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It’s Been Eleven Years

July 13, 2008

since my father died.  It’s also the same exact day of the week, Sunday, July 13th, which makes it even harder.  Not sure why, it just does.

And because I really don’t have anything more to add to what I wrote last year, I’ll leave the link here.

See ya’ later!!

Pushing Daddy into the pool. haha

See ya’ next time!!  Have a GREAT week!!

Mmmm Mmmm Good

July 12, 2008

What could be better than watermelon on a hot Texas afternoon?!  Nothing!!


Here’s a funny story about swimming this afternoon.  Kasen kept yelling “Ayúdeme! Ayúdeme!” – sounds like “I-yude-uh-may.”   However; it means “Help Me” in Spanish.  LOL  Even though she was clearly not in danger . . . she was standing on the steps in the pool and Brad was standing right next to her.  When she would yell for help, he would say “I’ll save you,” . . . you know, in his best Superman voice. LOL  Then, he would pick her up, hold her snug and swing her around.   As soon as she was in his arms, she would sigh, grasp him tight and say “Thank you Super Hero!” haha  Hmmm, I’m thinking that we have a few cartoons colliding here.  I know where the “Help Me” in Spanish came from – that’s without a doubt, Dora The Explorer.  I’m just not sure where she got the superhero line from.  I guess I need to be paying closer attention!! LOL

Okay, back to editing my latest photo sessions.

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A Few More

July 11, 2008

I promised I would be back with some more, so here they are.  Of course, these are a few of MY favorites. :D


Okay, have to run.  Our weekly pizza-party-movie-night awaits me!!

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35 Months

July 10, 2008

Here it is . . . again, your monthly letter.  Two in a row and for that I’m quite
pleased.  Not sure how I’ll keep this up
over the next few years, heck, what am I talking about, I’m not sure how I’ll
keep this up over the next two months. haha 
But I’ll try, I promise!!

You are now 35 months old – only ONE whole month away from
being THREE!!  You seem excited about
turning three even if you have no idea what that really means.  You just know that you get to hold one extra
finger up when someone asks how old you are. 
Wait a minute, you do that now! LOL 
When someone asks your age, you put your fingers in the air and say
“Three, Four, FIVE!!”  People always
look stunned when I correct you and tell them that you are *just* two. LOL


As usual, you have totally kept me hopping for the last
month.  Seriously, you are NEVER
still.  It’s crazy how much energy you
have and I have no idea just how to keep up with you.  I collapse every evening after you go to bed and wonder how I’ll
sustain enough energy to take me through the succeeding day. LOL

There are so many things that I want to remember over this
last month of your life.  The one that’s
totally forefront in my mind is when you come to your daddy or myself and
command us to repeat “Say ‘That’s okay.’” 
After our veins run cold, we smile nervously and cautiously spit out,
“That’s okay.  Nowwwww, what
happened?”  And usually it’s nothing
more than you spilled yogurt on the rug, or you dropped/threw food on the
floor, or you partially destroyed a decorative pillow in our bedroom (okay,
that was kind of a big one), but it’s not anything to get overly upset
about.  Yet, it’s cute how you
absolutely know it’s not something that should have happened and you cushion
the blow before we even have time to react. 
I really do admire your strategy. 
However; I’ll keep holding my breath until you do something so huge that
I won’t be able to mask my anger with a smile. ;)

Singing still remains one of your favorite past times.  Only now, you sing the correct melody with
all made up words.  You smile, giggle
and look at us with that knowing grin and think you are the most clever little
girl in the world.  And, if it has
bathroom humor in the song, all the more funny!!   I’m not sure what is about the words “pee-pee” and “poo-poo”
that send toddlers into hysterics, but it is definitely a side-splitting
affair.  I have to admit, I chuckle too.


