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January 23, 2008

Sorry I’ve been missing in action!  For some reason I can’t seem to kick this flu!!  And neither can my husband. :(   It’s been bad, really bad and now we feel like our heads are going to explode any minute.

The mood around our house has been rather grim, except for our cute, little toddler running around squealing with delight.  Yeah, we get it, we know YOU feel good!! LOL  Could it be that flu shot she had and we didn’t??!!  Hmmmmmm!!!!  Well, I have to say that next year I will be knocking down the doctor’s door, holding out my arm, and begging for someone to jab me with that flu needle.  Just hoping that it will relieve me from the illness that has swept over our house this gloomy month of January.  And please remind me of this post next year when I’m whining about how much I hate needles.

Here is Kasen once again.  Also, I don’t have anything else – been too sick to take pics.  I am getting really antsy about taking some pics of someone other than Kasen.  Believe me, she is definitely ready too!!  Sooo hold on, I’ll be opening up for some more photo shoots soon.  Yes, I know, one more pic right after the shower, but can you beat this smile?!

See ya’ soon!!

Another “Clean” Picture

January 16, 2008

Just one pic.  Sorry to bombard you with yet another shower pic, but I ended up getting several shower pics that I just LOVE of Kasen.  It’s actually easier to get pics of her in the shower since she can’t run away! LOL  Still feeling crummy, so I’ll make this short and sweet!

Here’s my girl, with a vintage wash effect added to the pic.  Don’t you just love that drop of water on her chin?  And the sweet wet curly hair?  And those beautiful eyes?  And the cute grin?  I know, I know, I’m biased!! LOL

See ya’ next time!

Squeaky Clean

January 14, 2008

Since I just shared shower pics, I thought I’d share a picture of my pumpkin when she *finally* gets out of the shower!! LOL  I inhale that smell of baby shampoo, soap and lotion after every shower/bath . . . because I know, I know that she won’t have that sweet baby smell forever.  She’ll be on to bigger and better things, not *BABY* shampoo. Good grief!!  LOL  Oh, I know she’s not really a baby anymore.  She’s two, going on three (in about seven months to be exact), so just indulge me, please . . . . because really . . . she’ll always be my baby, won’t she? !

I know I’m biased, but isn’t she just scrumptious???!!! :D

If you are waiting on pictures from me, thanks for hanging on a little longer.  I have been quite under the weather, so my work flow is moving along at a snail’s pace.  It seems as if things are moving in a better direction finally, so I’m almost there *crossing fingers*.  Thanks for being so patient!!

Making a Splash

January 11, 2008

Kasen has been LOVING having showers lately.  She is just so cute and never, ever wants to get out!!

Here is the *oh-so-happy* shower face!!

And . . . . here is the face I get when I tell her that it’s time to get out. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Recent Faves

January 9, 2008

These are some pics that I took this past month of Kasen.  They really showcase her personality, all the way around!! :)

Sadie’s Shindig

January 8, 2008

Our friend Sadie had her second birthday party this past weekend.  To say that Kasen was excited to go is a HUGE understatement.  The whole way there, she kept asking "I have cake?"  We would say "Yes, you can have cake."  Then came, "I wear hat?"  We would say, "Yes, you might get to wear a hat."  Then she would say "I hug Sadie? I kiss Sadie?"  To which we responded, "Of course you can."  Last, but not least, came, "I open presents?"  Ooops!!  Then came the explaining that it was not HER birthday party, but Sadie’s party.  Only Sadie gets to open presents at her birthday party.  And she said  . . . . slightly reluctantly, "Okay."  Whew!!

Sadie’s Birthday Cake – Isn’t it cute?!

Sadie hanging out on her own for a bit.

Sadie found the stash of birthday gifts and cards.

Some rocking horse fun.

Okay, where is THAT cake????

Sooo happy to hear the birthday song just for her!!

Happiness is a birthday cake face . . . and hair! *grin*

Time to say goodbye.

Making sure Mommy wasn’t saying goodbye too!!

Sadie’s "Marilyn Monroe" pose! LOL

And that’s all folks!!

Thanks Ron and Rayne, we all had a great time!!!

My Top Ten

January 3, 2008

I’ve decided to compose my top ten client pictures from the year 2007.  It was incredibly hard to just pick TEN!!  Trust me, if you don’t see any of your pics here, it certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t LOVE them.  I could have easily picked 50 of my favorites, but then it wouldn’t be a “Top Ten” list. LOL   Soooooo, here goes.  These are by no means in any particular order, just how I happened to save them.  Let me know which is your favorite, or if there is a favorite of yours that I didn’t post.

I absolutely adore this pic . . . from the intimidation face to the look of apprehension from the little brother.

Sweet little “B” – love the hands curled up, the toes curled and the parents’ fingers intertwined.  Gives me baby fever every time I see this pic.

Here is Little “J” – how cute is this hat and shirt combo?! . . really brings out his beautiful eyes especially against that gorgeous lush green landscape.  And I can’t forget that impish grin either. ;)

One that always makes me giggle.  Sweet miss “S” getting a kiss from her Daddy . . but looks none too thrilled about it! LOL  I really like the contrast of the textures of skin here too, from rugged to soft and smooth.

The hat, the eyes, the eyelashes, the smile . . . . need I say more?!

The wisp of hair coming down her face, and those eyes, make this a favorite.

I was trying to not to post the same children twice, but I couldn’t help myself here.  When I see this pic, I can almost hear them giggle, accompanied with that sweet older brother hug . . . it melts my heart.  The cute hats and scarves don’t hurt either!

When I see this picture, I see such sweet “old soul” eyes looking at me.  And that little flower peeking out from the brim of the hat – just perfect.

There were lots of cute bath tub pics this day, but I kept coming back to this picture.  I picked this one because of his sweet, intense look, the way he is holding on to the tub and that little bit of drool coming down his chin just tops it off for me.  It just feels like such a clean pic. LOL

And last but not least, here is Miss “A” – what can I say about this pic – she looks like a Gerber baby!!  Those beautiful blues, those sweet two teeth poking through, and another one with drool on the chin!!  I guess that gets to me every time!! LOL

So, there you have it – my Top Ten!!  I’ll be putting together a list of my personal favorites to post later, which I’m sure will be 10 of my favorite pictures of my daugther, Kasen!! LOL

I always love to hear from you, whether you’re commenting here or e-mailing me – I appreciate it all, so never hesitate to contact me. :)

Thank you all for a wonderful, fantastic, fun-filled 2007 with you and your families!!!  I can’t wait to see what pictures we’ll get in 2008!!!