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He’s TWO!!!

July 4, 2011

We had a great family birthday party last weekend.  Holden’s favorite part was his Thomas the Train cake.  It was awesome.  I’ll have to post pics of it so you can see just how cool it was – it was made by Poppy Locks.  Not only did it look cool, it was super tasty. I’m pretty sure his favorite gift was his Thomas the Train ride on toy. It only goes 2 miles an hour, but that’s just fine with him.  He’ll circle the train in the house, stop to wave “hi” and continue on his way. ;)  Super cute. Holden had his two year doctor’s appointment on Friday and he seemed excited at first.  The whole time we were waiting on the doctor, he kept saying “It’s okay. Don’t worry.” LOL  I felt sooo bad for him.  He did pretty well, cried a bit, but the real tears came when he had his shots. That deep hurt cry that makes you cry as well – yep, I cried. :(  It was awful.  When the doctor asked if he was putting two words together, Holden said, “Can I get a sucker now?”  The doctor started laughing and said, “Yep, no problem with speech there.” :)  He was in the 50th percentile for weight.  I thought he would be because he’s slimmed down so much since he started walking, running, jumping, hopping, etc. LOL  He’s in the 90th percentile for height.  Tall dude.

On the way home from the doctor, we had a conversation I won’t forget: ;)

Me: “Did you get a shot?”

Holden: “Yes, I did!”

Me: “Did it hurt?”

Holden: “Yes!!”

Me: “That wasn’t nice, was it?”

Holden: “No. It’s Mommy’s fault.” :(

Yep, that’ll break your heart.  Oh well, I’ve been told that never changes . . . . especially when they’re teenagers.  Guess my heart needs to get tougher.

Here’s our 2 year old big boy:


Snow/Ice Day

February 27, 2011

We’ve had several snow/ice days this year, which is highly unusual for us in Texas.  We woke up several days to everything covered in ice.  Then we got about 6-7 inches of snow on top of that. Schools were cancelled, Brad worked from home, and the kids and I decided to decorate cupcakes and make a cake for Mimi’s birthday on one of our days housebound.  Her birthday was December 31st, but since she wasn’t here then, we had to celebrate a bit later.  It was definitely fun. :)

Since these pictures were taken, we’ve had lots of short sleeve weather, we’ve flown kites, played at several playgrounds where Holden chased the squirrels and was pretty upset that he couldn’t catch one. LOL  The weather here really is crazy.  One day we’re bundled up for freezing temperatures and the next day, Kasen is asking to go swimming because it’s a beautiful day. ;)  I enjoyed the days that we were “stuck” at home because we were all together as a family.  We played games, worked on crafts and snuggled together to watch movies.  And, of course, we played in the ice and snow.  :)  I have pictures of that too, and someday I’ll post those as well.  Don’t hold your breath though. ;) LOL

We had so much fun this day baking and decorating.  Kasen was a little over enthusiastic with her decorating skills. LOL  And Holden, as you can see, had the most fun eating the final product.  He asks for “cuh-cake” quite often now because of this very day.  We also had to sing “Happy Birthday” to everyone so each person had a chance to blow out the candles.  Come to think of it, Holden has been singing “Haaaa-eeeee- Birrr-Daaayyyy……..toooooo youuuuuuuuu” a lot lately.  I thought he picked it up at school, but maybe he just remembers this day.  Funny, he has a great memory just like his big sis. :)  Enjoy the sweetness. ;)













See ya’ later!!

Here’s our silly boy sharing ice cream with Brad’s Dad.  Holden’s fake laughter completely cracks me up.  I love the way he looks at his Papa when it’s Papa’s turn to eat the ice cream.  Toooo cute – this video just has to make you smile. ;)

Click here to see: Holden Eating Ice Cream.

See ya’ later!!

Here We Go ~

January 5, 2010

Whew, I have knee surgery in the morning and I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I didn’t say I was extremely nervous.  I’ve had several surgeries before, but of course it’s never fun.  I hate getting the IV, I hate being cold in that piece of paper that they call a gown, and I hate the pain afterwards and feeling like I’ll never walk again.  I’m sure everything will be fine, but right now the nerves are getting the best of me.  I think it’s best just to call it a night and go to sleep so I don’t have to think about it anymore.  Sounds like a plan. ;)

Since I can’t post without leaving a pic, here’s my sweet girl having a treat at Sonic.  What you don’t see is the mess that she left all over the car with that cherry slush that she’s so happily drinking.  Once again, my precious girl didn’t listen to me while I told her to leave the straw alone.  She ended up making a HUGE hole in the bottom of that cup and this Mom was NOT happy.  Oh well, it wasn’t the first and it most definitely won’t be the last . . . . . mess . . . . AND her not listening to me. LOL  She better be glad she’s cute. LOL



See ya’ later!!  Hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow if I’m not in too much pain. *doubly crossing fingers here*

See, I told you!

