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Texas Bluebonnets

April 18, 2011

I finally uploaded pictures that I’ve taken for the past month.  There’s been a lot going on, but blogging seems to have been left out of the mix of craziness. Here’s a little synopsis of our activities ~ Kasen has been playing soccer and finished her last game on Saturday, she’s lost two teeth and she couldn’t have been more excited about The Tooth Fairy coming to visit, and she’s been to many, many birthday parties and has loved every minute of that too.  Holden is talking up a storm, jumping off of everything he can, wants to play trains, and is his usual intense, spunky, funny little dude.  Let’s throw a garage sale in there, a sick Brad, and a very sick Holden, Kasen’s spring program, a flat tire, Kasen’s gymnastics, my birthday, Holden’s Gymboree class, playdates with the kids and lots of bike riding, sliding and swinging, flying kites, sidewalk chalk, and swimming.  I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the majority of all the action. :D

I missed getting the kids’ pictures in the bluebonnets last year.  If I can remember right, it rained a lot, the kids were sick, and then when I was ready, the bluebonnets were gone.  I wasn’t too thrilled about taking Holden out last year at this time either.  However; I’m not sure this time was better.  I wanted to wait until the sun was just going down, but that happened to be after Holden’s bedtime.  He was a little cranky before we left, but that’s not unusual.  He was super excited to play in the flowers, but none too happy about sitting still with Kasen for a pic.  Every time Holden would sit down, we would yell at Kasen to hurry and sit with him to get a picture.  As soon as she would sit behind him, he would get up or cry.  Lather, rinse, repeat. *sigh*  I snapped what I could of the little dude and I’m happy to say I got a few good shots of them together, and a couple of really cute ones of him by himself.  Kasen did great, even though she wanted to talk to every single person she saw in the bluebonnet field. ;)  After about 10 minutes of picture taking, Holden continued to say “Home, bye-bye, go car, home, bye-bye, car, go home.” LOL  We finally surrendered to his pleas and headed home.  After we arrived home, I was getting Holden ready for bed, quickly, since it was already WAY past his bedtime.  We even nixed his bath due to time.  Anyway, as I was changing Holden’s diaper, Kasen came in the room and cracked up because there were bluebonnets in Holden’s diaper.  We had a car full of bluebonnets as well, and Kasen dumped a small bouquet of them from her sneakers.

I love the different lighting that I got from both angles.  The sun behind them and the sun in front of them – so cool how it changes the color of everything.  I have to  say that I’m super happy we made the trip this year.  I was dreading it on the way there, but as I pulled up the pictures on the computer tonight and looked through them, I was laughing and smiling.  Love those kids!! :)




More bluebonnet pictures to come later.

See ya’ later!!

Beautiful, Gorgeous Day

January 30, 2011

It was a gorgeous day – we even got to 75 degrees.  Beautiful golden sunlight and an enjoyable, adventurous walk with the kids.  Holden pushed his shopping cart and Kasen pushed Holden’s new doll stroller, along with his little boy doll.  Yep, it was cute.  Of course, the two pushers ditched their toys and my Mom and Brad ended up carrying them home, while Kasen and Holden set out to discover every bug, piece of dirt and stick they could find.  Holden “tried” to bring a neighbor’s ceramic bunny home, but we finally persuaded him that the bunny already had a home and was pretty happy there . . . had been for a good 12 years. :D  Kasen has always liked that bunny too.  I remember her wanting to touch it all the time when she was around 2-3 years old.  Guess that bunny has something pretty special to draw both of them in like that. LOL

When we first started the walk, Kasen and Holden were leading the pack.  Kasen was first naturally, and then Holden.  I guess Holden thought we were too far behind and he turned around, waved his little hand in the air, motioning toward himself, while yelling “Come on!” :)  We’ve never heard him say that before.  It’s just amazing the words that come out of his mouth.  I’m stunned every day.  It’s a good thing he’s cute too because little dude is a biter, a hitter and a head butter.  Whew, talk about a temper!  Boy does he ever have one.  The funniest statement came from a friend when she said, “He’s the sweetest little tornado that you’ll ever love.” LOL  That he is!  He’s had a few new teachers at school lately and they both point him out as the one that’s into EVERYTHING.  When I’ve picked him up, I’ve heard statements such as, “He gives you a run for your money doesn’t he?” and “Wow, he really keeps you on your toes.” and one teacher overhead another teacher say, “The Mom to that boy has earned every gray hair she has.” LOL  And there’s a LOT!  LOL  I have to say that even though he can be super wild, he’s the most polite little boy you’ll ever meet if I do say so myself. LOL  ”Please, thank you, you’re welcome,” and “bless you” are heard very consistently throughout the day and I love hearing it every single time.  And the one that melts my heart the most, “Uvvvv youuuu” or “Ubbbb youuuuu” every night when I put him in his crib.  Precious. :)

