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Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011

Well, I hope you all had a Happy Valentine’s Day – I’m aware it’s almost over. ;)  However; before it’s completely over, I had to come here and share my two adorable Valentines.  They had so much fun opening all of their goodies and we sent them to bed on a good sugar crash . . . . that’s what comes after the sugar high. LOL  Holden was really sick this weekend, and I’m so happy that he is doing better and was able to enjoy the sweet day, and the gorgeous sunshine.  Well, here they are, our funny Valentines.  They both completely melt my heart. :)












P.S.  If you noticed that Kasen now has bangs, you would be correct.  She cut them this past weekend. *sigh*  Oh well, it could have been worse.  I’m guessing we’ll be needing to see the hairdresser soon to shape them up for us. They’re a little scraggly and uneven right now. She had to keep pushing her hair out of her eyes today.  She was so proud of herself too.  When I asked her why she did it, she happily replied, “Because I always wanted bangs.” LOL  Well, she’s got ‘em now.

See ya’ later!!

The Day After

December 26, 2010

Christmas was a success. :D  Lots of paper flying, hearty laughter, and the many noises of children’s toys.  What wasn’t so fun was Kasen waking up pretty early in the night and telling me that she needed to throw up. :(  That continued  way too many times throughout the night.  As Kasen slept on my side of the bed, I sat next to her on the floor, waiting.  As soon as I would hear her whimper, off we would go.  I finally got to sleep about 6:00 a.m. this morning, and thankfully, Brad let me sleep for a bit while he tended to the kids.  Kasen had a delicious breakfast consisting of water and crackers ;) – we’re hoping she keeps that down.  After she was her sweet cheerful self, she looked quite sad and said that she didn’t feel well . . . could she please just lie down and watch a movie. Of course.  I’m hoping she rests a lot today, I know she needs it.  Now if Holden doesn’t get it, we’ll be golden. *crossing fingers*

I didn’t take as many pictures as I would have liked yesterday, but I was having fun in the moment.  We took lots of video though, love that.  It was so nice to share with Brad’s Mom and Dad too.  They came over for Christmas brunch and then we just played and played all day long.  Kasen and Holden are both so alike in that they both have the same attitude – the more the merrier.  They are both happy when all their peeps are together.  It’s tough right now because they want to be right next to us 24/7, but as Brad points out – “Just think, when they’re 16 and can drive, we’ll never see them again.  They’ll always want to hang out with their friends.” LOL  Sounds great right now, but I’m not so sure I’ll be feeling the same way when that time comes.  For now, I’ll cuddle our sweet girl, and play “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” every 15 minutes with our adorable boy and soak it all in – those times will be gone in the blink of an eye and it’s time to enjoy the ride. :)

These were taken a few days before Christmas.  One day it was 85 degrees and the next day, it was 40 degrees and we had coats, hats and gloves on.  Crazy Texas weather.  The kids want to go outside no matter what the weather though, so we just prepare for the elements and have fun!! :)



Hope your Christmas was MERRY!! :D

Cookies for Santa

December 25, 2010

The cookies are out, chocolate chip.  They’re Santa’s favorite you know! ;)  And a special carrot for the reindeer.  Oh yeah, and milk.  Can’t forget the milk.  It’s all ready and waiting.  We had one VERY excited little girl at bedtime tonight.  I would say that Holden is excited too, but he just doesn’t get it yet.  Kasen very carefully picked out the plate and the cup for Santa.  I love her confidence in making decisions.  She picked them right away, and never wavered . . . even though she had about 10 cups to choose from.  That girl, she definitely knows what she wants.  Then she clenched those little fists together and held them up to her cheeks, and in the highest voice imaginable, she squealed, “I’m so excited!” LOL  Even after she went to bed, she heard Brad and I in the kitchen.  She called for us and was quite concerned that if we didn’t hurry up and go to bed, that Santa wouldn’t come.  He knows that Mommy and Daddy have to be asleep too for the magic to happen.  Oh the magic, isn’t it wonderfu?! :D

