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What Happened to the Weather?

February 27, 2009

Crazy Texas weather.  It was HOT yesterday, but today it was coooooooool.  And I do love a cool overcast day – my favorite! :)

Kasen and I filled our Friday with lots of activities, one of which included taking a LONG shower.  She hasn't wanted to take a shower for weeks now, but for some reason today it sounded appealing.  So, in she went, and she played and played pouring cups of water over and over again.  And here she is, making a silly face.  Oh my funny girl.

See ya' later!!

4th Folder, 4th Picture

February 26, 2009

I was tagged by my sweet friend,

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February 25, 2009

These were the cupcakes that we made yesterday in honor of my nephew, Lucas' 20th birthday!!  Kasen had a blast putting candles in them, blowing them out over and over, and singing "Happy Birthday" to everyone!  She even had one today, but before she would eat it, she held it up proudly and said "Could you put fire on this please?"  Which meant, "Would you please light the candle?" LOL  And I did.  Then, Brad and I sang a nice rendition of "Happy Birthday Kasen" once again.  'Cuz you know, it's all about HER! ;)

We went out front to take these pictures yesterday, and one of our neighbors walked by and was talking to Kasen about her awesome cupcakes.  These cupcakes that you see in her hand . . . they had been licked, poked and prodded by her grubby sweet little hands.  Kasen looked up at our neighbor and sweetly asked if she wanted one.  The neighbor politely declined and I said to her under my breath, "That was a very wise choice!" LOL

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LOL  Yeah, I crack myself up.  Good thing too, since nobody else thinks I'm quite so funny.  Actually, the really funny part is the pics.  I have laughed so hard looking back over the four years of "Oscar Party" pictures.  Do you think Kasen will still indulge me with this crazy idea when she's 12, 13, 16??  Yes, I know, I'm sure the excitment of these Academy Award photo shoots will fade well before age 12 . . . but one can only hope right?

I'm a little slow posting these today because I decided to take Kasen to the park this afternoon.  It was a treat for her because she deserved it.  Well, it didn't turn out to be such a treat after all.  First of all, there was one other little girl on the playground.  She and Kasen hit it off and played pretty well together.  She was quite a bit older, but Kasen can ususally hold her own around the "big" girls.  Then another little girl came along.  They all three started playing together and then it happened.  I've seen it happen many times before.  Why oh why is THREE such a terrible number?  Well, the oldest girl got the little girl to start running away from Kasen every time she got anywhere near them.  Kasen was crushed and began to cry.  And being the Mama Bear that I am, I was MAD.  Kasen told me how sad it made her, so I scooped her up in my arms.  I told her that they weren't being nice, and that she was never to exclude anyone like that because she knows how it makes her feel.  The oldest girl overheard me and tried to tell me that they were just playing chase.  Yeah, right.  I was on the playground the entire time and I heard and saw the whole thing, up close and personal.

Well, the oldest girl knew that I was angry, so she put her arm around Kasen and walked her over to the sidewalk.  She asked Kasen if she wanted to play with her scooter.  It really was too advanced for Kasen and she didn't have her helmet anyway.  Well, Kasen started to cry because I wouldn't let her play.  Then she began to cry even louder.  I was thinking, "Oh great, she was finally starting to calm down and now this."  Then I noticed she was grabbing her leg and she started screaming, "It hurts. It hurts.  That bug bit me."  A lady sitting on the bench said that there were a lot of bees and wasps in that area.  So, once again, I scoop up my crying child, and run to the car.  I wanted to get her home to see what damage that stupid wasp did to my baby.  Well, she got stung, and she got stung good!  I felt so bad for her.  On the way home, she kept saying, "I should have run from him. That mean ol' wasp.  He was a mean one." LOL 

After lots of love from Mommy, Daddy, Mae Mae, and Papa, she seemed to be better.  I took her to the store afterwards to get supplies to make cupcakes.  We are now the proud owners of 12 funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing.  Yum!!!  Cupcakes always make you feel better . . . didn't you know?! LOL

Sooooo, that long rendition of our day is why I'm just now posting the Red Carpet Pictures and if I don't shut up now, they won't be posted until tomorrow. So, here they are.  Notice the drama as she gets older – she is perfecting it down to a science.  I'm scared. Really scared. LOL




2009 ~

My funny girl.  When I say she's a drama queen, I mean it . . . . in the most sincere and flattering way! ;)

See ya' later!!

