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Charming Cousins

September 26, 2007

These little cuties were sooo much fun.  It was very entertaining watching them interact with one another.  How cool is it that these two are only two weeks apart in age?!  Not only are they cousins, but I’ll bet they will be lifelong friends too . . . well, unless you see the football jerseys they are wearing!! LOL  Could make for some very interesting Sundays, dont’cha think?! :D

Bath-time Babble – what do YOU think they are saying?! LOL

Football Friends or Football Foe? LOL

That’s all for tonight.  L & J, I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek of your little guys!  I can’t wait for you to see the rest of them!! :)

Gerber Baby – Part Two

September 24, 2007

Here are some more sneak peeks for the Mom and Dad of this little sweetheart.  There are lots more, but I don’t want to give TOO much away . . . . just in case they want to use one of the pictures for their Christmas card. :)

Here is the beautiful Miss “A” ~








What a great session!!


Don’t worry Lisa & Jennifer, your boys are next! :)

Gerber Baby!!

September 21, 2007

Isn’t she the cutest?! . . . from those beautiful baby blues to those adorable rosy lips.  I had the pleasure of photographing this little pumpkin yesterday. I have LOTS of fantastic shots of this little cutie, so keep checking back. ;)

Rainy Days and Mondays

September 12, 2007

always get me down!  Nope, just kidding. LOL  I LOVE rainy days, cloudy days, and cool, crisp Autumn days.  They make me feel alive and actually WANT to cook!! LOL  I love those chilly, grey days, where you can grab a blanket and cuddle on the couch . . . . all while smelling the wonderful aroma of cookies in the oven or chili in the crockpot.  Mmmmmmm!!!

This past Monday was one of those cuddly, fun days – minus the cookies! :(   Oh yeah, and the chili.  It really is too early for that!  Maybe next time.  This enjoyable Monday came with a milk and graham cracker party instead.

My daughter’s new thing is hiding. She says "HIDE" and then she covers
herself with whatever she can find . . . hats, hoods, blankets,
pillows, curtains, etc. She’s been hanging out in one of my jackets the
last few days because she says she’s cold!! In her defense, it has been chillier than usual during the day.  I guess if you call 75 degrees chilly! LOL She will wrap her arms around
herself as if she’s giving herself an enormous hug and say "Brrrrr!"   It’s sooo cute.

And this is where the hiding, the cuddling, and the graham cracker party all intertwined. :D   Here was K’s mission for a rainy, Monday afternoon!

Hide from Mom and that silly camera!

Sneak a cracker before she sees me.

Take a bite of cracker in peace.

Mission Accomplished!! :D

Pure Love

September 9, 2007

It’s the simple, pure things in life that are the most treasured.  A tickle, a giggle, a smile, a hug, and the warm feeling of happiness that results from all of those priceless moments.

I absolutely love this picture of me and my daughter.  My husband took this while on our recent Michigan trip.  It was taken in our hotel room, on our last evening there.  I adore the fact that I can look at this picture and I’m immediately transported back in time, and the joy from that moment comes flooding back into my heart.

It was a night full of pillow fights, jubilant laughter, jumping on the bed and playing hide and seek with K’s special pink blanket.  Really, does it get any better than this?! :)

First Day of School and Tears!

September 4, 2007
Today was K’s first day of Mother’s Day Out.  It’s every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m  I met her teachers last Thursday night and all three of them seem extremely nice.  There are fourteen children in her class and only three of them are girls! *hmmmm*
I mean, I know K can hang with the boys, but I wish it was a little
more even. She’ll be attending the MDO program where I went to church
my entire life. It’s all familiar to me, but not to her . . . yet.

Well, there were tears alright in the morning of K’s first day of school, but they weren’t from her.  They were from me!!  I couldn’t believe it, she was so excited about seeing all the new toys
that she ran into the wrong room!! She was playing with toys on the
floor, so I picked her up, lowered her over the safety gate of HER room,
and she ran to even more new "twooooo-eeeeeez." :)
There were several extra teachers in her room reading to the children
and playing with them, so I was excited to see that. Even when I was
putting everything in her cubby, she was watching other children crying
with a look of puzzlement on her face! LOL
It was a little stressful at the beginning because I didn’t know where
everything went, forgot to put her name on her diapers and her jacket,
but all went rather smoothly.

It went so fast, that I was out of there within 10 minutes! YIKES!!
I called my husband on the way home and was telling him how good she did, but
then I started thinking about how she would eventually realize that I
was gone. :(   That opened up my floodgates!!!

When 1:30 p.m. rolled around, I hurriedly gathered my things and took off to pick up my sweet girl.  I seriously could not wait to see her and have her in my arms again.  After I arrived, I peeked into her room to see if I could spot her.  What I saw first was a little boy who was extremely upset.  Poor little guy!  Then, right behind him, I could see my girl.  She was still laying on the floor from nap time, patting her pillow, and looking around when she spotted me!  She looked away and then back as if she were seeing a mirage.  This couldn’t be – my Mom couldn’t actually be here to GET ME!!!  She quietly whispered "Mama" smiling from ear to ear, stood up and ran as hard as she could towards me . . . . and her tears began to flow.  :(   Probably a release and feeling safe to just let it all go.  My little trooper.

I was so excited that I called my husband in the car on the way home stating "Princess is back in my possession!" LOL  First day down and many to go, but that first is over, thank goodness.  I’m just worried that she knows what this is all about now and she’ll be clinging on to me for dear life on Thursday.  Or could it be that she really had a good time and is ready for another round?  I’ll keep telling myself the latter or I might just start crying . . . again! :)

It was raining this morning, so I took a quick shot of K inside
before we left for Mother’s Day Out. I added a special effect to it -
doesn’t she look excited?!