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Rayne’s Visit with Santa

November 8, 2008

I'll post Rayne's visit with Santa Claus today, but tomorrow is Ron's turn.  Here is one of the amazing hosts of The 1st Annual Toy Drive on Friday night, and certainly my dear friend!

What do YOU think she is asking for???? Hmmmmm. . . . .

And a great smile picture with Santa Claus.  What could be better than that?! :D

See ya' later!!

We had the most incredible evening, hosted by our wonderful friends, The Spauldings. 

Watch out Ron & Rayne, I'll be sharing your Santa pics next!!  They're the best!!

Thanks again Spaulding family and everyone else who helped make this a night for the record books.  I can hardly wait until next year!! ;)

See ya' later!!

Sadie’s Shindig

November 2, 2008

Sadie hosted her very first party yesterday and we had the pleasure of attending.  It's definitely true that Sadie is taking after her Mommy, the queen of social festivities!! ;)   Kasen and I could take a lesson . . . or two. . . or three . . LOL  Maybe someday.  We had a great time and Kasen was thrilled to play with other children and just have a grand ol' time.  Kasen is such a people person.  She always wants someone to play with her, which means I'm the definite pick as a playmate when we're at home together.  However; when other children are around, she really doesn't need me anymore . . and in actuality, she would rather me stay away . . . . way.far.away.  I was following her up the stairs at The Spaulding house yesterday and she turned around, held out her hand and said, "No, don't come up here!!  There are a LOT of toys and you might slip on one." LOL  Little stinker.

When I asked Kasen what her favorite part of the party was, she said "Play-doh and my grilled cheese sandwich!" LOL  Sooooo, you see just where her heart lies, with the messy fun and the messy food.  Thanks Ron for providing one of the highlights of Kasen's day. :D   You see, Ron made the grilled cheese sandwiches and even though I didn't personally have one, I heard from adults and children alike that they were the BEST!!

Thanks Sadie for a fantastic party – I'm sure there will be plenty more in your lifetime!!

Some of my favorite pics of the day:

Kasen and Sadie at the beginning of the party ~

Cookie Time~

Smiles from Emma ~

Sadie during the cookie-eating-phase ~

Alexander eating his cookie ~

Alyssa as Hannah Montana ~

Rachael and those beautiful eyes ~

Sadie performing ~

Brayden showing off his cookie ~

Beautiful Alyssa and her Beautiful Mom Cyd ~

Beautiful Emma and her Beautiful Mom Sue ~

Go Dolphins ~

Kasen taking a break ~

Couldn't resist another one of Alexander's cute face (I have more too!) ~

Topping off the party with an intense round of Play-Doh ~

Thanks again Ron, Rayne, and Sadie – lots of fun was had by all.

See ya' later!!