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Once a Diva . . . .

March 16, 2011

always a diva! LOL ;)  Kasen and one of her friends from school had a play date yesterday.  They were so cute playing divas in the make up chair.  They ran around the entire mall giggling, and jumped and climbed  in the play area as well.  Kasen was so cute and said, “When I’m older like you Mom, I will still love Laurel.”  Kasen definitely loves her friends and hanging out with them.  Of course, the best part for me is getting a chance to have adult conversation.  Even though it was interrupted a thousand times LOL, we still got a chat in there – Moms are awesome like that. ;)  Holden had fun too – he kept saying “Mom, WATCH!” as he would jump off of everything in sight.  He is a total daredevil.  We’re just counting the days until he makes us take a trip to the ER. LOL

Here’s our DIVA!! :D


Kasen & Carson

September 27, 2010

They had a BLAST playing together.  And like any good friends, after fun and a few spats, they still hugged each other and were sad to end the time together. I thought it was so sweet that Kasen leaned inside the car and said to Carson, “I really, really, really, really love you and I’ll miss you.”  Precious.

Here they are playing chase.  If you’re wondering why they have their pajamas on, it’s because it was Pajama Day for Carson at school.  Kasen thought that was super cool, so she had to join in and put her pajamas on as well.  Not sure why she had to put thick cotton tights on as well as her Crocs, but I’m not judging. LOL  Just look at Holden too – still trying to get in with the cool kids. ;)





See ya’ later!!

She’s all that and a bag of chips.  Whew, this girl keeps me totally hopping.  Holden wears me out physically and she wears me out mentally.  Actually, they BOTH wear me out physically and mentally, but each one is a little stronger in opposing categories. ;)

Kasen started a new school today, which she loved.  I did too.  It helped that the first thing she saw was an indoor slide.  She excitedly exclaimed, “Mom, there’s a slide IN-SIIIIDE!!  Isn’t that cooooool???”  Add that to the fact that there were also birds and a fish tank and she was ready to set up house and allow us to come visit her on holidays. ;)  She’ll go there one day a week, and she still goes to her Mother’s Day Out program two days a week at a different location.  When I picked her up today, I was asking her about all the fun stuff she did, asking her if she made any new friends, talking about her cool art project, but what she was most thrilled about was the Tootsie Roll that her teacher had just given her.  Forget learning and social interaction, TOOTSIE ROLL trumps all.  Didn’t you know?! LOL

We also had a play date with one of Kasen’s very best friends today (pics of that to come later, even though I didn’t get many).  They were so cute together, playing pretend-sleep, making music,and of course, the ultimate in play dates –  playing dress-up.  There was an issue with the coveted princess shoes, but they sorted that out so diplomatically.  Carson gave the shoes to Kasen and Kasen hugged Carson for being so kind (aka Kasen getting her way). ;)  There was a steady stream of princesses, jazz girls and race car drivers making their rounds throughout the house.  Holden tried to join in on the fun but was consistently denied. LOL  Carson’s Mom, Lisa said she felt so bad for him.  Didn’t keep him from trying though every.single.time.  Girls run toward bedroom, Holden following, girls shut door, Holden stands and looks at door, Lisa says “De-Nied.”  This happened over and over and over, but Holden was a trooper and would walk back in the living room and continue to play.  Must be hard being the littlest.

Kasen also started gymnastics this week as well – just trying to expend all of that energy swirling around in that tiny body of hers.  With all these things going on, we take one step forward and two steps back, or make that three or four or five.  LOL  Suffice it to say, this week has had many ups and many downs.  It will be interesting to see what next week brings.  I’d like to say “Bring It On” but I’m old and tired and right now, all I can say is “Please don’t hurt me!” LOL

Like I said in the title . . . . . sassy, spunky, spirited, AND one gorgeous little soul whom I love with all my heart and would do anything for.  Our beautiful sunshine. :)




See ya’ later!!

Winter Wonderland

November 18, 2009

We were able to meet our sweet friends, Rayne and Sadie on Friday the 13th.  We met at the mall, but the play area where we thought the girls would play, was closed. :(  Soooo, we ended up going to see the big snow globes, AND surprise, surprise, Santa was there too.  :D  The girls were very excited to see him.  Sadie was a little apprehensive at first, but she warmed up quickly.  I do have some cute pictures of Sadie and Santa, and Kasen and Santa as well, but I’ll have to come back and add those later.  Just remind me! ;)  The girls had so much fun and it has been way too long since we have spent time with them.  We also had a great lunch, and as usual, it all went entirely too quickly.  Thanks again Rayne and Sadie – we had a blast!!! :D

Here are our sweet girls – growing up entirely too quickly!!


See ya’ later!!

Playing at the Park – Part 2

November 15, 2009

I said I had more pictures of this little beauty and I certainly do. :)  I just didn’t get to it until now.  I’ve been gone most of the day and now I’m a little tired, but it was wonderful to get out and have fun.  I’m so grateful that my husband feels it’s necessary for me to pamper myself and do something without the kids.  And I’m so grateful to my mother-in-law for providing the agenda today.  I had a GREAT time!!  Soooo, thanks all around. ;)

Now, without further ado, more pics of the lovely Carson ~







See ya’ later!!

Playing at the Park

November 13, 2009

After school yesterday, we met one of Kasen’s friends, and her Mom, and her cousin, at the park.  It was fun all around.  After Kasen and Carson played for a bit, I was able to talk Carson into letting me take a few pics.  She was a real trooper, even after a nasty fall on the brick steps. :(  Ouch!  Even after that, I was able to get some more great shots of her.  It wasn’t too terribly hard, she’s absolutely gorgeous.  I sometimes forget how much I enjoy photography, until I get to just play and take random pictures.  It is so much fun for me – trying to capture all the faces that little ones make – and capture on film how magical childhood actually is – seeing the world through their eyes . . . . and stunning eyes she has too. :)

Here’s the amazing Carson ~





I have more of this little beauty, but these are the ones that caught my eye first. :)

See ya’ later!!

