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Another Year Gone By

March 31, 2009

Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m another year older, another year wiser and it’s another year with more aches and pains that I had previously. LOL  But I’m having a great time!! :)

I’m short on words, because I’m on my way out the door, but here’s a favorite pic of me and my girl – with a little vintage effect.


See ya’ later!!

This week’s photo contest for the kids category is “Pouting” -  I usually don’t have to look hard to get some pout faces from Kasen. LOL  This was taken after I told her that she needed to get out of the shower. :)   Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome entries here ~  I Heart Faces


This week’s category for the Pet Theme is “Anything Goes” – my favorite part of this pic is the way she has her sweet paw on the vine, and I love how she is looking at me so inquisitively.

Check out the other entries here ~  I Heart Faces


Good Luck to all the other contestants! :)

See ya’ later!!

Sneak Peek

March 28, 2009

I had the pleasure of photographing a little sweetie this morning.  I have photographed her big brother, before and after he was born (and I’d post the links to those pics if I wasn’t so lazy to go and find them right now-LOL).  But I haven’t had a chance to photograph this little cutie until now.  And trust me when I say, she is a CUTIE!!   I know a took a LOT of close up shots of that sweet face, but once her eyes lock on yours, there is no turning away.  Seriously, she just draws you in with that gaze, and you stare at her in amazement, wondering what is going through that precious little head of hers.  Well, I’ll just pretend that she likes me. LOL  I sure hope so, ‘cuz I’m in LOVE with her.  Her parents better not keep her away from me that long again, or I might go into withdrawals. ;)   Not to mention that she loves the camera and it adores her right back.

I told her Mom that I would post a sneak peek of the session today, and I know that she is eagerly anticipating its arrival here on my blog.  So, without further ado, here is the beautiful Miss Azure.




There are SO many more that I just LOVE, but these jumped out at me immediately. :)

See ya’ later!!

Save Me Spidey!!

March 27, 2009

Another fun day!!  We went to Peter Piper Pizza for lunch today with the whole gang!  Brad’s Mom and Dad went, as well as Uncle Denny and Auntie Judy.  Kasen could not have been more excited that all her peeps were going with her.  It was a special treat for Kasen because she has slept through the night for FIVE nights!!  Not consecutively, but we’re not splitting hairs here. :)

Some of you know that we’ve been having sleep issues with Kasen.  For some reason, she’s been getting up in the middle of the night and crawling in bed with us.  It makes for a restless night for all of us . . . . especially when she sleeps sideways in the bed with her head pushing against Brad’s back and her legs kicking me in the neck.  Fun times these are NOT.  And yes, we hear you, why didn’t we just put her back into bed.  Well, we do, but MOST of the time, we’ve been so asleep that we wake up in the morning not knowing WHO actually helped her in our bed or when on earth did she get there.  She’s been preying on that weakness for a while now.  LOL  And yes, you would think that the kicking and shoving would clue us in that she’s in.our.bed.  But no, we’re so sleep deprived already, that we just move her and grumble, and move her and grumble . . . all night long.  So, we came up with a bribe plan to get her to sleep through the night.  Each night that she slept through the night, all night long, she would get a sticker.  After five stickers (I wanted to make it 10 – the Daddy caved), she gets to eat and play at Peter Piper Pizza.  Today was her second trip to the pizza joint, because that now makes TEN nights that she has slept in her bed all night.  Woohoooo!!  She’s getting good, we’re going to have to up the ante! ;)

After Kasen reluctantly sat with all of us and ate her pizza LOL, it was on to the games and rides.  Here she is hanging on to Spidey as he leads her to safety. :)


P.S.  Continuing education units are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I passed both of my tests and I can keep my license for another year.

See ya’ later!!

Little Sunflower

March 26, 2009

Another quick post since I’m still studying. Ugh!!  I’m getting there, but it’s SLOW progress . . . . especially with my little tornado around! ;)   My birthday is creeping up and I HAVE to finish these tests by that date!!  Then I can actually celebrate being 29 . . . . again!!  Shhhhhh. ;)

Kasen had open house at her Mother’s Day Out program today and it was fun to see her in class, and then see her with sing with the group.  All of the children are just so precious.  They had various artwork projects hung around the room, but sadly Kasen didn’t get to participate in a lot of the art projects.  She was out sick on the days when they were working on them.  Her teachers were super sweet though and helped her out with a little sunflower project.  I knew that she would be really upset if she didn’t have one of them to take home today since all the other children were toting theirs out the door.  She LOVES that little plant . . . now to just hope that it grows into a beautiful sunflower.  I took a few cute pics this afternoon of her and her new love, but I only had time to edit and post one, so here it is!


