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The Trip

June 9, 2010

I’m baaaaaccckkkkkk . . . in case you missed me! LOL   We took a road trip during Memorial  Day Weekend to see my family in Iowa, and we just returned on Monday.  It was a LONG drive . . . especially with two littles.  Whew!  I’ll definitely need a year to recover to try again I think.  The whole family drove up together, Brad flew back after just a couple of days, and we snagged my Mom and brought her home with us. ;)  The kids did great on the drive there and the drive back, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a hard trip, but they were both troopers.  It helped that we had lots of things for them to do, lots of snacks and we *tried* to have unlimited patience . . . . . . “tried” is the key word! LOL  Kasen could not have had more fun with her cousins, and Holden had quite the time as well.  It was the first time that everybody had met Holden except for my nephew Lucas, and of course, my Mom.  They were as smitten with him as he was with them.  He definitely fits right in! :D

Everybody was so great and I was able to take LOTS of pictures, which I will share later on!  I’ve been crashing early since we got back home since I haven’t been feeling well.  Brad and Kasen were sick on the way there, and they were kind enough to pass it on to Holden and me!  Mom was getting sick before we got there and now she’s a little under the weather too.  It won’t be long before we’re all running at full speed again!

Here’s one picture until I can post more!  Here are my beautiful nieces, two of which will be graduating from high school next year.  It just shocks me.  And my youngest niece is thirteen (the one in the middle).  Where has the time gone?  They have always been beautiful young girls, but now they are gorgeous young women.  What a great family I have! :)


See ya’ later!!


January 3, 2010

It’s always tradition to get a picture of Kasen with Halle’s ornament every year.  I guess it’s a way to include in her in all the festivities.  A little story behind the ornament – if you’ve read Halle’s story (here, here & here), you might know that only one other person held her besides Brad and myself, and it was our wonderful friend, Susanne.  She actually introduced Brad and I, so it was pretty fitting that since she was there for our happiest time, that she would be there for our darkest time as well.  Susanne called me every single day after we lost Halle, checking on me, listening to me vent, and lending a shoulder for me to cry on.  I’m sure we met several times after Halle died, but I really remember meeting her in December for lunch.  That December was the hardest December of my life – watching people shop for their little ones, seeing children sit on Santa’s lap, longing for that excitement in our home, yet it was just quiet – desolate, empty, void of the happy anticipation that I just knew I was going to feel this Christmas – our first Christmas with a little one . . . and not just any little one, one that we fought HARD for, for years, enduring painful tests and treatments just to achieve our goal, a child of our very own.

Yet, I found myself in New York wandering the streets alone, trying desperately to choke back the tears when I saw sweet little girls bundled up in precious winter coats peering through the department store windows, pointing at all the toys and declaring, “Mommy, I want this,” and “Mommy, I want that.”  Brad and I had traveled to New York for Brad’s work thinking it might be our only opportunity to see New York in December.  I had always wanted to – still do, just when I’m in a better frame of mind.  Brad would head off to work from our tiny hotel room every morning and me, still snuggled under the covers of our bed, forced myself up and out every day to experience what I couldn’t at home.  What I really wanted to do was bury my head and turn back time, but I trudged on, and even now, I am quite proud of myself for getting out and exploring on my own.  I ate at a famous pizza shop for lunch, though I can’t remember the name right now, I stood in line for tickets to a Broadway play (Beauty and the Beast – my favorite), I marveled at all the gorgeous window displays, perused the department stores, I bought tickets for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular and I watched the New York Rangers Hockey Team skate at Rockefeller Center for their annual Christmas party.

New York in December was amazing, but everything was viewed through blurry, stinging eyes that still couldn’t believe how our lives took a new path, one that we didn’t want to venture down, not ever.  How did we get here?  How did our lives change so incredibly much in one moment of time?  It was unfathomable.  And here we were in New York, this was the year of 9/11 – we even found ourselves at Ground Zero by pure accident.  I stood there in disbelief, but I had never seen the Towers before, so the impact wasn’t the same as it would be for someone else.  My heart hurt so much already that mostly, I just remained standing there in shock.  I actually have a hard time remembering much about it at all, yet I was gravely aware that more than just myself was hurting that year.

Well, that was a long story that I had not intended to write, and I never even got to the part about the ornament.  Okay, back to the point!  Susanne and I met for lunch in December of 2001 and as we were talking and crying, she handed me a package.  I opened up the package and it was a Christmas ornament that said “Halle  Oct. 21, 2001″ – yes, I burst into tears, just having something tangible with her name on it . . . the very special name that we chose, it meant so much to me to see it in writing, on such a special pink ornament with a little teddy bear on top, a teddy bear that is holding a pink heart.  We cried together, we remembered together and we talked about all of her features, how tiny she was, how much she was missed and the most important part . . . we just talked about HER – no one making me feel bad for bringing up her name, no one that I had to comfort because I was making THEM feel uncomfortable, remembering her, remembering that she made an impact in this world and that she will ALWAYS be remembered.

Sooo, this special ornament has a special place on our tree every year and every time I place it on that tree, I remember.


