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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 26, 2011


This week’s theme of the I Heart Faces contest is “People’s Choice” – you enter your favorite face photo that was taken between June 1st and August 31st, 2011.  I take LOTS of pics, so I went and looked at all the pictures I’ve taken in that time frame.  I kept looking at all the sweet face photos that I’ve captured, showcasing such gorgeous eyes, with beautiful scenic backgrounds.  But this one kept making me laugh out loud, every time I looked at it.  Kasen and Holden love taking a bath in the “big” bathtub.  When I tell them they can take a bath in the big tub, they both scream, hold their hands in the air, and run around in circles.  Obviously it doesn’t take much to excite them. LOL  So, the bathtub pic it is. It makes me smile every.single.time. :D

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 20, 2011

Woohoo!! :D I received 8th place on this photo!  I was so excited!!  Click on the button below to see the top 10 winners.  I’m so honored to have been chosen. :)



I’ve really missed entering the I Heart Faces Photo Contest, so when I saw that this week’s theme is “A Touch of Sun,” I had to enter one that I just love.  This is my daughter Kasen playing, twirling, like she always does, in the beautiful bluebonnets.  We headed out to the fields of bluebonnets right at sunset, and I love the lighting and the way the sun is shining through her hair.  This picture is so Kasen! :)

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See ya’ later!!


August 27, 2011

Dear Kasen,

You started kindergarten last week and your Daddy and I couldn’t be prouder of you.  Sometimes we think you’re super confident, and then it hits us that you’re not, that you’re scared, even timid, and we eventually find out that you’re a little nervous that you won’t have any friends. :(  But in your usual sweet Kasen fashion, you’ve already made lots of friends and can’t wait to see them and learn with them everyday.  We were pretty worried at first when we told you that you had to wear a uniform and you asked if we could buy you the same shoes in pink.  When we replied that you couldn’t wear pink, you shockingly asked, “WHAT?!  I can’t wear PINK?!” LOL However; you put on your uniform with excitement your first day and even allowed me to take lots of pictures of you before we left the house, and even when we arrived at school.  Thank goodness I bought that red apple and told you that you could put it on your head for the photo shoot. Otherwise, I’m not sure you would have been as cooperative. ;)

While you were sleeping on the night before your big day, I was getting ready. Getting your lunch ready, with such great healthy food that you would hardly touch that first day, because you were undoubtedly talking too much. :) I was ironing your uniform, laying out your socks and shoes, and making sure we had the perfect bow to match your uniform. Not only was I getting everything physically ready, I was preparing my heart. Knowing that this is the beginning of “big kid” school, knowing that you’re growing up and knowing that you will become more and more independent and spending even more time away from me. It seems like just yesterday that you were born and I spent my days playing with you, dressing you up, and marveling at this wonderful baby that totally brought sunshine into our lives.  Prayers were answered and you brought the most glorious light into our home and into our hearts. We’ve watched you grow from a tiny little baby in our arms to the sweet, loving, spunky girl that you are today.  You’ve always amazed us with your independence and that didn’t change on your first day. You were certainly ready for us to leave the classroom, but I loved that you still gave all of us hugs and kisses before we walked out the door. When I saw you reach down, hug Holden and tell him that it was okay, you’ll see him later, it makes me so proud of the big sister that you’ve become. Despite your nervousness, fear and excitement for such a big day, you still took that time  to ease his fear of leaving his big sister behind.  I know I keep saying it, but you are growing up so fast.

We hope that your teacher “gets” you this year, that she understands that you want to sit still and listen, but it’s sometimes difficult for you. That it’s hard for you to give in when you so desperately want to finish something, even though there may not be time for that.  It will be obvious that you have great manners, that you’re funny, that you’re sweet, and that you’re lovable. It may not be as obvious that you inwardly struggle with being compliant, that it’s hard for your brain to filter all the stimuli entering it at any one given moment, and that you crave to be in control. Letting that go will be difficult for you, but we pray that your teacher will help you on this journey with compassion and grace.

I’m excited to see where this year takes you, the things you’ll learn and the newfound confidence you’ll gain in so many areas of your life. And I’ll be right there, by your side, helping you learn and guiding you every step of the way. We’ve already started the homework game and it hasn’t started off as seamlessly as I had hoped. But I know you’ll persevere and work hard, and we’ll celebrate the rewards when you learn a new math problem, write your letters within the lines, and learn to read a book together. We sat at the dinner table several times this week working on homework pages, and I can’t tell you how much my heart swells with pride when you conquer a homework problem, then that sweet smile spreads across your face, your eyes light up and you scream with joy. I always want you to have a love for learning and enjoy the places that your knowledge will take you.