No Longer a Teen

February 24, 2009

WOW!!!!  THE BIG 2-0 – my nephew is 20 today.  It's crazy how old this is making me feel.  I remember when he was born like it was yesterday . . . . . holding him and just marveling at the miracle he was/is.  He was the one that that gave me the title "Aunt" for the very first time.  I used to be "Aunt Taren" LOL instead of "Aunt Karen" when he was about two years old, and I was just a *little* upset when he no longer called me that. LOL  I've admitted more than once and it will definitely be said again, I'm a pretty proud aunt!!!!!!!!!

Here's my handsome, wonderful, terrific, and awesome nephew, Lucas.  Annnnndddd, we are SOOOOO excited, he's coming to visit next month.  Yipppeeeeee!!!!  Well, we know it's not really for us, he's going to hang out with his school chums mostly, but we'll take whatever we can get. ;)


P.S.  Hey Lucas, Kasen and I just made funfetti cupcakes with strawberry icing in your honor. ;)

See ya' later!!

P.S.S. I will still be uploading the Red Carpet Pics tonight.  We had a little incident today and that threw us off schedule. :(   Be back later . . . . . .

Flash Cards

February 24, 2009

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I'll be back later tonight with Kasen's Red Carpet pictures. ;)

See ya' later!!

but a cute little girl in a hat picture.  Will that do???  ;)

I didn't get a chance to edit the Oscar party pics just yet, but I promise I will.  They are too cute not to share.  It's been an action packed day, and we were out for the entire afternoon and evening.  All that running around leaves little time to work on pictures.  And now I'm so exhausted, I'm ready to curl up in bed and watch TV until I can't keep my eyes open any longer.  Then, it's on to another day.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the pic.  Isn't she precious???  She's really growing up so quickly – and that in itself is pretty bittersweet.

See ya' later!!

I'm in the process of transitioning over to a new blog.  And my web site is down. :( Fun times.  So, my sweet husband is working on BOTH of those things as we speak.  Hopefully, the new blog will go live within the week.  The web site, well . . . . . we're hoping that will be fixed even sooner. *crossing fingers* 

Have a GREAT time watching the Academy Awards tonight.  We always do.  We started a tradition when Kasen wasn't even a year old – she gets dressed to the nines for her Oscar party evening. ;)    She's napping now, getting ready for her big debut.  After she gets her much needed beauty sleep, we'll get her all dolled up and take some pics in the studio.  She is really getting a kick out of it and we even had to paint her fingernails this morning as an added bonus.  It will be so much fun when she's older, to look back through the years, and see what dress she was wearing, and how much she has grown.  And you never know, she just may be receiving her very own Oscar some day – now wouldn't that be crazy?! LOL  Well, you know, we HAVE always called her a DRAMA QUEEN. ;)

See ya' later!!

P.S.  I'll try to get all of Kasen's pics from each Oscar party, and post them tomorrow. :D


February 17, 2009

Yep, that she is. :)   She came into my office yesterday EXACTLY like this.  LOL  I grabbed my camera and started to take a pic, and she screamed, "NOOOO, STUDIO!"  Which meant she wanted me to turn on the studio lights and take her picture in there.  Why you ask?  Well, studio pictures=bribes=treats.  Soooo, there you have it.  That's my secret and I'm not too ashamed to admit it.  And the treat in question, an organic fruit strip.  See, I'm still in control . . . . a little bit. LOL

See ya' later!!

Master of Disguise

February 15, 2009

Kasen and I attended a birthday party today and had a blast.  I had fun talking with the parents, and Kasen had fun being, well, Kasen! LOL  She jumped, she ran, she played croquet, she hopped, she helped open presents, she ate LOTS, and of course, she was RIGHT THERE when the birthday girl blew out her candles. LOL  You know, I definitely see a trend.  In almost every single birthday party we attend, I have a picture of the birthday child blowing out his/her candles, and Kasen is in every one of those shots . . . . because the poor birthday child can hardly move without Kasen hovering over them.  That girl, she has to be front and center at every event, or at least, pretty darn close.  I'm really not sure what to make of this, except that I know she definitely won't get left out of anything.  I do have more pics of the event, but I had to take one tonight of one of her goody bag gifts.  Let me tell you, these glasses are a BIG hit!  And I've heard that Kasen isn't the only one enjoying them.

Here she is – the master of disguise. ~

See ya' later!!