I Know, I Know . . . .

July 14, 2009

that I’ve been missing in action, that there have been no more pictures of our newest little bundle, but I do have an excuse . . . well several.  I have a new computer, switched from PC to Mac -the learning curve is huge, new editing software-also a large learning curve, exhaustion from only getting three hours of sleep in a row, sometimes it’s only two, and just once did I get over five hours in a row (that was just a trick though – hasn’t happened again!).  Yesterday was the twelfth anniversary of my father’s death.  You would think it wouldn’t affect me as much after all these years, but that would be SO wrong.  *tears*  Boy do I miss him – we were so close and I miss not being able to share his newest grandson with him, and Kasen too, obviously he never met her either.  :(  Now add to that a VERY trying three year old – I would say that yesterday was one of our worst days, but she does LOVE her baby brother and is SUPER sweet to him, thank goodness.  I keep hearing it’s all normal and I’m certainly banking on that. ;)

We just had another home study this morning and we’ll be having another one next month, and then another one the month after that – Florida requires three home studies in the first three months, and since we placed in Florida, we have to abide by their rules.  Today’s home study went great, Kasen was excited to see our case worker, and it was fun to show off Holden too. :)

Well, I’ll leave you with one picture of my sweeties since that’s all I could figure out how to edit. LOL  I do LOVE this picture – my precious family. :)


See ya’ later!!

Father’s Day

June 21, 2009

I know I’ve been absent – we are still trying to get ready for this new baby and  getting ready to travel on a moment’s notice.  It makes it very hard for this die-hard planner . . . spontaneity is not a word in my vocabulary! LOL

Today was such a great day spent with Brad’s parents – good fun and great food!!  Even Brad and his Dad did some work at our house – thank you soo much Doug!!  And thanks for the food Doug & Heather – it was terrific!!

Here’s a pic of Kasen and HER Daddy!!  She is totally a Daddy’s girl lately.  They were playing in the pool today and she told him that he was the King and she was the Princess.  Yep, that about sums it up! LOL ;)


See ya’ later!!

I’ve been gone a while because we’ve been so busy working on the house, getting ready to travel, decorating the baby’s room, and spending a lot of time with Kasen before the new baby arrives and she actually has to share the spot light! ;)

No news yet about the baby’s arrival.  There is a doctor’s appointment today, so maybe we’ll know something by tomorrow.  If we’re lucky, we’ll know something this afternoon.  Whatever the case may be, I’ll let you know!!

No post is complete without a picture, so here’s one of Kasen and her new buddy, Scott.  He is the son of a VERY dear friend of mine – she actually introduced me to Brad, so I’m forever indebted to her. ;)


See ya’ later!!

It’s time again for the weekly photo contest – this week’s theme is “silhouettes” -  I’ve been dragging my feet on entering because I have so much to do to get ready for the baby.  We received a call this morning and “K”  informed us that little guy may be arriving earlier than expected!! WOW!!  I’m guessing it’s time to get all of our suitcases packed for the long drive ahead!! :)

Here’s my entry – I took this for a senior picture.  Her church is very important to her, so we wanted to incorporate that into the photos.  I really do love how it turned out – she was twirling and holding her hands in the air.  Don’t forget to check out all the other incredible entries at I Heart Faces


First Time Fishing

May 12, 2009

Okay, I’ve finally edited some pictures that I took while we were out of town a few weekends ago.  The sweet birth mom and her gracious family set up a wonderful Saturday for us.  It was a day filled with fishing, riding bikes, eating yummy hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, and playing on the playground equipment.  Then, they topped it off with a hilarious water balloon fight. :)   What a fantastic day!   This was Kasen’s first time fishing and she LOVED it. :)   They even had a Barbie fishing rod for her to use, which makes me think we need some of that cool fishing gear in our arsenal of weekend tools.  As you will see from the pics, Brad caught a fish, Kasen held a fish or two, and for some reason, liked to blow on the fish before she would throw him back in the water. ???  However; most of all, Kasen LOVED the worms.  Go figure! LOL





Yep, she’s a tomboy!!  Every time somebody needed a worm to bait their hook, all they had to do was say, “Kasen, I need a worm,” and she would go running.  LOL  That was her favorite part.  Too funny.  :)

See ya’ later!!

Heading Out

April 29, 2009

We’re flying out tomorrow to the meet the birth mom and her family.  Kasen is, of course, confused about the whole thing.  I think she thinks we’ll be bringing her baby brother home this time.  Well . . . not quite yet.  Hopefully we’ll be bringing him home in June! :)

I will be returning all phone calls and e-mails when I return next week.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!

We’re Baaaaack!!!!!!

July 1, 2008

We are home.

We are tired.

We had fun.

We have tons of laundry.

We are trying to get caught up.

Enough said.

See ya’ later!!

A Quick Pic

June 27, 2008

Just one quick picture that I took a few days ago while we were visiting Heritage Park here in Calgary.  It was a beautiful day and we just had a few droplets of rain with a wonderfully cool breeze.

Here it is:

Have a GREAT weekend!!

See ya’ later!!