My sweet, joyful girl, I love you more than words can say and I’m so proud of you. I have to be honest and say that I did cry your first day of kindergarten, not because I didn’t think you could handle it, but because you’re growing up a little too fast for my taste. I know you tease me and say that you can’t stay little forever, but it’s just hard for me to let go. I don’t want anyone to hurt your feelings, or make you think you’re less than. I still want to be able to snuggle you when you’re sad, and be there to dry away your tears. And I will be. I’ll be there waiting outside your classroom everyday, happy to hear you excitedly yell “Mommy!” and to listen to you tell me about your day and what new adventures you’ve encountered. :)

Love, Mommy











See ya’ later!!

Kasen is SIX!!

August 10, 2011

Yep, Kasen is SIX today.  Can you believe it?!  We certainly can’t.  Our sassy, spunky, sweet girl is growing up.  She is our light after the storm, making rainbows appear that we thought were long gone.  She has rocked our world this last year in many ways and every day is definitely an adventure with Kasen.

All About Kasen:  Loves deeply, laughs with all her might, she’s quick to temper, slow to cool down, fast to help, funny, caring, starting to get embarrassed at things she never would have before, friendly, polite, very articulate, smart, persistent, inquisitive, adores to snuggle and cuddle, energized by people, the more the merrier in her book, extremely energetic, strong willed, beautiful.  She’s a tomboy and a girly girl, she can catch a bug better than anyone while wearing a gorgeous twirl skirt with a sparkly bow in her hair.  She jumps, twirls, spins and bounces a LOT, talks non-stop, extremely forgiving, lover of animals, caretaker, would love to take more care of Holden, but he’s getting too independent for her taste.  LOL  Speaking of independent, Kasen definitely has that quality as well.  She takes the initiative, is appreciative, loves giving herself piano lessons, books are a must every day, and bedtime songs are desired every evening.

Happy Birthday Kasen!  You entered our lives and things have never been the same.  You make us smile every single day and we can’t wait to see what 6 has in store for all of us.  Please be kind. LOL  We love you more than words can say sweet girl.  We love you to the moon and back.


Sick Little Dude

May 3, 2011

Poor little man, has strep throat.  He was really feeling quite poorly today. :(  He had a tough time at the doctor’s office, he didn’t want anyone to touch him but me. He normally goes in happily and doesn’t even cry when he gets a shot.  However; today, he didn’t even want the doctor’s stethoscope on his back.  Oh man, the screams, just awful.  I held him tight, tried to get him to calm down by singing softly in his ear, kissed his hands, rubbed his head.  None of my tricks worked.  He just kept saying, “Go home. I go car. Go home. Car.”  When we were finally ready to leave, and I asked him if he was ready to go home, he said, “Yes, please.” :)  That got a good chuckle from the doctor and nurse. He really is the most polite little boy.  Kasen did great with her strep test and it came back negative.  It’s going to be retested in the morning, to see if there’s a delay for a positive since Holden definitely has it. Kasen was quite concerned about Holden too and did her best to help him calm down as well. She’s such a great little helper. :)

Holden woke up screaming from his long nap this afternoon, and did not want to get out of his crib.  I finally coaxed him out, but then he just wanted to cuddle with me on the couch while watching a movie. He hasn’t wanted to eat much at all, he’s only wanted to drink milk.  We had to switch to water after he threw up all over the table during dinner. :(  Fun times. LOL  I was so happy that I hadn’t given him his antibiotic yet.  Whew!  Anyway, I grabbed Holden to give him a quick bath, while Brad cleaned up the table and Holden’s booster seat.  Gotta’ give props to Brad for taking care of that.  We did get his medicine down after his bath and that went better than expected, he only spit out a little bit AND he kept it down.

He was so ready to go to bed tonight, but he was missing his bunny.  Poor bunny took a hit at the dinner table tonight, so replacement bunny had to step in.  Stinky bunny is nice and clean now and ready to help out tomorrow. ;)

Here’s our sick boy:





See ya’ later!!

