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July 12, 2007

We returned from Canada on Monday and it’s good to be home.  We just wish that we could have brought our family home with us!

Wouldn’t you know it, our first night home, "K" was running after our cat trying to grab his tail.  I yelled "No" and "K" did a spin on the floor and fell flat on her face – on the limestone floor.  Triple OUCH!!!!!! I watched it take place and heard the deafening SPLAT!  Poor thing – she busted her upper and lower lip, bruised her forehead and her nose.  I really thought the splat noise was the palm of her hands catching herself on the floor, which I think they did somewhat.  Who knows how bad it would have been had she not put her hands out.  Her lips look a lot better today, thank goodness.  I hate it when those real life movies play over and over in your head wondering what you could have done to prevent that from happening.

All of you waiting for pictures, you will get them soon . . . really.  I’m going to plant myself in front of this computer for the next two days and get some much needed work done.  We have a sweet babysitter for "K" so that’s helping me out a TON!!!

Our sweet daughter has such a variety of expressions and I continue to try to capture them all.  Wish me luck! LOL

Here she is —– busted lip and all:

Fun with Family

July 3, 2007

We had a wonderful day today.  My husband’s aunt and uncle and two of their grandchildren drove for two hours to spend the day with all of us.  Vacations are always so special because we get to see so many of our relatives while we’re here.  My daughter has been totally attached to my mother-in-law, her Mae Mae, but as soon as her two cousins entered the door, they took her full attention! LOL

My daughter absolutely loves being around other children and today was no exception.  Not only that, but her cousin "A" played with her so well and looked after her making sure she was safe and happy and she’s only five.  I was contemplating how I could pack her in my suitcase so she could help with "K" when we return to Texas!! haha

Adding to the fun was her cousin "J" – totally boy with a capital "B", into bugs, Spiderman, sticks, and running "to get his steam out." LOL  He was great letting me take pictures of him, until I was informed I had to give him something slimy (aka worms. . . I think), if I was to take any more pictures of him.LOL  He was great though and really did give me some more shots with some fantastically expressive faces.  So much fun!!

"A" is just a natural model and the camera really loves her!  I told her that she was a natural model and grinning that sweet smile, she said "Wait ’til Dad hears THAT?!" LOL

"G" and "A" – we really missed you today, but thanks for letting us share the day with your cuties.

Here’s a sneak peek at a photo session that you didn’t even know was going to take place!!  Thanks for that also!!!!

Here is the adorable Miss "A" – first shot too:

Here is Mr. "J" – gotta’ love that hat:

I always love a sibling shot:

This one totally represents "J" since he loves bugs.  I, of course, wasn’t too thrilled with the caterpillar, but I endured for this great shot:

Right before they left, "A" found this hat and loving the look, we ran outside for  I’m not sorry either:

There are so many more shots that I’d love to share, but it’s late and my eyes aren’t focusing quite as well as they should be.

I had so much fun taking photographs today.  We’re visiting friends tomorrow that have two children.  Do you think they’ll let me have an impromptu photo shoot with them too?!  ;)

Canada Day

July 2, 2007

No celebrations for us today, since my husband, my daughter and I are currently under the weather.  My in-laws did go to an anniversary party this evening and were going to enjoy a fireworks display while there.  So, here I am sitting next to my husband, each of us working on a laptop editing photos and listening to the boom of fireworks out the window.

I started taking pictures first thing this morning since I had missed my camera soooooo much!!  My husband woke up, came upstairs, saw the camera on the table, laughingly asking me if I had been taking pictures already! :)   I could hardly wait to grab my camera and start clicking away.  Whew, I finally feel complete again! LOL

Here are just a few from today.

My sweetie first thing this morning – my mother-in-law gave her two pig-tails.  It’s been hard to do since her hair is so incredibly fine.  I think she looks adorable.

Here she is pretending to cry. LOL  She is definitely a drama queen!! haha

"K" loves to play on the computer – where oh where do you think she got this?! ;)

I just love this make-shift mouse pad and her concentration face:

And then we had some pretty intense "No’s" from the little one.  I just had to show her "No" face:

Closing the day with her silly fish face: