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We drove to the gorgeous home of Mrs. "R" and sweet little "S" today for a morning play date.  I’m sure you’ll recognize "S" right away – she does have the most striking brown eyes.  As always, I had my camera on hand and thought I would get a few shots before we headed on our merry way.  Well . . . . as you know, toddlers have other plans, and most, if not all of the time, they don’t include granting the wishes of an adult. LOL For example, sitting still, looking in the correct direction and smiling on cue just so someone can click that annoying black box. haha

Instead of trying to corral our little tornadoes, we opted instead to let them play and I would just take random pictures of the chaos.  Every single time I was getting ready to take a pic of little miss "S," my munchkin would invariably have her head covering the exact shot I was trying to get.  Boy can she move!  Instead of trying to move her every single time, I decided to put her in "S’s " crib, so I could get a clear shot of S.  K (my daughter) was actually ecstatic with her new digs.  She laughed, jumped up and down, and decided it would be fun to pretend to take a nap.  Too bad she doesn’t go down that easily when it really is nap time. :)

Then it happened, she heard and spied S getting in trouble for throwing clothes on the floor.  My daughter, now loving the "No" word, could not help but take it upon herself to get S in trouble every time she saw the clothes flying.  She would yell "NO NO NO," point to S, then look at S’s Mom as if to say – "Do you see this?  Do you see what’s happening here?"  Even this afternoon after we returned home, I pulled these pictures up on my computer screen, K threw her right hand in front of her, looking a little *too* much like a traffic cop, and said "NO NO NO – MESS!!!  I’m fairly confident that S was quite thrilled with K emphatically *informing* (I’m trying not to use the word tattle here) her Mom of her every move. Oh boy! 

I’m pretty sure K was happy it wasn’t her getting into trouble over the flying clothes, since she had her fair share of getting into trouble before we ever made our way to S’s room.  K is really into the land of "MINE" and poor S, every time she would pick anything up, K would run over, grab it and yell "MINE!!!"   How on earth do you teach an almost two year old that "No, it really isn’t yours" . . . .  even though I’m acutely aware that she believes if it graces the presence of her palm, it is indeed HERS! LOL

Wonderful time, wonderful company and here are some pictures to document the event.

Here is where it all started – the famous clothes flying incident! :) ~

Click here to see the above picture bigger: – Photo One

Here is K, ahem, *informing* S’s mother of the event.

Click here to see the above picture bigger: Photo Two

Two cuties trying to see a truck.  K is so excited that she’s attempting to scale the wall, and doing a pretty good job ~

Sweet S enjoying a little reading time ~

Yep, like I said, striking eyes ~

Thanks again R and S for a fantastic morning!  Everything from the warm conversation to the delicious food was very much appreciated.  Not to mention, a little present that we came home with – K thanks you, he’s been a big hit!!!!!!  Looking forward to the next one!

Birthday Bash

July 28, 2007

We went to J’s 1st birthday party today!!  He is one of the cutest little boys ever!!!!  If you go to my web-site and look in the gallery under "Anticipation," you’ll see his lovely mother.  It was so much fun taking her pregnancy photos and knowing how excited she and her husband were for the arrival of little "J."  Then, seeing them today with J walking around, clapping, saying words and just being his overall cute self, I bet it seems as surreal to them as it does to me.  You really can’t tell someone how much their lives are going to change, they just have to experience it for themselves.  And the joy . . .  you certainly can’t tell them how much their hearts are going to grow and how much entertainment one little person can add to each and every day.  They are fantastic people and we are honored to be their friends.  Also, they have the warmest family and friends too.  It really was a wonderful afternoon.

Yes, of course, I took my camera.  I had to get a shot of J’s beautiful eyes.  Don’t you just want to squeeze him??!!!