Kasen had a Daddy and Kasen day today at the Heard Museum, which is really sweet.  They went on a nature hike and got to see animatronic dinosaurs.  She really wanted me to go, but I needed to stay home and watch Holden.  My Mom is here, but she just can’t get around very well right now.  She’s having a lot of trouble with her back and she definitely can’t lift Holden, so that makes it impossible for me to leave him with her.  I know it’s frustrating for her because she wants to help more, but I’m just happy to have her here.  She’s excited to help with the mending though.;)  Kasen keeps finding projects for her. LOL  One of her little stuffed animals had a hole in it and she was so excited that her Mimi fixed it for her.  Anything that gets torn or loses a button, she says, “It’s okay.  Mimi can fix it.  She can fix anything.” LOL  I think it’s a good thing that I’ve been keeping my sewing abilities under wraps . . . . .like being able to sew a button on, and maybe some hemming.  That stuff is just on a VERY need to know basis. LOL  Some may say that’s sneaky, but I think it’s smart.  You don’t hear me talk about Kasen asking me to fix anything for her now do you?! ;)

Here’s my handsome little dude and my sweet girl in the background.  Happy to have such a lovely day, especially since we’re supposed to get down in the 20′s this week.  Brrrrr!



See ya’ later!!

One Quick Pic

January 12, 2011

I’ve got lots of pictures, but I’m still working on them.  I was pretty busy working on my nieces’ senior pictures since time is of the essence.  Anyway, I have my girls’ weekend trip pics, DisneyWorld pics, Christmas pics, playing in the snow pics and many other pics to share . . . in time. ;)

For now, here’s a pic of Kasen playing in the leaves on the first day of 2011.  Great way to start the New Year! :D


Mother’s Day Present

May 13, 2010

We celebrated Mother’s Day early this year.  And every year, I ask for the same thing for Mother’s Day . . . a trip to the zoo and a picture of me and Kasen.  Well, this year, it was a picture of me with my TWO children (doesn’t that sound great?!). :D  Remember, Holden wasn’t here yet last year. ;)  Well, we accomplished one of those pics, the one with Kasen.  We could have tried harder for the picture of me and Holden, but it was too hard to get him out of his stroller because he NEVER wanted back in.  Sooooo, I’ll settle for one out of two . . . . and I’m quite happy with the one!  Well, actually, Brad took several of pics of the two of us while we were feeding the birds.  That was so much fun.  Even though I don’t enjoy the birds, I’m getting better, only because it makes Kasen so crazy happy.  These birds were little and sweet too, until they started pecking at each other because they were fighting over the food.  That’s exactly what they are doing in the bottom left picture and as you can see, we thought it was rather funny. ;)

Kasen could not have been more thrilled, she was just bouncing through the zoo.  She kept saying, “I’m just so excited.  I’m just so excited.” LOL   Every thing is an adventure in a four year old’s eyes.  It was just a gorgeous day, beautiful cool weather, not too hot, not too cold.  Perfect.  It was a good thing we went on Saturday because Sunday was rainy and grey.

We had the added pleasure of Brad’s parents going to the zoo with us this year.  We thought it was a great Mother’s Day present for Mae Mae too. :)  Then we took everybody out to eat afterwards and just enjoyed being with family.  That’s the BEST part anyway, spending the day with those you love.  What great memories and what a beautiful early Mother’s Day we had.

collage05-08-10aSee ya’ later!!