We had a big trip this past month to Canada, so your father
could meet his buddies for the annual “guy trip.”  You did wonderfully on the flight and even more impressive was
the way you handled yourself going through security and customs.  I actually gasped when they said that you
and I couldn’t walk through the metal detector together.  Seriously, who asks a two year old to walk
ahead of their mother. . . AND WAIT? *sheesh* 
I didn’t think you would even do that, but you did, with confidence and
pride making your parents so proud., which made my eyes pop right out of my head.  You’ll know why I was so shocked when I tell
you that you take every opportunity to run as fast as you can from me in the
opposite direction.  We’ve had several
talks about this with you, but when you see just a smidgen of freedom right
before those big, curious, blue eyes, you just can’t help yourself, and the
sprinting begins. LOL

After sweating profusely and hauling enough items, as if
equipped for guerrilla warfare, onto the plane, we find our seats and commence
to “settle in.”  After we have you
locked into your car seat and safely belted that seat to the airline
seat, we start to relax and wait for the plane to get us to our destination . .
and fast!!  However; since you are 100%
potty trained (woo hoo), you take every opportunity to visit as many public
bathrooms as possible and the airplane loo was certainly no exception.  Wishing at these moments that I am not the
lead potty trainer, I finagle you out of your seat and begin the conquest of
finding a vacant bathroom so you can relieve yourself.  Trust me when I tell you that this is THE
most disgusting place to help a child “go potty.”  We finally find a vacant bathroom and there the routine
ensues.  I have to face the toilet with
you standing next to me, which is completely difficult to do in an airplane
bathroom that is made for the size of a Barbie doll.  I carefully line the toilet seat with toilet paper . . . . you
know, called “nesting” – you cover it so completely that you are 100% sure that
no germs will come in contact with your precious child’s bum.  Contorting myself into an extremely uncomfortable squatting position, I
hoist you atop the seat asking you . . . . no, pleading with you, to
puleeeezzzzze NOT touch A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G 
As I hold your little body in a tight hug while your tiny arms wrap
around me for support, I can no longer pretend that I don’t smell the stench of
urine and feel how every time I move a millimeter, that my shoes stick to the
floor creating an undeniable and nauseating sound .  GREAT!!  Someone has peed
on the floor. Ughh!!  Finally, I
am the one relieved when I hear you are finished, and I carefully lift you up
and continue to say “PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!!”  Even though I still cringe at the thought, I let you push the
button to flush the toilet and you are as thrilled as when Daddy swings you so
high that I think you’re going to plummet to the ground escaping with nothing
short of broken ribs with a broken arm to match.  We wash up as well as we can in the stainless steel micro sink
and trot back to the safety and *hopefully* somewhat cleaner, assigned
seats.  When we finally land, we release
you from your car seat and let you stretch your legs by standing on Daddy’s lap.  While waving and gracing the passengers with
your flashiest smile, you tell everyone “Buh-Bye” as they are walking down the
aisle to exit the plane.  We once again
feel like actors on a Saturday Night Live sketch, where the flight attendants
are mercilessly mocked and look at each other and concur, “Yep, she’s going to
be good at this.  What do you know?? – a career opportunity.”


After we arrived, we had a little bit of time with Daddy,
and after he headed off with the guys, we got to stay behind and hang out with
Mae Mae and Papa.  We did tons of cool
things and visited lots of exciting places and had visits with wonderful relatives.  Among our highlights were visiting the zoo,
a heritage park, and the science museum. 
We also went swimming, played at the park, and had delicious meals with
aunties, uncles and cousins.  And you
were VERY happy that lots of ice cream was included in our time there.  Me, not so much.  Just kidding.  Well, I
could have declined, but how could I??!! 
It just looked too delicious and it WAS . . . .
.every.single.delectable.delicious.bite. LOL

You absolutely adore your Mae Mae and Papa and the feeling
is totally mutual, so it was no real surprise that you wanted to spend every
single moment with them while we were there. 
You and I did get to have a few evenings by ourselves though, sharing
picnics in bed in between wild and crazy pillow fights, and I will always
cherish that special time that we spent together. 

Talking is still your major source of enjoyment and mine is
listening to you . . .most of the time. LOL 
When your Dad and I are trying to have a conversation, you keep trying
to interrupt, and then we hear this booming voice yell “I WANT TO TALK.”  Soooo, we stop mid sentence and ask you what
it is that you want to talk about and why it couldn’t wait for two
seconds.  Then, so pleased with
yourself, you say “Ham-a-burger.” LOL 
Conversation shifts to condiments, lettuce and tomatoes and just how
they will make our “ham-a-burger” taste better.  The crazy part is that you really don’t even like hamburgers, but
it always seems to be the first thing to come out of your mouth when you want
to enter into grown-up world and slide (ever so gracefully, NOT) into adult

While I’m writing these letters, I want to give you a little
insight on why I put the good AND the bad in these informative epistles of your
life.  Some day (when you have the time
or inclination LOL), you’ll stop and read these letters and I really want to
give you an accurate and real account of what motherhood is all about.  I think it does a disservice to you and
other mothers when the only talk of mothering is of sunshine and rainbows with
sprinkles on top.  Of course, it is THE
most wonderful profession in the world, but it is also the hardest.  I want you to know that if/when you become a
mother, that I will be here to share with you the incredible stories as well as
the unpleasant ones to help you along the path of the most challenging,
awesome, exhausting, and lovely fulfillment in the world – mothering a child.

