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A Couple of Courtney

April 30, 2008

Still editing Courtney’s session – thought you might like a sneak peek at a couple more. :D


Had a rough day here dealing with a challenging two year old toddler. :(   She now thinks that her ear hurts too. *rolling eyes*  She says “My ear hurts, I need a talking ball.”  Which translates into, “My ear hurts because Mommy’s does and I want EVEN MORE attention.” haha  And the ‘talking ball’ is a cotton ball LOL, which are inserted into both ears after I receive the irritating healing ear drops.  It’s funny how she mimics everything I do, even if it does involve pain! LOL

See ya’ tomorrow!!

Wow!! These pics were taken almost exactly one year ago.  Time really does fly!!

Making it short since my ear is still aching. :(   Going to settle in for a good night’s rest and hope that I’m in less pain tomorrow.  See ya’ then!!


April 28, 2008

I put ponytails in Kasen’s hair today.  When she was talking on the phone to my Mom, she said "MIMI, I have PONY HAIRS!" LOL
Honestly, I don’t do them very often because Kasen will NOT sit
still long enough for me to put them in. And, her hair is so fine, that
it doesn’t hold a part well. That was pretty obvious after she turned
her head around. *oops*  Her part was pretty straight on the top, but not even close in the back.   Good thing she didn’t go anywhere today. YIKES!!

Here she is with her "pony hairs." :D

Let’s not forget that infamous thumb (LOL), that periodically makes its way into her mouth . . . . oh, several times a day!!  You know, she didn’t even start sucking her thumb until she was almost two.  Isn’t that crazy?!

Well, after a long trip to the doctor, I’m the proud owner of my very first ear infection.  I really feel for those that have chronic ear infections.  It is NO fun, no fun at all.  When the doctor put that otoscope in my ear, I really thought I would come unglued.  I’m not put together that sturdy in the first place. LOL  Well, I’m off to take my medicine and pray that my ear stops hurting.

See ya’ tomorrow!

Senior Day

April 27, 2008

Woohooo!!!  I had a senior photo shoot today, as in “going to graduate” next year.  It’s been a long time since I’ve photographed someone other than Kasen LOL, so I felt a bit rusty going in.  However; once we got started and Courtney flashed her million dollar smile, everything just settled into place.  Even though the temperature dropped 20 degrees from yesterday, the wind was fiercely blowing and my hands were so cold that I had to wear gloves, we got some fantastic shots. :D

Here is a sneak pic of some of my favs from today.  I hope y’all like them!! ;)

Even though the wind was F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G., I love that it blew her hair just right!!

Her Mom had the wonderful plan of having her photographed at each school that she attended.  We started at her elementary school, then went to her middle school, junior high and then finished the school photographs at her senior high.  Isn’t that the best idea?!  Wish I had done that when I was a senior.  I guess it’s too late for me though, huh?!. LOL





I had to add this fun one in here.  I asked Courtney to really ham it up and this is what we got.

Thank you Courtney for being such a great model.  And a big thank you to your Mom and sister.  I had a great time.  I’m reeeeaallly looking forward to the studio shots now!!

See ya’ tomorrow!

Daddy’s Little Helper

April 26, 2008

Okay, gonna’ make this fast because a movie/pizza party awaits me!! ;)

Well, we have flowers, and they are beautiful . . . now if we/I can just keep them alive.  Oh boy, the pressure! LOL

Here are my two hard workers.  Kasen woke up from her nap just as we finished planting the last flower.  But, she really thinks she helped plant them. Shhhhhh!!!!!!!  Don’t tell. ;)

See ya’ tomorrow!


April 25, 2008

Nobody pass out, but Kasen and I did some gardening today. LOL  If you don’t know me well, you will have NO idea that a green thumb has never been one of my digits. haha  I was always made to pull weeds on the weekend as a child . . . . for countless hours, and I HATED it.  I vowed I would never pull another weed again when I became an adult AND had a say about what I did in my OWN yard.  I would definitely pay someone to do that. LOL

Fast forward to today, Kasen and I dug up a TON of dirt, pulled weeds (oh yeah!) and tried to get the beds ready for flowers tomorrow.  Now you might not believe this, but I had FUN.  Even I couldn’t believe it. LOL  Maybe it was because I finally had a helper that wasn’t running in one million directions, but was using her cool new Little Tikes shovel and rake to actually HELP. . . or maybe it was the lovely cool breeze that helped me not swelter in the Texas sun . . . or maybe I just got the satisfaction of seeing something looking better and better, and getting excited about beautiful flowers blooming in our own front yard . . . . whatever the reason, I think I’ll do it again, and SOON!! LOL

Here are some pics I took before the BIG gardening hoedown began. ;)

See ya’ tomorrow!