Gorgeous Rainbow

May 11, 2010

Last week, we had a nice thunder shower and then came the rainbow, a double rainbow.  I had no idea it was out there until Brad told me to quickly look outside.  I grabbed my camera and ran.  As I was taking pictures, Brad had gone back inside to get Kasen out of bed to see it as well.  She had just gone down so she wasn’t even asleep yet.  I love the look on her face in the picture, such joy.  We went back inside to clean the lens on the camera since it had raindrops all over it, but by the time we got back outside, the rainbow had vanished.  It was just beautiful and the sky kept turning these gorgeous colors . . . . . purple, then pink . . . . . stunning.





See ya’ later!!

Random Pics

January 13, 2010

I’ve been taking pictures everyday, but I just haven’t been posting them.  My goal is to get at least one picture a day for the year 2010.  I may not get to posting them all, but I do have them documented in a calendar elsewhere.  That way, I will have this year documented without having to do much else.  I may even make it into a scrapbook.  If you know me at all, I’m not great at follow-through, so it’s HUGE that I’m even telling you this now. ;)

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the pics I’ve taken in the last few days.

My absolutely stunning, wonderful, precious girl.


My funny, sweet, sensitive boy.


The ducklings that Kasen and I discovered at the park yesterday.  Aren’t they precious?!


Our beautiful bushes in our backyard.  I love the gorgeous red and gold colors that they turn in the fall.


That’s all for now!  See ya’ later!!

White Christmas

December 27, 2009

Amazing- our first white Christmas since 1929,which means I’ve never seen one in my lifetime!!  We’ve had flurries before, but no accumulation.  I always laugh when I pull out some of my first Christmas pictures and I’m sitting in the front yard with a dress on, not even a sweater, and the sun is just shining.  Anyway, we saw the snow coming down hard on Christmas Eve, but being Texas, we certainly didn’t think it would last.  Well, I peered out the window Christmas morning and it was all white . . . snow covered bushes, snow covered yards, beautiful.  Kasen was THRILLED – little did she know she may never see a White Christmas again in her lifetime.  And Holden’s first Christmas – white – incredible.  I know, I know, all of our Canadian relatives and friends are probably laughing right now, but it was a big deal to us and FUN – just see the joy here on Kasen’s face!! :)

See ya’ later!!

Playing at the Park – Part 2

November 15, 2009

I said I had more pictures of this little beauty and I certainly do. :)  I just didn’t get to it until now.  I’ve been gone most of the day and now I’m a little tired, but it was wonderful to get out and have fun.  I’m so grateful that my husband feels it’s necessary for me to pamper myself and do something without the kids.  And I’m so grateful to my mother-in-law for providing the agenda today.  I had a GREAT time!!  Soooo, thanks all around. ;)

Now, without further ado, more pics of the lovely Carson ~







See ya’ later!!

A Happy Accident

November 11, 2009

There are so many leaves falling right now and it does finally look like fall . . . . . well, for the most part.  We even have some beautiful orange and gold trees to admire.  It doesn’t *really* feel like it too much, not when it’s still in the high 70′s and low 80′s, but I’ll take it.  Since I’ve been wading through these leaves every week while walking Kasen to her Mother’s Day Out class, I decided I would bring my camera and get some cute shots of Kasen.  I imagined Kasen throwing the leaves in the air, laying on the ground with leaves all around her, jumping in a big pile of leaves, and so on and so on.  Welllllllll, that didn’t happen.  I didn’t get ONE of those shots that I had anticipated. :(  However; right before we were heading for the car, I ran into a friend of mine leaving the church.  She watches two adorable children during the day and she was walking them to the car.  She asked if I could take a few pictures and of course I was willing:  cooperative subjects – check, cute clothes – check, gorgeous curls – check, big beautiful eyes – check.  Yep, a happy accident turned into these sweet photos.  What fun it is just to play with no agenda in site.  I’m very pleased with the results. :D

Here is the lovely Miss “B” ~


And here is her adorable brother, Mr. “S” ~




I do love the inquisitive look of little ones – I think he’s wondering what on earth am I doing here. LOL


See ya’ later!!

A Favorite

November 10, 2009

This was taken at the zoo on Sunday.  I love the fall colors, how peaceful they look, and Kasen’s little hand on the back of Brad’s head.  Calm, joy, trust, love.  Definitely a new fave!! :)


I’m still working on zoo pics – more to come later.

See ya’ later!!