Even though I’m super excited to see my little one’s faces in the morning, see their surprise to know that Santa came and left lots of presents, to hear their joy while singing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus before we eat His birthday cake, I still imagine those who are not doing all those things. :(  It wasn’t too long ago, that it was us . . . . imagining, praying, waiting for these moments.  For us they came, for others they didn’t, and that still breaks my heart.  I’ve been listening to lots of Christmas music, since even before Thanksgiving.  Yes, I’m one of those people, I just love it! LOL  One of my favorite songs is from Amy Grant called “My Grown-Up Christmas List” and the line that brings tears to my eyes every single time, is “And time would heal all hearts.”  *tears*  I love this verse too, “Well heaven surely knows, That packages and bows, Can never heal, A hurting human soul.”  Here’s the link to the song: “Grown-Up Christmas List” I used to listen to this song every Christmas and wonder if my heart would ever heal, especially after losing Halle.  Honestly, it hasn’t.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy my life, but my heart still hurts, it still aches that her stocking isn’t being filled every Christmas Eve, that I don’t get to see those sparkling eyes on Christmas morning, and hear her laughter while enjoying all her new presents.  It does mean that I’m super grateful for my two littles here on earth, that I can hardly sleep because I’m so excited to see their sweet faces in a few hours, that I love them so much my heart hurts . . . . in a good way. :)

Christmas means that I remember. I enjoy. I miss. I appreciate. I hurt. I anticipate. I love.  My heart is twisted in a million different ways, longing for what should have been, and happy for my blessings.

Merry Christmas!!  I hope that all your wishes come true!


Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I almost didn’t know how to log back on here. ;)  We are in the Christmas rush getting everything ready like many families I know.  But we added one more HUGE thing onto our list this December.  We decided to take a trip to Disney World in the middle of it all.  And yes, I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It really was magical.  Brad and I took Kasen by ourselves.  Holden hung out with his Mae Mae and Papa; and I’m pretty sure they loved spending time with him as much as he adored all that attention.

As for Disney World, it was just incredible.  Maybe because I’ve never been before, ever.  Or maybe it was seeing all that magic through our little girl’s eyes.  Tears welled up in my eyes more times than I can count . . . . watching Kasen see the Magic Kingdom for the first time and yelling in the bus, “There’s the castle!!  There’s the castle!”  Seeing her eyes light up when Ariel and Princess Jasmine each blew her a kiss from the floats they were riding on in the parade.  Hearing Kasen’s screams of delight on the roller coaster and hearing her say, “Again. Again. Let’s do it again, and again. and again.” LOL  Watching her face gleam as she saw herself for the first time, all dolled up at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique – she had enough glitter for several fairies. ;)  Following her down Main Street while she twirled and twirled in her Princess Ariel dress.  Listening to her gasp as she watched the fireworks and saw Tinkerbell fly over her head.  Amazed at her excitement when we met the Princesses for dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table, oh, and the dance she did with Cinderella and the curtsies, that was beyond cute.  Laughing when she did her famous impression of “Arghhhhh” for Captain Hook and then her surprise when Peter Pan showed up at the end of the Pirate Cruise.  Her wonderful laughter at Cirque Du Soleil when as she puts it, “The funny guys in the white suits kept bumping into stuff.”  The jumping and laughing as the fake snow fell in Downtown Disney, as she yelled, “It’s snowing. It’s snowing.”  And the one that got me every.single.time – watching my husband holding Kasen on the balcony of our hotel, all wrapped up in a huge blanket, watching the fireworks every night.  It was the perfect ending to every wonderful, fantastic day filled with adventures, fun, and most of all, love.  I couldn’t have asked for more.  It was much needed for all of us.  I’m already planning our next trip back! ;)

Yes, I have lots of pictures, hopefully I’ll get to share them soon.  But for now, I have to share our Santa pic this year.  As you can see, Holden still isn’t fond of the big guy . . . maybe next year. :)  Kasen was as sweet and princessy as ever, gotta’ love her! :D


See ya’ later!!

