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A Quick Pic

June 27, 2008

Just one quick picture that I took a few days ago while we were visiting Heritage Park here in Calgary.  It was a beautiful day and we just had a few droplets of rain with a wonderfully cool breeze.

Here it is:

Have a GREAT weekend!!

See ya’ later!!

Lots of Love . . .

June 25, 2008

for Auntie Gayle!! 
(I’m still having a tough time with this computer screen, so forgive me if the colors are all wonky!!)

We had the pleasure of eating at Uncle Brian & Auntie Gayle’s house last night.  It was such a pleasant and cool evening with fantastic food (i.e. yummy hamburgers!!), and even greater company.  Kasen had a great time exploring her new surroundings and chasing the cats (sorry Travis and Charlie).  However; Travis did appease her with a few play sessions and Kasen couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Thanks for a wonderful, relaxed evening, and for all the hard work you did to ensure everything sailed along so smoothly.  We can’t wait to see you again!!!


For everyone else, see ya’ later!!

Oh Canada!!

June 22, 2008

Well, we’re in Canada for vacation (yipeeeee!!!) and I’m trying to figure out all this new stuff, while Kasen is on Cloud 9 with her Mae Mae and PaPa.  I’m just hoping she doesn’t forget who we are!! LOL  She is heartbroken every single time they are out of her sight, which means she’s been with them a LOT!!!

As for the new stuff, I’m *trying* to learn how to use my husband’s Mac when I’m a PC gal.  And not being able to use my Adobe Photoshop CS2 has been a tad frustrating.  I’m using Elements and it’s not too bad, even though I don’t have access to all of my little shortcuts and tricks of photo editing.  And not being used to this computer screen, I don’t really know how the pictures will actually look.  But, I’m going to give it a try anyway because I took a picture this afternoon of Kasen and her PaPa and I LOVE it!!  Kasen was jumping her little heart out on the hotel bed . . . . isn’t that what they’re there for?! LOL  And PaPa came in to help contribute to the mayhem!!

Here it is – I hope it looks okay!!

Okay, we’re off to go eat and have some more fun!!

See ya’ later!!

Power Outage

June 17, 2008

I never realize how much I depend on electricity . . . until it all goes out, especially for four hours. ugh!  All the things I wanted to accomplish today went undone because I needed electricity to do them – no computer (for editing pics or replying to e-mails), no washing machine, no dishwasher, no ironing, no music, no television, no telephone (although I did have my cell phone, but it wasn’t completely charged so I was saving it for an emergency), no lights and it was rather dark with the storm today.  Soooo, I just straightened up as best as I could, cleaned a little bit and ate my lunch in peace and quiet (since Kasen was spending the day with some of her favorite people).

Thankfully, everything is working again, even though I had a scare with my computer.  Brad saved the day, as usual.  Whew!!!  It was pretty dicey there for a bit.

Now it’s quiet again, Kasen is in bed, Brad is at a hockey game, and I’m settling down at almost 10:00 p.m. to finally start working.  Oh well, Kasen had a GREAT day, still talking about it and crying to go back.  Actually, she cried to go back just one second after we left their house! LOL  I kept hearing “I need them. I need them.”  And D, if you’re reading, you did get top billing all evening.  Just thought I would point that out! LOL

Kasen’s new chair – she absolutely adores this thing.  We didn’t even get to take the tags off because she was so adamant that it was hers and we couldn’t touch it! LOL  It has a drink holder and she thinks that is super cool.  Here she is, just lounging by the pool.  I keep getting her to say “This is the life” and I giggle every single time those words come out of her mouth.

I just can’t resist getting close up pictures of those eyes.  Those eyes.  Simply amazing!

See ya’ later!!

It’s Finally Official

June 16, 2008

The paperwork has all been turned in.

The house passed inspection.

WE passed inspection.

The profiles were approved.

Now . . . . .

We are officially waiting.

We are nervous.

We are excited.

We are cautious.

We are adopting . . . again!!!

Of course, the wait is 12-14 months average, but we are prepared for
this emotional, yet thrilling adoption process. . because it will bring
us even more joy and will definitely end our journey of completing our

We are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Father’s Day

June 15, 2008

To Brad ~ We are so blessed to have you in our lives.  You are the best Daddy that Kasen could ever ask for.  It’s no wonder that she is truly amazed and inspired by you daily.  I love sneaking in on your story time every night and basking in the moment of tender hugs with the softest of words and reveling in the fact that you two have such a special bond with one another.  I love the way that Kasen runs to you in the morning to give you kisses and hugs, telling you so sincerely to “Have a nice day . . . at wooooorrrrrrk!!” LOL  And then sprinting to you in the evening yelling “Daddy’s HOME!!”  With her arms outstretched, you scoop her up and all feels right with the world once again.  And it does to me too, because every day I’m thankful that we are reunited as a family, and that’s the best place to be . . . together.

