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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 26, 2011


This week’s theme of the I Heart Faces contest is “People’s Choice” – you enter your favorite face photo that was taken between June 1st and August 31st, 2011.  I take LOTS of pics, so I went and looked at all the pictures I’ve taken in that time frame.  I kept looking at all the sweet face photos that I’ve captured, showcasing such gorgeous eyes, with beautiful scenic backgrounds.  But this one kept making me laugh out loud, every time I looked at it.  Kasen and Holden love taking a bath in the “big” bathtub.  When I tell them they can take a bath in the big tub, they both scream, hold their hands in the air, and run around in circles.  Obviously it doesn’t take much to excite them. LOL  So, the bathtub pic it is. It makes me smile every.single.time. :D

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 20, 2011

Woohoo!! :D I received 8th place on this photo!  I was so excited!!  Click on the button below to see the top 10 winners.  I’m so honored to have been chosen. :)



I’ve really missed entering the I Heart Faces Photo Contest, so when I saw that this week’s theme is “A Touch of Sun,” I had to enter one that I just love.  This is my daughter Kasen playing, twirling, like she always does, in the beautiful bluebonnets.  We headed out to the fields of bluebonnets right at sunset, and I love the lighting and the way the sun is shining through her hair.  This picture is so Kasen! :)

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See ya’ later!!


September 27, 2010

Guess what I got?

I got an Amy & Angie’s favorite at I Heart Faces for this pic. It was for the photo contest with the theme “Smirk!”  :D


See ya’ later!!

I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 26, 2010

I had so much fun entering last week’s photo contest at I Heart Faces, I thought I would enter again this week.  This week’s theme is “Chalk.”  I had just taken some pics of my children at the beginning of this month and I knew there had to be one in there that was a good fit for this theme.  I even had a great plan for a picture, but it poured down rain and I couldn’t bring my idea to fruition.  Oh well.  So, after much deliberating, this is the one I chose.  Here I am featuring my little man again, but he is just SO expressive and really funny.  He did try every single color of chalk even though he hated it and made horrendous faces every single time. LOL  I guess he thought the next color just had to taste better than the last. ;)

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

September 20, 2010

Wellllll . . . . . I haven’t entered an I Heart Faces Photo Contest in foreverrrrrr!  It’s been a challenging year that’s for sure, but we know the light is at the end of the tunnel . . . . somewhere. LOL

The theme for this week’s contest is “Smirk” and I immediately knew which picture I wanted to enter.  I was talking to my Mom on the telephone and he wanted to say “Hi.” He does great saying his hellos, but then he starts pushing buttons and eventually hanging up on her – doesn’t make for a great two way conversation. :)  I had to finally tell her my goodbyes because he was SO upset.  We were sitting on the floor, he was scu-reammmmiinnggg, so I did what anyone would do to get him to be quiet . . I handed him the telephone.  He gently held it up to his ear and started talking while tears still filled his eyes and streamed down his cheeks. He would alternate between talking and pushing buttons.  I had my camera on the table, so I reached up, grabbed it, and started snapping pictures when he turned to me and gave me the biggest smirk I’ve ever seen.  I can just hearing him saying “Yep, I got what I wanted.” LOL  Little stinker.  It’s a good thing he’s cute. ;)

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

January 18, 2010

This week’s theme for I Heart Faces is “We Are Family” and must have at least one adult in the photo.  I went in my daughter’s room one night and saw my husband with our children during story time.  I knew I needed to seize the moment on film, so I ran and grabbed my camera.  I’m so glad I did because it melts my heart every time I see this pic – knowing how special this is each and every night.  It’s one of the special times that I remember sharing with my Dad and my brother every evening. I love that my children are experiencing the same thing with their father.

“The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day.” ~ M. Grundler

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See ya’ later!

I Heart Faces Photo Contest

January 12, 2010

This week’s photo contest for I Heart Faces is “Best Face Photo.”  It also has to have been taken within the past few months.  I took this photo on January 9, 2010 in our front living room.  I was/still am recovering from knee surgery and I wanted to take a quick break from laying in bed to get a few pics.  What could be better for recovery than to take some photos of this precious face.  I took quite a few that I love, but this one makes me laugh every single time! :)

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

November 3, 2009

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is “Balloons” – I thought of this picture right away because it has a very special meaning to me.  I know that balloons usually evoke a happy feeling, resulting in joyous expressions from children and adults alike.  However; sometimes balloons bring about longing, wishing, wanting for more . . . for more time, to share with loved ones that left this world too soon.  On this April day, we began with a bouquet of pink and white balloons, and one by one we watched them float upward.  Then we were left with just this one.  We were releasing them for an unbelievably special little girl who was celebrating her first birthday, yet not here, in Heaven. *tears*  This balloon was for “K” – so loved and so missed, yet never forgotten.

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week43bSee ya’ later!!

I Heart Faces Photo Contest

October 27, 2009

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is “Halloween Dress-Up” and I knew immediately I wanted a picture of our Chunky Monkey in his monkey costume. ;)  I took some pics this afternoon with a very uncooperative subject LOL, and this was my best one.  I still want to get a great shot with his signature smile.  Now that he has a tooth to show off, I’d like to get that in the pics too.  Yep, you heard that right, he has his first tooth!!  It popped up the day before he turned four months old.  And you know what, Kasen’s first tooth popped up the day before she turned four months old too.  Isn’t that wild??!! :)

Since I’m throwing in news, here’s the BEST yet – we finalized this little monkey last Thursday – he is now and forever legally ours!!!!  Woooohooooooo!!!! :D

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I Heart Faces Photo Contest

October 13, 2009

This week’s theme at  I Heart Faces is “Excitement” – I chose this photograph because I just thought it was so cute of Kasen.  She was SO excited that she received a birthday card ON her birthday from her Mimi.  It helped that the envelope was PINK (her favorite color) AND she loved the bright circles on the envelope as well.  This was Kasen’s classic excitement face and it was always followed by an audible “Ohhhhhhhhh.” :)

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