I cropped this picture two different ways and I like both equally well, so I posted them both.
Isn’t this hat the best?! ~

Color or black&white?  I couldn’t decide, so I put both.  I really am indecisive today! LOL

It always warms my heart to see Daddy and child shots. ~

Happy Birthday Little "J"

When Swiffers Go Bad

July 26, 2007

The other day, my husband was getting ready for his evening hockey game.  It’s always a little chaotic before he leaves because we’re trying to keep K from screaming and crying since Daddy is leaving the house, you know, never to return again.  LOL  In the process of gathering everything together and making sure hockey sticks, skates, elbow pads, helmet, etc. were in the car, K was being QUIET.  It was wonderful.   What was wrong?  What did we do to deserve such tranquility?  There it was, K was cleaning.  Ahhhh, the serenity of a child cleaning house.

The last order of business was for my husband to put his shoes on.  Just one more step, or two, or three, and he was out the door – to enjoy a night free from fatherly duties, to get a good work out, to enjoy the coolness of the ice, and connect with his buddies for a great hockey game.  He was tieing his shoe laces, when out of nowhere, came a Swiffer broom handle, injuring his right eye.  And who was the handler of said Swiffer? . . . not I . . . it was K, our daughter.  She was using her modified version of my Swiffer broom.  Hers is just shorter.
She can really get a handle on it that way and clean to her heart’s
desire.  She is a mean cleaner and was Swiffering the floor (carpeted I might add) and was jabbing the Swiffer up and down when she jabbed her father in the eye.  Obviously she has not watched me Swiffer much, since I certainly don’t Swiffer with such a vengeance!! LOL  I glide my  Swiffer across the floor, not pound the poor floor into submission. *rolling eyes here*  My poor husband!!  I heard the excruciating "Owwwwww" and then I heard little feet scampering down the hall, fast!!  She knew something bad happened, she just wasn’t sure what it was.

Fast forward, it’s been a few days of B wearing an eye patch, but it just wasn’t healing and he was still in a massive amount of pain.  To the doctor we went, I had to drive, tow K along and make a day of a few doctor’s appointments.  After the first doctor, he was sent to a specialist since B’s eye looked so bad.  They said it was a very intense corneal abrasion.  The specialist is going to look at it tomorrow to make sure it’s healing properly.  I guess I’ll be chauffeuring again.

I had to take a picture for future reference, and of course, to tease K later.  You know, remember the time when you tried to stab Daddy’s eye out?!  I’m sure she’ll be totally remorseful, or, well, probably not! LOL

In this picture, I asked her what happened to Daddy’s eye and this is the look I got.  Priceless!  So remember, a public service announcement, lock up those Swiffers when not in use or this could be you!!!! :)


July 23, 2007

or as my daughter says "Pee-Boo" – so cute!!  She wasn’t feeling all that well today, so we had lots of snuggle time, and quite a few sessions of making pretend cookies.  Yummy and no calories – you can’t beat that!!

She’s having so much fun in this picture – we are at our aunt and uncle’s house here.  It warms my heart to see her feeling great in this pic, and makes me overly anxious for her to feel this well again.

Little “B”

July 21, 2007

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting this little guy and his enjoyable parents.  They were all so much fun and little "B" certainly did his christening of my studio . . . . several times!!! LOL  He was so cute that I can certainly forgive him! :)   Seriously, we had a lot of fun even though this little guy did not want to fall asleep.  He was so alert and had to be in on all the action.  Already a go-getter at just 6 weeks!!!  I hear this family also has two little girls and I can hardly wait to meet them next time. :D

"M" & "R" – you were wonderful, patient and so entertaining.  Thanks for allowing me to share in your joy!  Oh yeah, your proofs will be in your gallery by tomorrow.  But for now, here’s a little sneak peek for you.

Special Trio

July 19, 2007

Hi "A" & "C" – Here’s a few more of your beautiful trio ~

"C" – I hope you and your family made it home safely.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!!!!!!

The Older Brother

July 18, 2007

Remember I posted a picture of Little "M" (with the big blue eyes) a few posts below.  Her brother was on -the- move the afternoon that we spent with their family.  This was not an official photo shoot, just a few pictures here and there.  Actually, I only took three of this cutie, Mr. "L."  He was so incredibly fast, that this is the only picture that I got of him looking at me.  I love the smile on his face and isn’t that blonde hair absolutely gorgeous?!