Thank you Brad for being such a great father and daddy.

We appreciate all that you do each and every day.

We love you!! 

FathersDay2008bHint—Click on the collage above to see it correctly. 

To all the Dads out there.  I hope you have a wonderful, fantastic, superb day with your families!!

And we certainly can’t forget Papa!!!  Happy Father’s Day To You!!!  We can’t wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya’ next time!!

The Case of . . . . .

June 14, 2008

TOO many hats!!! LOL  That’s Kasen, it’s either all or nothing.  She is this way with everything in life – more often than not, it’s ALL, and full speed ahead at that!!


Silly girl.

See ya’ later!!

My Minnie Pearl Gal

June 13, 2008

She’s just missing the price tag!! LOL  Isn’t she grand?! ;)
This is a little something different for me (texturing & tone), and I love it!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya’ next time!!

Backyard Blast

June 12, 2008

Kasen was totally enjoying being in the backyard this afternoon and evening.  It finally cooled down enough to at least not swelter in the Texas heat.  There was a delightful warm breeze as well which made it perfect for me!  I even had a major breakthrough.  I let Kasen eat a popsicle and did not “freak-out” when it was dripping all over her completely dressed self, as the gooey mess was multiplying everywhere.  Actually, Kasen was way more upset about it than I was.  I knew I was getting ready to give her a bath, so that helped ease my fears of a messy popsicle tragedy! LOL   Seriously, that’s really big for me!! LOL  I’ve come a loooooong way!!

This has a brown action added to it.  She really does crack me up.  I had given her a half of a piece of sugar-free Trident since we were outside and this is her chewing face!! LOL  Well, until she swallowed it.  There’s a reason that two year olds DON’T chew gum.  There is NO chewing, just eating!! LOL

The beginning . . . .

The middle – doesn’t she look SOOOOO old here?! YIKES!!!

And the end . . . . before the popsicle completely fell off of the stick!! haha

Okay, back to working on my projects.  I should let you know in a few days what one of them is all about. *wooohoooo*  I’m off to work, work, work!!!

See ya’ next time!!!

34 Months

June 10, 2008

34 Months ~ The Good, The Bad and the Extraordinary

Dear Kasen,

I’ve seen other people write monthly letters to their
children and I thought it was so cool. 
I continued to not write one since I didn’t start out doing them and you would
wonder why I JUST started at 34 months. . . you know, the perfectionist in
me.  It causes me to not follow through
with a lot of things, but I’m working on that – you’re definitely helping. *wink*  Well, I’m truly amazed that you
are 34 months old, that is 2 years and 10 months, which also means that you are
almost three years old and I’m shocked, I mean really shocked that you’ve been
in our lives for almost three years!!!  Nearly three crazy, yet wonderfully insane, happy years!!


You are a precious, loving little girl and at the same time,
you are pull-your-hair-out maddening. 
You have that sweet smile and are always ready to say “I’m sorry Mommy,”
but the acts that preceded that sweet smile are nothing short of outrageous.  Our poor cat Spike takes the brunt of a
portion of your antics and we are working on that incessantly.  You feel compelled to bother him at every
chance and are more than willing to take your punishment of a “time-out” in
stride.  This is another source of
contention for us as your parents.  You
have actually asked for a longer time-out way too many times lately, so we’re
guessing that this isn’t actually deterring you from making bad decisions any
longer . . . which is also pretty evident seeing how MANY time-outs you’ve been
on recently. *sigh*   Soooo, we’re putting on
our thinking caps and trying to determine where to go from here.  We’ll let you know when we decide! LOL