Texas Bluebonnets

April 18, 2011

I finally uploaded pictures that I’ve taken for the past month.  There’s been a lot going on, but blogging seems to have been left out of the mix of craziness. Here’s a little synopsis of our activities ~ Kasen has been playing soccer and finished her last game on Saturday, she’s lost two teeth and she couldn’t have been more excited about The Tooth Fairy coming to visit, and she’s been to many, many birthday parties and has loved every minute of that too.  Holden is talking up a storm, jumping off of everything he can, wants to play trains, and is his usual intense, spunky, funny little dude.  Let’s throw a garage sale in there, a sick Brad, and a very sick Holden, Kasen’s spring program, a flat tire, Kasen’s gymnastics, my birthday, Holden’s Gymboree class, playdates with the kids and lots of bike riding, sliding and swinging, flying kites, sidewalk chalk, and swimming.  I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the majority of all the action. :D

I missed getting the kids’ pictures in the bluebonnets last year.  If I can remember right, it rained a lot, the kids were sick, and then when I was ready, the bluebonnets were gone.  I wasn’t too thrilled about taking Holden out last year at this time either.  However; I’m not sure this time was better.  I wanted to wait until the sun was just going down, but that happened to be after Holden’s bedtime.  He was a little cranky before we left, but that’s not unusual.  He was super excited to play in the flowers, but none too happy about sitting still with Kasen for a pic.  Every time Holden would sit down, we would yell at Kasen to hurry and sit with him to get a picture.  As soon as she would sit behind him, he would get up or cry.  Lather, rinse, repeat. *sigh*  I snapped what I could of the little dude and I’m happy to say I got a few good shots of them together, and a couple of really cute ones of him by himself.  Kasen did great, even though she wanted to talk to every single person she saw in the bluebonnet field. ;)  After about 10 minutes of picture taking, Holden continued to say “Home, bye-bye, go car, home, bye-bye, car, go home.” LOL  We finally surrendered to his pleas and headed home.  After we arrived home, I was getting Holden ready for bed, quickly, since it was already WAY past his bedtime.  We even nixed his bath due to time.  Anyway, as I was changing Holden’s diaper, Kasen came in the room and cracked up because there were bluebonnets in Holden’s diaper.  We had a car full of bluebonnets as well, and Kasen dumped a small bouquet of them from her sneakers.

I love the different lighting that I got from both angles.  The sun behind them and the sun in front of them – so cool how it changes the color of everything.  I have to  say that I’m super happy we made the trip this year.  I was dreading it on the way there, but as I pulled up the pictures on the computer tonight and looked through them, I was laughing and smiling.  Love those kids!! :)




More bluebonnet pictures to come later.

See ya’ later!!

Once a Diva . . . .

March 16, 2011

always a diva! LOL ;)  Kasen and one of her friends from school had a play date yesterday.  They were so cute playing divas in the make up chair.  They ran around the entire mall giggling, and jumped and climbed  in the play area as well.  Kasen was so cute and said, “When I’m older like you Mom, I will still love Laurel.”  Kasen definitely loves her friends and hanging out with them.  Of course, the best part for me is getting a chance to have adult conversation.  Even though it was interrupted a thousand times LOL, we still got a chat in there – Moms are awesome like that. ;)  Holden had fun too – he kept saying “Mom, WATCH!” as he would jump off of everything in sight.  He is a total daredevil.  We’re just counting the days until he makes us take a trip to the ER. LOL

Here’s our DIVA!! :D


Snow/Ice Day

February 27, 2011

We’ve had several snow/ice days this year, which is highly unusual for us in Texas.  We woke up several days to everything covered in ice.  Then we got about 6-7 inches of snow on top of that. Schools were cancelled, Brad worked from home, and the kids and I decided to decorate cupcakes and make a cake for Mimi’s birthday on one of our days housebound.  Her birthday was December 31st, but since she wasn’t here then, we had to celebrate a bit later.  It was definitely fun. :)

Since these pictures were taken, we’ve had lots of short sleeve weather, we’ve flown kites, played at several playgrounds where Holden chased the squirrels and was pretty upset that he couldn’t catch one. LOL  The weather here really is crazy.  One day we’re bundled up for freezing temperatures and the next day, Kasen is asking to go swimming because it’s a beautiful day. ;)  I enjoyed the days that we were “stuck” at home because we were all together as a family.  We played games, worked on crafts and snuggled together to watch movies.  And, of course, we played in the ice and snow.  :)  I have pictures of that too, and someday I’ll post those as well.  Don’t hold your breath though. ;) LOL

We had so much fun this day baking and decorating.  Kasen was a little over enthusiastic with her decorating skills. LOL  And Holden, as you can see, had the most fun eating the final product.  He asks for “cuh-cake” quite often now because of this very day.  We also had to sing “Happy Birthday” to everyone so each person had a chance to blow out the candles.  Come to think of it, Holden has been singing “Haaaa-eeeee- Birrr-Daaayyyy……..toooooo youuuuuuuuu” a lot lately.  I thought he picked it up at school, but maybe he just remembers this day.  Funny, he has a great memory just like his big sis. :)  Enjoy the sweetness. ;)













See ya’ later!!