And the fact that it’s in a juice box makes it even sweeter for Kasen! LOL

See ya’ later!!

More Bluebonnets

March 25, 2009

I just have time for a quick post because I NEED to be studying.  That’s right, it’s time for my continuing education units  (for my *other* career) that are due by the end of my birthday month, which is this one! I always say that I won’t procrastinate, yet here I am, doing the same thing I do every year . . . . procrastinate!!  Ugh.  One of my worst traits.  Well, I guess I need to get to it.

Here’s another fav pic in the bluebonnets – now, can you see how incredibly windy it was?!


See ya’ later!!

I Heart Faces Contest

March 24, 2009

This is I Heart Faces contest – Week 11 – this is for NO flash pictures.

Here is my entry – this has always been on of my very favorite pictures of the sweet Samantha.


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March 23, 2009

That’s Kasen-speak for aquarium. LOL  We had a great time visiting the Dallas Aquarium with all three of us, and Brad’s parents were able to go as well.  It was great.  We all had a chance to chase after Kasen as she bounced from exhibit to exhibit.  LOL And I’m not kidding when I say bounce – she was REALLY hoppy today. ;)

Kasen LOVED the flamingos, and I just remembered I forgot to edit a pic of the flamingos for this post.  Oh well, remind me later!  And she was enthralled with the jelly fish.  She even grabbed a lady’s hand and said ” Come see the jelly fish with me,” and proceeded to lead her across the aquarium to show her.  I couldn’t believe it – how embarrassing.  When we asked Kasen to please leave the lady alone, she stretched out her arms and said, “But she’s my friend.  She’s my BEST friend.” LOL  Thank goodness the lady was a good sport. :)

We took some pictures, but it was pretty cloudy and it was pretty tough to get enough lighting for the pics.  I rarely use a flash, so I had to work on some extremely high ISO settings and really wide open apertures – that’s camera talk for those of you who are scratching your head wondering what on earth I’m talking about.  It just means that it wasn’t the perfect lighting conditions for natural light photography.

Here’s a sampling of what we got today.

Checking each other out – Kasen and the  Sea Otter ~


I loved this little turtle and he seemed interested in the camera. ~


Well, I couldn’t get Kasen to smile at me, but this guy did. ;)


Kasen watching the fish. ~


A sweet hummingbird – man, are those things FAST! ~


And not too happy to be leaving.  I cracked up when I opened this picture when we got home.  One of the Dallas Aquarium vans is in the background.  It says “Save the frogs, Save the world.” :)


That’s it for now!

See ya’ later!!

That’s what Kasen said on our way to take some pics in the bluebonnets this afternoon.  LOL We loaded up all our gear and headed to my favorite bluebonnet spot.  Well, it wasn’t so great today. :(   Either all the bluebonnets are not out yet, or we are too late in the season, or they are just not flourishing like they did in year’s past at this particular location. Hmmm.  I still managed to get some great shots, but it was a little, okay, a LOT more work on my part.  If you know of a GREAT spot, please let me know!!  Oh, and the WIND – it was insane!!  Oh how I hate wind.  Those of you with beautiful straight hair that flows in the wind making you look like a supermodel on the cover of Sports Illustrated, I hate you!! LOL  Okay, I know hate is a strong word.  I really don’t hate anyone.  However; I’m mighty annoyed with you. ;)   Me, on the other hand, with curly hair . . .well, it does NOT fair well in the wind.  I don’t look cool and collected, I look like a raving maniac with Bozo hair that gets bigger and bigger the longer I stand there.  All while the wind teases my hair into some kind of obnoxious Dallas big hair that is NOT something to be desired.  Dreadful, seriously.

And what is with my child??  I can’t get her to sit still for ANYTHING.  All she wanted to do was run, run, run.  Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a child in the bluebonnets when they are moving at 90 miles per hour?!  Not easy!  Then, she just wanted to play in the dirt.  She was totally amazed by the all the cracks in the dirt and I think she picked up several pounds, causing her fingernails to look like we had poured soot in them.  All in all, a good day. LOL

Here’s one for now since Brad needs to work on my computer yet again.  We’re having a horrible time with my wireless internet service and e-mail.


See ya’ later!!

P.S.  One of my e-mail addresses no longer works.  If you’re trying to e-mail me, please e-mail me through here

P.S.S.  This is my 300th post!!  WOW!!  That’s a LOT of talking and picture taking. :)

Just One

March 21, 2009

It’s late – having a lot of computer/e-mail problems, so I’ll hurry and post this before it doesn’t work anymore. :(

Fun day – going to the  store, birthday party, watching cartoons and playing outside with her much adored friends!! :)   She was officially wiped out after her bath this evening.

Here she is – being silly . . . . as usual.  :)


See ya’ later!!