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Gone for a While

July 28, 2008

My daughter and I are heading out in just a bit to visit family.  That means that I won’t be on-line for a while since I won’t have access to a computer or e-mail.

Hopefully I’ll be back with LOTS of pictures to share of our fun adventure.

See you when we return on August 7th!!!

See ya’ later!!!

Baby Jacob

July 25, 2008

Kasen and I were able to meet up with a great friend of ours, Stacey, and her youngest child, Jacob, for dinner last night.  I almost brought that little cutie home with me, although I do think Stacey would have minded . . . . just a teeny tiny bit!! LOL  Okay, a LOT!!  I hope our next baby is just like him, because he really is the best baby EVER. :D   Just all around one hundred percent adorable and soooo precious.  Can you tell that Kasen was enamored with him as well?! ;)

When Kasen saw this picture, she said “Awwww, that’s Baby Jacob with me, Kasen.”  Think she’s ready to be a big sis?!

See ya’ later!!

“Z” Again

July 24, 2008

I had so much fun meeting up with “Z” again and his beautifully pregnant Mommy.  Boy has he changed since I took his picture the last time.!  He’s just looking so grown up.  And I’m a sucker for a little towhead. :)  

Here he is – a little faded action going on here, along with a tiny bit of grain.  Thought it was appropriate for this photo. :)   Love the little tongue sticking out too. :D

See ya’ later!!

My Broadway Baby

July 22, 2008

Kasen is really funny and very dramatic.  Trust me when I say that she is over-the-top animated and I do love every minute of her displays.  For example, the other day we were out enjoying ourselves in the pool.  Brad had gone inside to get everything ready for the grill.  I leaned over to Kasen and said, “When Daddy comes back outside, tell him, ‘Daddy, you’re handsome.’”  Well, she did, very clearly and verbatim to what I had requested.  Brad, of course, thanked her, giving me the nod and a huge grin. . . knowing who put her up to that. LOL  After he walked back inside, I told Kasen, “Thank you.  You did great!!!”  Kasen shrugged her shoulders, bowed her head to one side while batting her eyes and said “Awww Shucks!” LOL  LOL  One funny girl.

And here she is recreating her signature “Awwww Shucks!” look.  Notice that tongue sticking out between her teeth. She has one wicked lisp and even though I’ve spent countless hours helping others overcome their lisps, I do think it’s adorable when I see it on her.  She’s still little yet, I’m sure she’ll outgrow it when I least expect it – that’s how she’s done everything else thus far, why would this be any different?! ;)

Now, I just need to capture all of her many faces.  I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, but I better get crackin’ or she’ll stop doing that as fast as she started.  Everything is on her own time thank you very much and there will be no rushing, no delaying, and no requesting, no nothing . . . .unless she is good and ready!!!!

See ya’ later!!!

The Thrill of the Ride

July 21, 2008

Yes, we think she has serious thrill issues. LOL  She loved all the rides at Six Flags, but the roller coaster was BY FAR her favorite.  On some of the other rides, she seemed almost stoic and was definitely annoyed by the ferris wheel that looked like hot air balloons.  It was just too slow and she kept screaming that she wanted off every time it would stop.  Oh yeah, not a favorite.  However; Brad said that once the roller coaster started going, she was belly laughing.  That wonderful gleeful, deep from within, infectious belly laugh.  I wish I could have heard her, but I did see that look of pure excitement on her face.  Soooo happy I captured her very first roller coaster ride on film (er, compact flash card)! LOL

Here is the full view (they are in the second to last car)

And because you have to *really* see the look of exuberance on her face.

Oh yeah, the house is cool, woo-hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!  Our air conditioner was repaired very late last night.  We had a faulty wire in the attic.  It was fried.  Scary.

See ya’ later!!


July 20, 2008

for the air conditioner guy to show up. ugh!!  It’s hot!!  One of our units went out today, and the bedrooms seem somewhat okay (that unit is working, but hard).  However; the rest of the house is sweltering.  My office is in the sweltering spot, so I will say good night and hopefully get back on here tomorrow to share some pictures in the hopes that I will finally be cool when I do that!!

Have a great Monday . . . and I’ll let you know how our Monday is going tomorrow . . .after the air conditioner man tells us our damage!! LOL

See ya’ later!!

We had Brad’s company picnic today at Six Flags over Texas.  It was miserably hot, but incredibly exciting.  I’ll be back with some pictures of the fun-filled event later.

However; right now I’m still editing pictures and I have to get back to work so I can GET.THESE.DONE.

See ya’ later!!!!!  I hope y’all are having a GREAT weekend!!

Sharing An Oldie

July 17, 2008

I don’t think I’ve ever shared this one.  It was taken back in April.  It’s amazing how much Kasen has grown just in the last few months.  Wow!!

Here she is, having a blast on her glider! :D

See ya’ next time!!

The Princess . . .

July 16, 2008

is taking a break. LOL

Having a good ol’ fashioned belly swing, complete with princess attire . . . a pink, pink, and more pink fluffy tutu; a white ruffly princess petticoat; a perfectly pink princess hair bow; and the ever present, tried and true, white Stride-Rite toddler sandals . . with pink flowers on them of course! :D


See ya’ next time!!

Loving Summer

July 14, 2008

She does.

LOVES summer.
Loves swimming.
Loves being outside.
Loves popsicles on the patio.
Loves swinging to the sky.
Loves digging in the mud.
Loves “helping” Daddy barbeque.
Loves having picnics at the patio table under the big black umbrella.
Loves twirling in the sunlight.
Loves splashing.
Loves riding her tricycle.
Loves blowing bubbles.
Loves sidewalk chalk.
Loves riding in her big red wagon.

It’s so wonderful to see her enjoy all these things.  She really LOVES summer!


See ya’ later!!