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Well, I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day – I’m aware it’s almost over. ;)  However; before it’s completely over, I had to come here and share my two adorable Valentines.  They had so much fun opening all of their goodies and we sent them to bed on a good sugar crash . . . . that’s what comes after the sugar high. LOL  Holden was really sick this weekend, and I’m so happy that he is doing better and was able to enjoy the sweet day, and the gorgeous sunshine.  Well, here they are, our funny Valentines.  They both completely melt my heart. :)












P.S.  If you noticed that Kasen now has bangs, you would be correct.  She cut them this past weekend. *sigh*  Oh well, it could have been worse.  I’m guessing we’ll be needing to see the hairdresser soon to shape them up for us. They’re a little scraggly and uneven right now. She had to keep pushing her hair out of her eyes today.  She was so proud of herself too.  When I asked her why she did it, she happily replied, “Because I always wanted bangs.” LOL  Well, she’s got ‘em now.

See ya’ later!!

Beautiful, Gorgeous Day

January 30, 2011

It was a gorgeous day – we even got to 75 degrees.  Beautiful golden sunlight and an enjoyable, adventurous walk with the kids.  Holden pushed his shopping cart and Kasen pushed Holden’s new doll stroller, along with his little boy doll.  Yep, it was cute.  Of course, the two pushers ditched their toys and my Mom and Brad ended up carrying them home, while Kasen and Holden set out to discover every bug, piece of dirt and stick they could find.  Holden “tried” to bring a neighbor’s ceramic bunny home, but we finally persuaded him that the bunny already had a home and was pretty happy there . . . had been for a good 12 years. :D  Kasen has always liked that bunny too.  I remember her wanting to touch it all the time when she was around 2-3 years old.  Guess that bunny has something pretty special to draw both of them in like that. LOL

When we first started the walk, Kasen and Holden were leading the pack.  Kasen was first naturally, and then Holden.  I guess Holden thought we were too far behind and he turned around, waved his little hand in the air, motioning toward himself, while yelling “Come on!” :)  We’ve never heard him say that before.  It’s just amazing the words that come out of his mouth.  I’m stunned every day.  It’s a good thing he’s cute too because little dude is a biter, a hitter and a head butter.  Whew, talk about a temper!  Boy does he ever have one.  The funniest statement came from a friend when she said, “He’s the sweetest little tornado that you’ll ever love.” LOL  That he is!  He’s had a few new teachers at school lately and they both point him out as the one that’s into EVERYTHING.  When I’ve picked him up, I’ve heard statements such as, “He gives you a run for your money doesn’t he?” and “Wow, he really keeps you on your toes.” and one teacher overhead another teacher say, “The Mom to that boy has earned every gray hair she has.” LOL  And there’s a LOT!  LOL  I have to say that even though he can be super wild, he’s the most polite little boy you’ll ever meet if I do say so myself. LOL  ”Please, thank you, you’re welcome,” and “bless you” are heard very consistently throughout the day and I love hearing it every single time.  And the one that melts my heart the most, “Uvvvv youuuu” or “Ubbbb youuuuu” every night when I put him in his crib.  Precious. :)

Kasen had a Daddy and Kasen day today at the Heard Museum, which is really sweet.  They went on a nature hike and got to see animatronic dinosaurs.  She really wanted me to go, but I needed to stay home and watch Holden.  My Mom is here, but she just can’t get around very well right now.  She’s having a lot of trouble with her back and she definitely can’t lift Holden, so that makes it impossible for me to leave him with her.  I know it’s frustrating for her because she wants to help more, but I’m just happy to have her here.  She’s excited to help with the mending though.;)  Kasen keeps finding projects for her. LOL  One of her little stuffed animals had a hole in it and she was so excited that her Mimi fixed it for her.  Anything that gets torn or loses a button, she says, “It’s okay.  Mimi can fix it.  She can fix anything.” LOL  I think it’s a good thing that I’ve been keeping my sewing abilities under wraps . . . . .like being able to sew a button on, and maybe some hemming.  That stuff is just on a VERY need to know basis. LOL  Some may say that’s sneaky, but I think it’s smart.  You don’t hear me talk about Kasen asking me to fix anything for her now do you?! ;)

Here’s my handsome little dude and my sweet girl in the background.  Happy to have such a lovely day, especially since we’re supposed to get down in the 20′s this week.  Brrrrr!



See ya’ later!!