of the word sand, here comes the love part.  I LOVE beach pictures.  Seeing a family dressed in white holding hands on the beach – LOVE it.  Watching sand kissed toddlers running and jumping along the shore brings joy to my heart.   I love the feel of warm sand in between my toes . . . only when it’s dry of course.  Gazing at children making sand castles leaves me feeling all nostalgic for the innocence of days gone by.  If you didn’t notice, the things I love about sand, are mostly watching people interacting with it, NOT actually touching it.   Soooo, having said all that, I have now seen the error of my ways . . . through the eyes of my child.

Even though I vowed I would NEVER have a sand table in my backyard, I have now changed my mind.  After watching Kasen at countless houses merrily playing with her friends’ sand tables and sand boxes, I’ve decided that it’s high time we purchase one of these messy delightful sand tables for our own backyard.  I haven’t told her yet, because I don’t want to hear, “Can we get it today?  Can we? Can we?  Can we? Can we?  Can we?” a hundred thousand times . . . . per hour! LOL  Brad and I will research which one we’d think she’d like best and which one won’t cause me to hyperventilate that we’re going to have a potential rainstorm of sand in our house the entire summer, and then we’ll let you know.  And then we’ll inform Kasen, AFTER it’s already in the backyard. ;)

I took quite a few pics of Kasen playing in the sand box today and I realized after looking at these pictures that we need to get the sand table now, rather than later, before the novelty wears off. :)


See ya’ later!!


March 16, 2009

This is just an idea for a photo that I had last Friday, and I really love how it turned out.  The play gun that Kasen is holding was my brother’s play gun when he was a little boy.  Kasen had never seen it until right before this photo shoot.  I put it in her hand and asked her to pretend to blow.  She did.  She let me take three shots (pics), and this was the first one I took.  Lucky me! ;)   After Kasen went to bed,  I asked for Brad’s assistance to help me since I wanted to photograph smoke . . . and I certainly couldn’t do that on my own.  He lit a few matches and blew them out, and I was able to capture the smoke the way I wanted.  I then took the two photos and merged them together and this is what I got. :)   Just a fun shot that reminds of the old western photos that they used to take at Six Flags over Texas.   I wonder if they still do that?  And if you’re concerned or wondering, the play guns are back in lock-up. ;)

Here’s my little cowgirl, or maybe she’s the sheriff????


See ya’ later!!

Lazy Day, Pajama Day

March 15, 2009

Today was a day of pajamas, movies and tears.  Kasen still isn’t feeling 100% and I’m certainly not either.  The house is still full of sneezes, coughs, pains and Kasen complained all evening of her legs being tired.  To top all that off, I woke up yesterday morning with a blood vessel that had burst in my left eye.  It wasn’t too noticeable yesterday because it was mostly under my eyelid.  However; today the redness is starting to move downward and I’m starting to look like some bad horror movie character.  I can hardly wait to see how it looks tomorrow. *rolling eyes*  It’s painful too.  Even though it’s probably nothing, I’ll make a call to my ophthalmologist tomorrow morning just in case he wants to take a look at it.

Today was a book day too.  Kasen and I had some fun reading books this afternoon in her bedroom.  I’ve been wanting to get a picture of her reading her favorite book for a while and today I did.  If you can’t tell from the picture, the name of the book is A Bad Case of Stripes.  Kasen LOVES that book.  She wants us to read it many, many times per day, and bedtime is not complete without at least one reading of said book.  She ponders over each page and every picture, asking question after question.  I have seriously never seen her so enthralled with any book as much as she is with this one.  She even stopped the mail carrier the other day as she was walking away from our front door.  Kasen held her book over her head, waving it wildly, yelling “I HAVE A BAD CASE OF STRIPES.” LOL  I bet she never heard that one before. ;)

The best news of the day.  We’re going to see Lucas, my nephew, tomorrow.  We have really missed him.  We’re sure missing our nieces too and we sure wish they could be here as well. :(

On to the picture.  Here’s Kasen with her VERY FAVORITE book of all time. :)


See ya’ later!!

What a Cutie

March 14, 2009

Seriously, is this little guy CUTE or what?!  I think his parents have been told that he looks like a Gap model hundreds of times.  I tend to agree.  Look at that gorgeous hair too.  Can we say heart breaker?!  Not only that, but he’s as sweet as sweet can be.  You just can’t get any better than that.


Woohooo!!  I’m LOVING these big pics.

