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A Bouncing Blast

December 30, 2007

Kasen and I were so excited to see our guests arrive last week for a morning full of enjoyment.  Our friends, G & L have the sweetest four year old boy/girl twins, G & G.  I did get quite a few great shots of both of them, but I wanted to share this sweet one of Miss "G" and Kasen.  It was a lucky shot too because it is THE only one I took of the both of them jumping.  Right after the lights flashed, Kasen ran off to play trains with Mr. "G." LOL  And, she hasn’t stopped talking about the fun she had yet!!

Here are the two cutie pies. ~

Christmas Pics

December 27, 2007

Short on words, since Kasen decided to have a party from 3:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. this morning! *yawn*  And she still didn’t sleep much today, but here’s hoping to a more rested tomorrow . . . for her and me both!

Here are some pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve

Checking out the presents on Christmas Eve morning.

With her new power drill and safety goggles . . . they help open presents you know. LOL

After we changed her for bed, she wanted another round of playing with
her new toys. She LOVES this Mrs. Potato Head. She puts the glasses on
herself and says "I tato head!" LOL

With her new work bench.

Christmas Day

Here’s the first thing she noticed in her stocking Christmas morning and it was all over. LOL

Her new Geo Trax – she LOVES this.  The rainbow bridge is awesome!  Notice she hasn’t let go of her candy cane yet. LOL

Here she is at Mae Mae & Papa’s house having a tea party.

I told my husband that we’re really going to have to "pink it up" next year
because she received so many boy toys this year!LOL I’m thinking a play kitchen
will be in her future . . . . . probably for her birthday. As soon as she gets a big girl
bed, we can rearrange her room and there will finally be room for her
kitchen. Man, I wish we had a play room. Maybe someday!

Cookies for Santa

December 24, 2007

As hard as it was for her to NOT eat them and NOT drink the milk, I think she did pretty good.  She kept pointing to the cookies and saying over and over "Cookies for Santa . . . .  nooooo, I eat them!" LOL  After a lengthy explanation of why we had to leave these scrumptious cookies all alone with their side-kick milk, I think she got the picture.  We leave those goodies for Santa, and in return, gifts miraculously appear the next morning under the Christmas tree.  She finally left the edibles alone and headed off to bed.  Now that’s trust baby! LOL

Oh My, Oh My,

December 21, 2007

Oh My, another play-date! Can you believe it?!

Our gracious hostesses, Rayne and Sadie, opened their home to Kasen and I this morning.  They provided us with fun, giggles, delectables, brightly colored presents and a home that would visually awe you with it’s amazing Winter Wonderland of adornment.  Oh yeah, and I took pictures!! LOL  That was my major contribution to the morning festivities. LOL  Not quite as spectacular as Rayne’s impressive display of hospitality, but I was trying to do my part! haha

Here, we start the day with hugs, hugs, hugs.  The girls were so happy to see one another.

A few kisses thrown in for good measure.

Then, it was time to settle in with a good book.

Time for TWO seconds of modeling. LOL  Too busy playing to stop for longer than that!

Time for unwrapping the presents.  Kasen has become a pro at this!

However, NO time for kisses.  Kasen tried and tried, but Sadie was not having it . . . anymore. LOL

Time for a quiet moment of sharing the bond between a mother and daughter.

Time for the noise again – a splendid rendition of "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Now, everybody on-stage for the finale.

Time for one more round of toy playing.

And alas, it’s time for goodbyes.

Thanks again, for everything.  We are already looking forward to the next reunion.  It was charming, it was merry, and our hearts are filled with the warmth of friendship.  Until next time . . . .

Enjoying Life!

December 19, 2007

That’s what we’ve been doing lately.  No, my Christmas cards aren’t mailed (yet) and no, the house is not clean (yet), and the laundry is not put away (maybe never, it’s ongoing! LOL), but we are taking time to enjoy the special things that won’t wait . . . . . moments with our daughter.  Those other things are not near as important as spending time laughing and enjoying being with your children.  In our case, it’s being with Kasen.

The seasons of a child’s life are not unhurried, they are flashing before your eyes at breakneck speed.  Take some time this busy holiday season, to sit, to relax, to play, to truly delight in the laughter, and to enjoy the ones you love.  Time, what an incredibly special gift.  And it costs absolutely nothing!

Jubilation ~

Fascination ~

Trepidation ~

Progression ~

Have a Happy Wednesday!!!

Family Time

December 16, 2007

I’ve been meaning to share this family, but I just had to take a moment to decide which pictures I wanted to share.  There were sooo many great ones that I loved, but I picked just a few to show you for now!  I have to say that this session was loads of fun.  Anytime you get two boys playing and giggling, it is bound to make you smile.  Much to the chagrin of their parents, they were wrestling, tickling, pulling and pushing one another, and try as they might, they just could.not.stay.still.  However; I was loving it!! :D   That’s what a great photo session is all about . . . having fun!!  And we certainly accomplished that, with a capital "F!" 

Here they are ~


December 11, 2007

I think we are full swing into the Christmas spirit here!!  Kasen had a blast with this candy cane.  I gave it to her hoping to get a great Christmas card shot, but she was too busy eating it to look at me or . . . gasp, smile! LOL  I did order my Christmas cards tonight . . . finally.  I ordered two sets, each with a different picture.  However; there are no Santa hats, no Christmas trees, no candy canes, and no huge smiles . . . . just great pictures of my daughter being herself.  And I love them both!!

Kasen looked at this picture today and said "Kasen, MESS!" LOL

More & More Boys

December 5, 2007

I’ve been photographing several boys as of late and having a blast.  They are so much fun, full of laughter and giggles, and just the slightest of noises send them off into the wonderful world of hysterics.  Those hysterics where you can’t catch your breath.  Yeah, those.  I have such a hard time controlling my own laughter that I can’t hold the camera still.  LOL

These two gorgeous boys belong to a VERY dear friend of mine and as always, they were extremely entertaining.  I could just photograph them all day . . . and hopefully I’ll get the chance before the next Christmas card extravaganza rolls around.  *hint-hint*

Here is Mr. “L” – he is the sweetest little boy and has the best smile.  Isn’t he gorgeous?!

I had to add the black and white one too.

Here is Mr. “M” – he is vivacious, energetic and he really does sparkle.  Look at that smile.

Here’s the black and white version.

Yippee for me, all my Christmas card orders are placed.  I’m still working on several photographs, but it won’t be long now.  I’m ready to have a nice break and actually start MY Christmas cards and begin shopping.  I haven’t bought one single thing yet for my family.  Well, I have most of the items for my daughter, but nobody else.  Oh my, I better stop thinking about this before I get too stressed out!! LOL  Ahhhh, the joys of the holidays!!! :)