Little Peanut

October 17, 2009

I got to meet Peanut, the dog, today.  Sooo precious.  My friend and her son came over for a super speedy photo session.  She wanted just a few quick snaps of her son and Peanut together before Peanut grew too much more.  However; I don’t really think there is a huge chance of that happening! LOL  She’s only five months old here, but she still isn’t going to be a big bruiser by any means. ;)

You can really tell how much Caleb adores his new puppy, so sweet. :)  Here they are Deb, hope you like them!! :)




See ya’ later!!

New week, new contest.  At least this week I’m not struggling to get my entry in before the contest closes.  I’m a day ahead!!  Wooohooo!!  And for those of you checking, still no news on the baby.  We are eagerly awaiting the call though!! ;)

This week’s photo contest theme for the kids entry is “Let’s Hear It For the Boys!” ~ Must be a photo of a boy or boys. No girls allowed this week!

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This is one of my very favorite boy shots – it’s our cousin’s son.  The camo hat, his gorgeous eyes, and that sweet grin just make the picture super special to me! :)


For my adult entry – the same theme goes – “Let’s Hear It For The Boys” ~Must be a photo of a man/men. No ladies allowed this week!

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This picture was taken at the end of a photo shoot and little “Z” was tuckered out.  He’s snuggling his bear and Daddy is snuggling him – too precious.  I adore the look on Dad’s face – you can tell that he is totally smitten with his son. :)


See ya’ later!!

All Girls & A Struggle

June 11, 2009

Today was a day of ALL girls, and even with all that estrogen in my house, everything was relatively calm. :)   It was supposed to be a swim party day, but due to the crazy thunderstorms, it ended up being an inside-the-house-playing-with-toys day.  And it was FUN!!!!  The Moms got to talk quite a bit, and the kids just played and played.  Kasen did really well sharing all of her toys . . . . well, at least what I saw. LOL  Of course, that could have been a whole different story when I was in a different room!!  Let’s just hope that she behaved herself when I didn’t have a watchful eye on her. ;)

After several hours, I decided to see if I could take some shots of the girls in my studio.  I have really been struggling with this aspect of my life.  Since our new baby boy is almost here – due in less than TWO weeks – YIKES! – we have run out of room.  The guest bedroom/play room is now our little boy’s room.  Everything in that room had to go somewhere and the only logical place is my in-home photography studio.  It is one of the biggest rooms since it’s our front living room.  So, what that means is that my studio will be coming down. :(   That room will now be our guest bedroom/play room.  We’ll be putting the studio equipment away somewhere.  Brad tells me that I can pull it out whenever I want, but if you’re a Mom of a baby/toddler/young child, you all know what that means.  It just won’t happen.  It IS a lot of stuff.  In my last ditch effort to utilize my studio equipment, I took shots of the girls today.  I didn’t get shots of all of them, but there’s still time, before the equipment is lost in some dark hole somewhere.  I can’t even tell you how much I’ll miss having that easily accessible.  Maybe someday we’ll have enough room to take full advantage of  it once again.  I sure hope so, it’s definitely my passion.  It’s nice to have a hobby/business that totally makes you happy.  *sigh*   someday . . . someday . . .

Well, just look at these two cuties and then you’ll see why photography warms my heart.

Here’s adorable Helen – we had a lot of fun in the studio, just the two of us.  I don’t get to spend a lot of time with Helen because she plays by herself so well and she seems SO quiet . . to me.  Well, it was great to talk and laugh with her, and she took direction incredibly well.  She was cracking up, but I happened to catch this tender moment and I have to say it’s my very favorite of the bunch. :)


Next is  Sofia – what a sweetie.  Now I REALLY had to work for smiles from her at the beginning, but the more I took, the more she relaxed and had a great time.  Kasen was even trying to make her smile.  She was making goofy/silly faces behind my head to get Sofia to crack a smile.  Sofia gave me the most serious face and said, “She is not making me happy.” LOL  Sofia’s Mom took Kasen off to play and just let me take pics of Sofia with no one around.  That’s when Sofia really came alive.  She told me “You’re taking a lot of great pictures.” LOL  I hope so Sofia, I hope so.  Oh yeah, I tried to get her to put a different outfit on, or a different hat, and it was a definite “No.”  Yep, she definitely knows what she wants. ;)


See ya’ later!!

P.S.  I almost forgot.  We got a call yesterday and “K” is 1 centimeter dilated.  However; the doctor doesn’t think she will deliver really soon . . .whatever that means.  She’s due in less than two weeks, that’s REALLY soon to me. LOL  Sooo, that’s all I know for now, still waiting and waiting and waiting.  I’ll let you know if any more news comes our way. :)

I’ve been gone a while because we’ve been so busy working on the house, getting ready to travel, decorating the baby’s room, and spending a lot of time with Kasen before the new baby arrives and she actually has to share the spot light! ;)

No news yet about the baby’s arrival.  There is a doctor’s appointment today, so maybe we’ll know something by tomorrow.  If we’re lucky, we’ll know something this afternoon.  Whatever the case may be, I’ll let you know!!

No post is complete without a picture, so here’s one of Kasen and her new buddy, Scott.  He is the son of a VERY dear friend of mine – she actually introduced me to Brad, so I’m forever indebted to her. ;)


See ya’ later!!