And trust me, when you give me a call telling me that your
child is making you feel like you’re going to lose your mind, or you just want
to cry on my shoulder because you feel like you are not making an impact on
their tiny little brains or that they never listen, I promise I’ll be
there validating your feelings and giving you a reassuring hug to tell you that
I DO understand, that you are NOT alone and that I will be behind you every
single step of the way.

I love you to the moon and back.

Love, Mommy

I had another maternity session this evening with a former client and her son.  She was stunning and her son was as adorable as ever.  What is with all these GORGEOUS pregnant women lately?!  I don’t know, but I’m thrilled to have taken their photographs at such a special time in their lives.

Sooooo, here is my very quick sneaky sneak peek.  Yes, you’ll agree . . . . she is STRIKING!!
I’ll have more of this session to share later.

See ya’ next time!!

Cute Cousins

July 8, 2008

A couple of cutie cousins that we visited in Canada.  Even though their eyes are such different colors, they are equally stunning!!  They’re going to be a couple of heart breakers, I just know it!! :D

Mr. “C” ~

Mr. “D” ~
See ya’ next time!!!

Okay, Finally!!!!

July 7, 2008

I just haven’t had my head in the game since we returned from vacation.  I’m trying to push myself to get things done, but I really have been exhausted . . . maybe it’s the let down from the return home, maybe it’s extended jet lag plus the time change, maybe it’s because Kasen got sick on our return and hasn’t been sleeping well (she’s better now), or maybe it’s just getting out of my daily routine and it’s hard to get back in the swing of things. Whatever it is, I’m ready for it to stop, so I can get some much needed things accomplished.

I had a wonderful photo shoot on Sunday, with one of my former clients and his beautifully pregnant Mother, who is glowing by the way!!  Perfect smiles, perfect baby bump, perfect adoration between them, and hopefully some perfect pics to do them justice.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the shoot – we ended up with lots of great shots, and I’m so excited to start processing them.  Just a little sneak peek to hold you over!!

Love these smiles, love his chin on her belly, love that he’s on his tip toes – LOVE everything about it! :D

Sweet, sweet, sweet!!

What did I tell ya?!  Perfect baby bump!
(A little vintage action added here)

And last but not least, another shot showing how much they love one another!!
I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek.  I can’t wait to show you the rest!!


Hopefully I’ll be back to keep up this blog a little better since my return.  I’m not making any promises, but I’ll try!!!  See ya’ later!!

Well, not really, just sprinkles of water overhead from our next door neighbor’s sprinkler system going off!! LOL  It sure made for a fun evening . . . until I discovered a horrible rash all over Kasen’s back from the grass.  She only rolled around for less than 10 seconds, but the damage was done.  I rushed her in for a bath right away and it had all but disappeared before she went to bed this evening, by the way – ONLY 45 minutes ago (which was 10:15 p.m.) YAWN!!!!!!!!

She’s never really liked grass and I guess that’s a good thing!!!  We’ll really have to watch her from here on out when she’s outside around all the herbage.  She just happened to have on that little shirt today which had her back exposed or I guess I still wouldn’t have known just how badly she reacts to those seemingly harmless blades of green.  Hmmmm.

Anyway, here she is this evening with her pretty pink umbrella (thanks Mae Mae and Papa).  Well, not for the broken lamp that was a result of this precious parasol LOL, but for the joy that Kasen exudes just when she holds it in her sweet little hands. :)

Vintage texture added once again!

See ya’ later!!!

We’re Baaaaack!!!!!!

July 1, 2008

We are home.

We are tired.

We had fun.

We have tons of laundry.

We are trying to get caught up.

Enough said.

See ya’ later!!