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Funny Face

August 31, 2007

Well, we are back from our whirlwind vacation last weekend and it was extremely enjoyable, exhilarating, and tiring.  The day we traveled home, our daughter woke up in the morning very congested and hoarse.  Not much fun before boarding an airplane.  She was a real trooper though and slept through almost the entire flight.  We were SO grateful, since not all of our flights have gone so smoothly!! LOL  Her favorite part of any plane ride is waving at the passengers, telling them "Bye, bye" as they pass our seats to exit the aircraft.  Most people are friendly, flash her a sweet smile and happily wave back . . . usually telling us how cute she is! :)   We wholeheartedly agree!!

On this special trip, which I’ll write more about later (just too tired this evening), a special friend taught our daughter this new silly face.  We met quite a few children on this trip and I had to go back, tease the parents, asking "WHO taught my child how to do this?!" LOL

And yes, she thinks it’s hysterically funny! ~

So beware, I was told this was a "pay it forward" funny face. LOL  Hopefully K will keep this one to herself! :)


August 24, 2007

This is what my daughter says (i.e. screams) when she sees the mail truck.  I tell ya, she can spot one a mile away too.  Really, what child doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail?!  And if said mail contains stickers, well, that’s just over the top!!

Here is my sweetie all excited about her birthday letter from Mimi (my Mom).  I HAD to put a happy picture of K in here since I received quite a few e-mails concerned about that sad, sad face in the post below.  Sooooo, here you go!  K was happy for a little bit on her birthday.  It lasted all of twenty minutes, but I took advantage and got some great pics . . . you know, before the next meltdown took place!  She really is great at being two! :)

P.S.  I will be going out of town tomorrow and will not have access to e-mail.  I will return phone calls and e-mails when I return on Monday. 

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Such a Sad Birthday

August 21, 2007

My daughter’s birthday was on a Friday.  August 10th to be exact.  Since she was sick and feeling so bad by the evening, we decided we would get
her a cake on Saturday. This did not go so well. Poor thing, she was
really having it rough.  She WAS happy to eat the ice cream
cake though – it did cheer her up a bit.

Here’s the sad picture of K trying to pull it together to blow out
her candles. If you look closely at the right side of the picture,
you’ll see a tear.  My poor baby – I can’t wait to give her a blow-out party in September . . . she deserves it!!

Here is my sad birthday girl, but WOW, she is TWO!  I can’t believe it.

Hooray for Good Health

August 16, 2007

Finally, it’s back to normal in our household.  My daughter is feeling great, definitely back to her old self!!!  Thank goodness.  It’s so hard to see your child sick and not be able to snap your fingers and bring back their good health.  Not only that, but she is now TWO!!  Woah, how on earth did that happen?!  We had already decided to postpone her birthday party for a number of reasons, but are SO glad we did . . . since we would have had to cancel it anyway.  You can’t have a birthday party with a sick birthday girl now can you?!  We’re planning on having her party in September and we’ll try to make it a very special one.  She certainly deserves that after feeling so crummy on her special day.

And what’s a blog entry without a few pictures.  With K getting sick, it threw a wrench in my plans of finishing all my proofing.  So, now I’m playing catch-up.  Here are a few more pictures of our family.  G & A, if you’re reading, I have NOT forgotten you.  Here are a few more pics to tide you over until you see the rest!!  I hope you like them. :)

Three out of Six

August 11, 2007

Here’s a sneak peek from a photo shoot this last week.  I photographed six children at one session!  Three older ones and three wee ones.  It was a lot of fun and wonderfully chaotic as you can imagine.  Ages ranging from 16 years old to 2 1/2 months old.

On the day of this photo shoot, I came home to my own wee one and a VERY hot one at that . . . 103.5 temperature.  She’s been cranky ever since and just not quite feeling herself.  Sooooo, I apologize that I’m short on words.  I’ve been extremely busy catering to a very sick child this week and of course, all my time has been devoted to her.

Here are the oldest three.  They were so polite, accommodating and extremely helpful with the little ones.

Remembering Jay

August 7, 2007

Jay Schneider
August 7, 1970 – August 7, 2005

This is my brother-in-law, my husband’s only brother and especially my friend, on his wedding day.  This is the last day that my husband and I saw Jay. *tears*  I never dreamed that we would never see him again, and would be mourning his death only 12 short weeks after he was married.

Jay was tragically killed in a plane crash and our lives have been forever altered.  He left more people heartbroken than he ever could have imagined.  Smiles were always abundant whenever Jay was around.  He was full of life, always on-the-go, extremely fun, totally carefree, and would move the earth for you . . . if you just asked.  I always loved it when he would say “Just another chapter in my book.”  How I wish that book had more chapters.  I wasn’t finished reading.

This evening as I sat outside with my daughter, we heard a plane go overhead as we so often do.  She looked up, pointed and asked “Whassat?”  I told her “A plane sweetie,” and as I looked skyward, the tears began to fall . . . for Jay, for his Mom & Dad, for his wife, for my husband, for me, for our daughter, for all the things that we have missed out on by not having him in our lives and how terribly much that hurts my heart to the very core.

We love you Jay and miss you so much

All the Way from Kuwait

August 6, 2007

My friend and her family that is!!!!!  We had a splendid day yesterday visiting and watching the kids giggle while they chased each other through the house.  As we sat poolside, we enjoyed the kids’ smiles and laughter as they swam to their heart’s content.

I don’t get to see them very often since they moved, but it was like we have never been apart.  The conversation picked up right where we left off it seems.  You always know you have a true friend when that takes place. :)

I was thrilled to be able to take some pictures for them, but the kids were SOOOOO excited when we were finished because the pool really was calling their name!! ;)   You know, pictures were just a means to an end – the real agenda was swimming!! LOL  I also think the Dad was thrilled he did not have to partake in the photograph frenzy! LOL  I’m not sure how he got out of this one, but I could tell he was thoroughly pleased with himself!! LOL Hmmmm, maybe next time.

Here is my radiant friend and her two beautiful children ~

  Hopefully it won’t be another year until I see her again!


August 3, 2007

This young man definitely has a zest for life . . . I can’t think of a more appropriate word that describes the way he tackles life other than that.  He takes the outermost joy from everyday ordinary things and draws you in with him.  He’s animated, caring, energetic and full of high spirits.  Not to mention, he has quite a dazzling smile.

Okay "D" – here’s your boy.  I know your heart melts everyday seeing his precious face, knowing that you have been given such a miracle.

Here he is – "C" ~

Okay, Two More

August 1, 2007

I was going through the pictures from yesterday – the fun-filled, action-packed play date, and I just had to post a few more.

So "R" – here she is, your *little bear* once, or twice, again. :)

I love this modeling pose ~

Happiness from a pop-up book ~