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Okay, brace yourselves, it’s a looooong one!!! :D


  1. Because  without a doubt, he is THE perfect man for me. He always knows what to say when I’m being completely unreasonable or just having a dreadful day. And in that instant, I feel calm, reassured, loved, and understood. That’s the reason why he knows every single one of my secrets – and he is definitely the only one I ever entrusted with all that information – lucky guy, huh?! LOL
  1. Because no matter what, I love to be with him. We enjoy all the same things and learn from each other daily. I value his opinion with everything I have. Even if that means he has to have an input on everything house related. *rolling eyes* I can’t tell you the amount of things I’ve returned because he didn’t think they were right. I didn’t believe him about what color drapes we needed and I swore up and down he was wrong, wrong, wrong. Then I brought the curtains home and
         yep, he was right again. ;) Darn it!!
  1. Because he is the nicest, most caring and honest person I’ve ever met. He is the one that goes back into Home Depot because they forgot to charge him for a VERY inexpensive item, and stands in line to pay for it. Such character.
  1. Because he IS pretty cute!! *smile* When I worked in the school system, many of my students wanted to marry him. LOL One of my students asked about him and when she heard he was from Canada, she seriously asked, “Does that mean he has a big head?” hahahahaha I giggled and told her that not all Canadians have big heads, but yes indeed, it is pretty large. LOL
  1. Because he’s unknowingly witty. He totally cracks me up with some of his one- liners and the sharp way he writes. But if you laugh at one of those one-liners and ask him to do it again, purely for your own entertainment . . . . forget it – it’s not happening. LOL
  1. Because he is the most wonderful and amazing father. I knew it the minute he held Halle in his arms and said “Isn’t she sweet?!”  *tears*  He held her with such warmth and grace, just like a first time father should . . . even though those were also the darkest days of our lives. And then when precious Kasen entered our lives. I rode home in the backseat, falling asleep with my arm around the car seat, while Kasen slept. He kept looking in the rear view mirror and asking me to “check” on her. I said, “Can’t I just sleep? Do you really want me to stay awake and watch her, even though she’s asleep?” He emphatically replied “Well YEEeeeahhhhhh.” LOL So I did.
  1. Because he has held me and dried my tears more times than any person should ever have to. We have lived through many tragedies in our lives and yet, he continually knows all the right things to say. When I was throwing books across the room after Halle died, he calmly picked them up and told me that they didn’t know what they were talking about and to please not read them anymore since they were certainly not helping. And when he spoke at Jay’s funeral – his words about his brother couldn’t have been any sweeter or more heartfelt. The love and admiration that he has for his brother is definitely palpable.
  1. Because even though I’m cooking challenged, he never complains. We had been married for quite a while before I even learned how to cook. One day, I decided to make dinner. Brad walked in the door from work, sat his briefcase down and said with a puzzled, yet happy look on his face, “Do I smell something cooking?!” LOL And he continues to be the main cook and grocery shopper in the house today, and can I tell you how much I LOOOoooove that?! LOL
  1. Because he pursued me when I didn’t think that “happily ever after” was a possibility. And even though there has been much happiness taken away, we still find joy in every single day.
  1. Because I love him with all my heart and I couldn’t imagine my life without him – 12 whole years today!!


April 19, 2008

She just couldn’t help herself.  The water looked inviting.  She took off her shoes, sat at the edge of the pool, mumbled that her feet were hot, slowly lowered her toes into the nippy water . . . . and the rest is history.  It was fun, fun, fun . . . . until she got water in her ears.  Then . . . not so much. LOL

I used a different post processing action to this – gives the colors a bit of a cooler/brown tint.

Loving Cousins

April 18, 2008

I’m keeping this short because I’m still so heartbroken over such tragic news yesterday.  Thank you for keeping sweet Caroline’s family close at heart.


Here’s a pic of Kasen loving on her youngest cousin, Annabelle.  Kasen followed Annabelle EVERYWHERE while we were in Iowa visiting.  They even have on matching outfits – isn’t that the cutest thing?!

Here they are:

I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend surrounded by the ones you love. :)


April 17, 2008

Caroline (5 years old) lost her battle with leukemia today. *tears*  Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers.

from impending doom! LOL  aka "If I don’t look at you, maybe I won’t get in trouble." haha  And no, it NEVER works!  Oh yeah, I totally have to stifle the laughter, but I do have to hold it together long enough to make sure the punishment fits the crime.  For those of you not familiar with toddler territory in our household, the punishment denotes a time-out.  Kasen hates them, but has the moral fiber to actually put herself on time-out when deemed appropriate. LOL  Gotta’ love a girl who knows her limits . . . . most of the time. :D

Blue Eyed Beauty

April 16, 2008

Our daughter routinely comes up with things that make Brad and I laugh out loud.  I’m going to start calling these "Kasen’s Cuties." ;)   As Brad hugged Kasen the other day, he said "You’re a cutie pie."  Kasen quickly  replied with a "Nooooo, I a cupcake!" LOL  Where on earth does she come up with this stuff?!

I said I would be back with a pic, so here it is – my beloved, blue-eyed beauty.

See ya’ tomorrow!!!

Wacky Wednesday

April 16, 2008

After seeing Mariah Carey on American Idol last night, it reminded me of a video that I took of Kasen two months ago.  I hope you enjoy watching our little drama queen in action. :)

Click here for video

I’ll be back with a picture later.  I can’t go a day without posting an actual photograph, now can I?! LOL

Missing The Moments

April 15, 2008

Yet, so happy to have captured one of them in a single snapshot.  This is why I have such a passion for photography.  Those every day, can’t-think-of-anywhere-else-I’d-rather-be moments frozen in time forever.  So, whenever we glimpse back trying to recount memories in our lives, we can rekindle some of those wonderful feelings just by looking at a picture.

I think this quote says it all, found here on my web-site: Click here for quote


April 14, 2008

Kasen loves to "help," whether it’s putting the dishes in the dishwasher, folding clothes, putting clothes in the dryer or making up the bed.  Usually, those first three things really are helping . . . well nix the folding clothes part! LOL  Anyway, helping make up the bed after the sheets have been washed is always a challenge when Kasen’s around.  Mostly because our bed is NOT easy to make.  And even though I always let her assist me, I’m usually in a hurry to just get it finished.  Well, instead of getting frustrated and trying to complete the task quickly, I decided to make a game out of it, and let her play for a while.  We threw the sheets in the air, played peek-a-boo and jumped over and over and over on the bed, only to laugh hysterically when we fell down.  Then, surprise, surprise, I grabbed my camera and took tons of shots. I’m so happy I did too because I’m partial to a bunch of them. :)

I was amazed at how much fun we had, and it didn’t alter my cleaning routine that much.  And the enjoyment, laughter and moments captured were worth every minute.

Here’s one of my many favorites:

Now, for the Smiley Ones

April 14, 2008

I said I would show the smiley pics of Connor from Saturday and here they are!!!

Now doesn’t that just show the happiest birthday boy on the planet?! :D   Like I said, Kasen has been talking about her two birthday parties all day long and I don’t see the topic of conversation ending anytime soon. LOL

And now to show off Connor’s little brother, Sawyer.  Such squeezable cheeks and sooo happy.  It certainly wasn’t hard to get him to smile.  My kind of guy.

Oh yeah, and the birthday box that Kasen took home from Connor’s party was a HIT!!!!!!!  It has kept her busy all day long.  Thank you very much!!!! :D