See ya’ later!!

Our Girl

March 13, 2009

Kasen’s  finally feeling better!  Yahooooo!!  The bad news is that I now have a sore throat and I’m feeling pretty crummy.  Oh well, if we can’t all be well at the same time, it’s better to be sick one at a time.

I took this picture sometime last week and did something a little differently with it and I love it!

Here’s our sweet girl.


Have a GREAT weekend everyone.

See ya’ later!!


March 12, 2009

Well, I finally did it.  Or should I say, my husband did it!!  He’s the best.  He moved all my old posts here and gave me a little tutorial on how everything works.  I mainly wanted this new blog so I could show BIG pictures.  ‘Cuz we all know, bigger means better when pics are involved. :)   I still have a LOT of tweaking to do, but I was just too impatient to wait any longer.

It’s also taken a little longer to get this live, because our little pumpkin is sick again. :(   She has been carrying a high fever for several days and has a horrendous cough, and keeps complaining about her stomach hurting.  We went to the doctor yesterday to rule out a bladder infection, flu, strep, ear infections,  pneumonia, and a sinus infection.  The consensus is that she has a virus right now and maybe a sinus infection.  We’re also thinking that she has some pretty bad allergies to outdoor stuff causing her to start coughing and sneezing, and then it turns into a sinus infection.  We’re starting to see a pattern every time she’s around a lot of flowers or trees, which she was on Monday.  Brad and I, along with Brad’s parents, took her to the Dallas Arboretum – beautiful by the way!!  Anyway, she had a slight cough before we went, but at lunch afterward, it was really getting bad.  Then by Tuesday morning, her cough was awful.  After her nap on Tuesday, she came up to me saying that her face and hands were freezing.  I felt them and she was smoking hot.  I knew something was up when she put herself to bed on Tuesday afternoon saying she was tired.  She NEVER does that!

On Tuesday evening, I could tell she felt miserable.  She was just curled up in our bed saying she felt really sick and she kept moaning in pain.  Poor thing.  Well, today, she seems a bit better.  Her fever is down to 101.5, and her coughing is still pretty bad, but not as often.  Hopefully, by Saturday, she’ll be feeling great because her “favorite boy” is coming for a visit! :)   That would be our nephew, Lucas.  He’s coming to Texas for spring break and we all couldn’t be more excited.   But nobody more than Kasen! ;)

Since I’m so excited to show BIG pictures, I guess I’ll have to show some. LOL  We went to Helen’s birthday party recently, so here are a few pics of the birthday girl. :)

I love Helen's eyes and her cute little grin here.

I love Helen's eyes and her cute little grin here.

Notice Kasen behind Helen??  Like I said before, if she's not front and center, she has to be pretty darn close! LOL

Notice Kasen behind Helen?? Like I said before, if she's not front and center, she has to be pretty darn close! LOL

Well, that will have to do for now, I have a sick child to take care of.

See ya’ later!!

In Her Element

March 4, 2009

This is Kasen in her element . . . in the dirt. LOL  She is definitely a girly-girl, but she LOVES to play in the mud, sand, dirt . . . really, anything that can make her go from the neat and tidy look of a sweet princess that just had a tea party, to the wild and dirty look of Pigpen in about two seconds flat.

On another note, we decided to treat Kasen to lunch at a restaurant today.  Whew, I forgot how much work THAT was.  She was up and down, running back in forth in the booth, laying upside down, talking about the gum that was so delicately placed under our table (and touching it! Ewwww!!), grabbing the paintings on the wall (over and over), rubbing her hands back on forth on the corners surrounding the table, I'm assuming to find all the dirt she possibly could, dropping her utensils (several times), almost dropping her plate (that was close!), and several time-outs later, we were done!!!  We even got the knowing nod on the way out of the door.  You know the one, where someone has been there, done that, understands what you're going through, but are oh so happy that it's not them!!  Thank goodness the place was not busy, and thank goodness for old people that can't hear that well. LOL  Because in the always endearing Kasen fashion, she was LOUD!

At one point, Brad leaned over to Kasen and said "Your manners are atrocious!  Do you know what atrocious means?  That's a fancy word for awful."  It was all I could do not to bust a gut laughing right then and there.  If you have not had the pleasure of reading the captivating series of Fancy Nancy, it won't be nearly as funny to you as it definitely was to me.  However; it's nice to know that Brad carries his literary skills into every day life with ease. ;)

See ya' later!!