January 2, 2010

Remember that I said that Holden was happy about eating baby food ?? . . . . well, here is proof positive! ;)  You know what cracks me up about this picture the most?   – - – -  the fact that he has food ALL over his face, but none whatsoever in his mouth! LOL  Too funny.  And if you couldn’t tell, this is his first taste of green beans.  I’ve already been warned that I should keep this picture in case he won’t open his mouth for anything green in a few years.  Well, I’m banking on him being as good an eater as Kasen – she is the BEST – she loves all things green.  She loves her veggies.  Here’s to hoping Holden will follow suit! *crossing fingers*


See ya’ later!!

New week, new contest.  At least this week I’m not struggling to get my entry in before the contest closes.  I’m a day ahead!!  Wooohooo!!  And for those of you checking, still no news on the baby.  We are eagerly awaiting the call though!! ;)

This week’s photo contest theme for the kids entry is “Let’s Hear It For the Boys!” ~ Must be a photo of a boy or boys. No girls allowed this week!

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This is one of my very favorite boy shots – it’s our cousin’s son.  The camo hat, his gorgeous eyes, and that sweet grin just make the picture super special to me! :)


For my adult entry – the same theme goes – “Let’s Hear It For The Boys” ~Must be a photo of a man/men. No ladies allowed this week!

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This picture was taken at the end of a photo shoot and little “Z” was tuckered out.  He’s snuggling his bear and Daddy is snuggling him – too precious.  I adore the look on Dad’s face – you can tell that he is totally smitten with his son. :)


See ya’ later!!

Father’s Day

June 21, 2009

I know I’ve been absent – we are still trying to get ready for this new baby and  getting ready to travel on a moment’s notice.  It makes it very hard for this die-hard planner . . . spontaneity is not a word in my vocabulary! LOL

Today was such a great day spent with Brad’s parents – good fun and great food!!  Even Brad and his Dad did some work at our house – thank you soo much Doug!!  And thanks for the food Doug & Heather – it was terrific!!

Here’s a pic of Kasen and HER Daddy!!  She is totally a Daddy’s girl lately.  They were playing in the pool today and she told him that he was the King and she was the Princess.  Yep, that about sums it up! LOL ;)


See ya’ later!!

I just LOVE this contest, it’s been so much fun getting to participate and be inspired by so many other photographers.  This week’s theme for kids is “Happy Birthday” ~ Must have a child in it and clearly be a birthday celebration of some sort!  I picked a pic of Kasen and my MIL bringing out my husband’s birthday cake.  Kasen was SO excited to help, and she was thrilled that I let her pick out whatever she wanted to wear to her Daddy’s birthday celebration.  She went all out with a beautiful dress and patent leather shoes. :)   I thought this picture called for a vintage look.  Don’t forget to check out all the other great birthday celebrations at I Heart Faces


There is as new category this week – Pets Category – “Anything Goes” theme (even though we call this special category “Pets”, we really don’t care if the animal is an actual pet or not.)  Since anything goes, this is a cute little turtle that I took a picture of at the Dallas Aquarium.  He just kept swimming by and looking directly at me, so I kept snapping pics.  He seemed totally intrigued by my camera and I was totally intrigued by him. ;)

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P.S.  We had another adoption home study yesterday morning and everything went well.  And on that front, no more baby news yet – he’s staying put for now. :)

See ya’ later!!

Rainy Day

April 17, 2009

My favorite kind of day today – rainy, cloudy, thundering, and lightening.  Wonderful!!  And since it wasn’t a day for the outdoors, today was a pajama wearing-long nap taking-cartoon watching-scooter riding in the halls-laundry fighting-cookie making kind of day.  It was the best!  My Mom and Kasen set out on a huge cookie making adventure this afternoon and Kasen couldn’t have been more excited.  They made Rice Krispie Peanut Butter Cookies.  Yum!! At the very end, Kasen looked at my Mom and said, “We’re not finished.  Where are the chocolate chips?” LOL  She is definitely my husband’s daughter. ;)

Notice the excitement!! :)


And yes, that’s peanut butter all over her nose in the pictures. ;)




See ya’ later!!

This week’s photo contest for the Kids Category is “My Friend and I” ~ I’ve taken tons of pictures of my daughter Kasen and her precious friend Sadie, but this one came to mind immediately when I found out the theme for this week.  I just love this picture of the two of them.  We had set up a tea party play date for them, and as you can see, they were having a blast – giggling, pouring imaginary tea, clinking their tea cups together and saying “Cheers,” and pretending to eat the deliciously looking tarts (not real of course) . . . . then Sadie’s Mom and I had to break out the REAL food – fruit snacks. :)

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This week’s category for the Adult Theme is “My Friend and I” – This is my dear friend Shannah and her husband.  I adore this picture because it shows how much fun they have together, they’re not just husband and wife, they are truly friends. Don’t forget to check out all the other awesome entries here ~ I Faces sg11-16-08ihf

See ya’ later!!