Bubbles & Balloons

April 24, 2008

We had a great day of blowing LOTS and LOTS of bubbles.  Then we had more fun with balloons.  They were all for a very special little girl that is celebrating her first birthday today, but not here with her family, she’s in Heaven instead. *tears*   So many little ones gone too soon, it’s just unfathomable.  There are so many families out there surviving the loss of one or more of their children, whether it’s a baby, toddler, young child, teenager or an adult.  Please enjoy your children each and every day, hug them tight, tell them how much you love them and how proud you are of them, and take time to remember those children that have gone on before us way-too-soon.





Good Night.  See ya’ tomorrow.

Happiness In A Cup

April 23, 2008

I think she looks like she should be in an ad for this organic applesauce. ;)    She LOVES this stuff and it definitely shows!!  I adore the unbridled enthusiasm she has here. :D

I couldn’t decide which action I liked better, so I’m posting them both.

Well, I’m making it an early night. zzzzzzzzzzz  That’s because I didn’t capture hardly any of those elusive zzzz’s last night.  Brad and I were working and didn’t go to bed until entirely too late.  Then Kasen woke up ONE hour after we went to sleep and continued to stay WIDE awake for the next two hours. *whew*  And she still got up before our alarms went off. :(   I’ve been a walking zombie all day, so it’s time to put the mouse away, LOL . . . .  and get some much needed sleep.

See ya’ tomorrow!!

I can’t believe it – this is my 100th post!!  Hooray for me! LOL  I’m a very on-again, off-again blogger, so even I’m impressed by my consecutive posting streak here lately . . . . which has helped me reach this momentous 100-post milestone. haha

Now, for the story of the day.  I bought Kasen this little punching bag set consisting of a neon green inflatable punching bag and inflatable bright red and purple gloves. I
thought it would be a great way to use up some of that energy when we
can’t go outside. She LOVES them and couldn’t wait to start punching the daylights out of everything and anything that happened to move. :)    However; when she was in the kitchen with her gloves on, she was trying to walk on the punching bag. *rolling eyes*   She ended up falling and hitting the side of her eye on the corner of the kitchen cabinet. Ouch!  So, FIRST day with these things and she gets a black eye. Oy.  She’s a true boxer I tell ya’! LOL

I asked her to give me a mean face and this is what I got. ;)    I used a vintage action and then added a little bit of film grain too.

The link is added below because you just have to see this pic BIG!!

Click Here to See My Little Boxer

I appreciate every single comment and love knowing that many of you are reading my blog.  Makes it all worthwhile!  Thanks and here’s to 100 more!! *cheers*

A Kasen Cutie

April 21, 2008

While we were enjoying the outdoors yesterday, Kasen and I saw an airplane traveling really, really high over our backyard.  It was leaving a beautiful white, fluffy vapor trail in the open blue.  Kasen looked up, pointed and excitedly declared "Look Mommy, that airplane is drawing a rainbow." :D   This age is so phenomenal, I can never wait to hear what she’s going to come up with next.  Even if it is totally embarrassing, like what she said today.  And no, I’m not sharing – you’ll just have to let your minds wander. LOL  And if you reeeeaaalllly want to know, I guess e-mail is always an option. LOL

Playing in the pool yesterday . . . and yes, we heated it so it was really nice and warm.  I can’t wait until we’re out in the pool swimming every single weekend.  Bring on the heat!!  Okay, it can be a little scary saying that in Texas. ;)   But for right now, right this very minute, I’m ready for the pool to be nice and warm without electrical intervention.

Here’s how we celebrated our anniversary yesterday.  Of course, I LOVED it, but it would still be nice to have a quiet romantic dinner, just the two of us.  I’m just sayin’. :D

Can you see those little curls flying above her head?  Just hilarious.