I adore your excitement over the smallest things.  You get so thrilled about any little change
and are extremely quick to complement everyone, whether it’s “You have a
beautiful dress,” to “I like your shoes,” or “I like your make-up,” and my
personal favorite “I like your burning, peeling lips.” LOL  Yep, you did say that.  I’ve had trouble with my lips burning and
peeling lately (some kind of allergic reaction) and it’s obvious that you’ve
picked up on my complaining about them, and still tried to make me feel
better.  You are definitely the queen of
trying to smooth things over and make everyone happy.  “Be Happy!” is one of your common phrases after you’ve gotten
into trouble, or if we’re not smiling as widely as you think we should.  Us being happy is clearly high on your
priorities.  I love that!!  Speaking of being the queen, you are also
the queen of saying “Just one more time!” 
I wish I had a nickel for every time you’ve said that this last
month.  I think I’d have enough to buy
an extra large pizza with ALL the toppings!! 
And if we tell you that we can’t do something, you hold your head up
high, and with the greatest conviction of a football coach speaking to his
losing team at half-time, you yell “JUST TRY!” 
And it’s hard not to laugh since we absolutely know where you heard
this.  We’re pleading the fifth. LOL


Your language, especially your story telling skills, has
been so incredible for such a long time now that I honestly can’t remember when
you didn’t talk . . . . about everything!! LOL 
Talking non-stop all day is totally normal for you and when I ask you to
be quiet, you continue to say that you can’t . . .like your head would explode
if you just closed your mouth for a second. 
LOL   With the talking has also
come a very vivid imagination.  I love
hearing stories that you’ve made up and I listen with great intent and continue
to say “Then what?” and “What happened next?” and you are more than willing to
oblige.  I’ve tried writing some of them
down, but honestly, you are soooo fast telling your tales and I’m so engrossed
not wanting to miss a single morsel of how your little mind works that I sit still and am motionless as I marvel at this incredibly smart being that I’m
proud to call mine.


As your articulation continues to improve, I’m definitely
noticing that there are still some mispronunciations that I would like to have
frozen in time.  The way you say
“browned” with an emphasis on the “d” instead of saying “brown.”  I giggle inside every time you say that and
I don’t dare tell you different . . . for now anyway.  Other things that I just can’t bring myself to correct are “hide
and sink” and then, it’s the way you sing the alphabet.  When you get to the part that is supposed to
go “L-M-N-O-P” you sing “N over P” – it is seriously the best and you can’t
wipe the smile off of my face every time I hear it.  I did videotape you singing the song because I never ever want to
forget this.  And when I’m old and you
are long moved out of the house, I can see me pulling out that tape and
yearning to travel back in time when you so proudly sang your special
rendition.  Even when we sing the song
together, I get very quiet after “K” and let you sing it your way.  Because I know if I started singing it
correctly for you to hear, you would change it in a heartbeat . . . .
especially since you are so fantastic at trying to copy everything now.  Sooo, I will continue to be silent at my
very favorite part and I promise I’ll correct you when the time is right so you
won’t be embarrassed that I let you continue to so sweetly and wonderfully
alter the alphabet song . . even if it is JUST a bit!!


You are such a big girl now and the potty training is going
way more smoothly than I had anticipated. 
I don’t know who is more excited, us as your parents, because buying
pull-ups will suddenly be a thing of the past (wooohoo!!!), or you, because you
get a penny every time you go successfully. 
Really, you’re supposed to get one penny, but every time you come out of
the bathroom, you hold your right hand out and count with your first three
fingers and yell at the top of your lungs, “I need ONE, TWO, THREEEEEE PENNIES!!!”   And most of the time we
are accommodating . . . because we really ARE so proud of you.  We have been out and about all around town
and you’ve done great – not one accident. 
Seriously, I’m really impressed.


Kasen, your charisma just comes shining through in
everything you do.  You genuinely are
the most darling little girl, even if you have me pulling my hair out on more
than one occasion . . .!! LOL 
I’m continually astounded at how lovely your personality is developing.  If I say “Oh no!” when I’m upset about
something, you are quick to correct me and say “Don’t say ‘Oh no!” – say
‘That’s okay.’”  Or when I’m driving,
which is when I usually say this (rolling eyes here), I’ll yell “COME ON!” and you will say “Mommy, don’t be mad at yourself” or “Don’t be mad at the car”
or “Don’t be frustrated,” which actually does make me take a step back and say
“That’s silly, isn’t it?!”  Then we both
have a good laugh and I realize that you are just a two year old helping me
understand that it truly is silly to get upset at such trivial things in
life.  You open my eyes each and every
day and help me discover new ways to accomplish things and new ways to bring
joy to my life.  You are wonderful,
stupendous, extraordinary, and I love you with all my heart.  I can hardly wait to see what next month

 I love you to the moon and back!!

 Love, Mommy