Here is he is, the cute, supersonic Mr. "L" ~

Meeting Old Friends

July 16, 2007

I had the pleasure of meeting a few old friends tonight.  Well, I better not say old, since we’re all in this together! And I certainly don’t consider myself over the hill anytime soon and nobody better tell me otherwise!!!  Anyway, I did meet some very sweet friends this evening that I had the pleasure of growing up with and it was great seeing several of the Moms too.

Since one of my friends lives out of state, I had to twist her arm so I could take some pictures of her children tomorrow at the park while she’s in town.  I can’t wait.  I ended up taking a few pictures of her kids this evening before it got too dark.  You know me and my camera, I don’t go anywhere without it.   I wasn’t sure I’d get to see her tomorrow, so I softly asked her two boys if I could take their picture REAL quick!! LOL  They were so pleasant, well mannered and are so handsome.  Soooo, if I got these pictures tonight on a whim, I can hardly wait to see what we’ll get tomorrow when we’re really trying!  She also has the most precious little girl and I took her picture too, but I didn’t have to ask.  I mean, she IS only 16 months old.  I don’t have to ask at that age, just run and around and TRY to catch them when they’re still, for oh, say, a second!! haha

Here is her oldest – the handsome, sweet "T" ~

Here is "G" – so cute, funny, and I couldn’t stop looking at those deep, beautiful eyes ~

And last but not least, the sweet, stunning Miss "A"
Don’t you just love this cheese face ~

And I had to show one more, so you could actually see those big brown eyes ~

Thanks "C" and Mrs. "M" for letting us share the evening with you and all the sweet company!  It was perfect! :)

Just One

July 15, 2007

Just one pic of a beautiful little girl.  I spent an entire afternoon with Miss "M" and I barely heard one peep out of her.  She has got to be one of the happiest babies I’ve ever encountered.

She has an older brother, but he was definitely on the move that day.  I’ll share a pic of him later.  This time, it’s all about "M" ~

Look at those gorgeous eyes:

since my father died suddenly on this date-July 13th, 1997 – I
remember my husband waking me up from a nap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and
saying that my dad was in the hospital, that he had had a heart attack.
Little did I know that I would never see my Dad alive again.

We had just been to a wedding the night before, on Saturday night. We
had such a good time. My Mom and Dad went along with my husband and I.  I
remember looking at my Dad across the table at the reception and
thinking how handsome he looked. I wish I would have told him then.

On Sunday, July 13, 1997 – My Dad and my Mother were taking some time
for themselves and strolling through some quaint strip malls in the
early afternoon. My brother, sister-in-law and their four children had just gone on
vacation, so they weren’t even in Texas at the time.  My parents were actually looking
forward to a bit of quiet time and spending the days together just
hanging out for a few weeks, even though they were missing their grandchildren terribly.

My Mother said that they had just left a store and were in the car
driving to another location when my Father told her that he didn’t feel
good. My Dad was driving and they were at a stoplight when he had a
heart attack. I still don’t know how my Mom did it, but she grabbed
the gear shift, put the car in park, ran around to the driver’s side of
the car, lowered the seat and began doing CPR. She said she knew it
didn’t look good – my Mom is an RN. Mom said that finally a young man
stopped and helped her do CPR, but it didn’t work. *tears*

When my husband got the call, we didn’t know how bad it was and Mom said that
she did that on purpose. She knew he wasn’t going to make it, but
wanted my husband and I to get to the hospital safely. When we walked into the
ER, I saw my Mom immediately, bawling, telling me over and over “It
doesn’t look good Karen. It doesn’t look good.” I kept saying that she
didn’t know that yet, that there was still hope. She knew that there

I remember the cries, the desperation when we heard the doctor say he
was sorry, that they did all they could do. I did know when the doctor
came in that it was not good news. If you’ve ever been in that
situation, you just know, you see the look, you see their eyes, you see
the flat look of no hope. My Dad was 65 years old when he died.

I miss him terribly. We had some tough times in my teenage years, but
as I grew older, I relied on him immensely. There are so many times
that I have cried wishing that I could talk to my Dad, wishing that he
was here to give some much needed advice, that he could see our daughter, that our daughter would know her grandfather, that he would be a part of all of our

I love you Dad.  I miss you every day.  I will always and forever be your little girl.