A Night of Trick or Treating

November 1, 2010

I’m finally back, but whether I get in the groove of posting regularly is yet to be decided. LOL  I’ll try. ;)  I’ve had shoulder issues, went on a girls’ weekend trip to Florida, been on several doctors’ appointments, and just working with our two children has kept me more than busy.  I’ll come back soon and post some pics of my girls’ weekend – it was FANTASTIC and much needed.  I’ve been working on the pictures and I’m loving them . . . mostly for what they mean to me.

As for Halloween, we had a blast.  Kasen had picked her costume out early and was very strong-minded that she would be a Go-Go Dancer.  Even though I wasn’t sure in the beginning, I have to say that I think it is probably my favorite costume of hers thus far. And Holden, well Holden was our fierce lion and he couldn’t have been cuter.  He was a lot harder to get pictures of because he just never stops moving.  We pulled out all of our tricks to get him to smile and all in all, I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished. Kasen had some cool dance moves of her own and a few that Brad and I taught her.  She was the bomb tonight and she got lots of compliments on her hot pink wig and her cool go-go boots.  Tonight was definitely a success! :D

Without further ado, here are some pics of our Halloween evening.









See ya’ later!!

I wish that I could say that our long weekend has been fun and carefree, but so far it’s been rough . . . really rough.  Brad started working Friday night and is STILL working – he’s been on and off of the very same conference call since then.  I think they’re going for a record, or they’ve already set one.  Whatever, not fun.  Not fun trying to get the kids to be quiet, not fun missing him, and frustrating not getting to do fun family stuff.  Oh well, we’re still hoping for some free time for him tomorrow.  It’s been HARD on both kids.  Kasen and Holden were both acting up and now Kasen is coughing non-stop.  Ugh. :(

I decided we would try a mini photo shoot this morning, and that didn’t go quite well either! LOL  Kasen was really cooperative, but Holden didn’t want anything to do with our demands.  Soooo, I just shot and hoped to capture a few good shots.  And that’s what I got, a few good shots.  I’m guessing we’ll try to watch fireworks next year – crossing my fingers! ;)

Here are the kiddos – I actually love these!  I did try to get both kids in the same shot, but like I said, didn’t go well.  Sooo, what you see is what you get! LOL :D






See ya’ later!!  Happy Fourth!!!!!!!!! :D

Happy Father’s Day

June 20, 2010

I hope that all of the fathers, and fathers-to-be had a GREAT Father’s Day! :D


This picture was taken a few days ago of my two guys, Brad and Holden.  Notice that scratch on Holden’s face, he always has at least one or two.  He’s crazy adventurous, and with that, comes many bumps and bruises.

I’ll have to add a pic of Kasen with her Daddy later.  It’s kind of hard to get Father’s Day pics, when the Daddy is out of town. :(  We sure miss him, but we still had fun with the grandparents.  Playing in the pool is always a great way to beat the heat.  And man was it hot . . . . . even worse to wake up at 2:00 a.m. this morning and realize that the air conditioner had quit working.  Thankfully we have two units, so I kept one unit pretty cool, so the other rooms wouldn’t get too overbearing.  Thank goodness for Brad’s Dad, he fixed it for us and saved us from having to call somebody out.  Here it is Father’s Day, Brad is out having fun with the guys, and his Dad is fixing our air conditioner and working on our filters.  Doesn’t seem right does it?! LOL ;)  Guess we’ll have to take him out for a special dinner when Brad returns.

Even though I dogged on Brad *just a little* ;)  , he is the BEST Dad . . . . really.  It’s noticeable every day, but sooo much so when’s gone, because he is so helpful with the kids.  It’s quite hard to juggle them when I’m on my own.  My Mom’s here right now and that helps, but there’s just nothing like Daddy reading them stories and putting them to bed.  Oh yeah, and the cooking.  I sure miss the cooking.  I’ll admit, we’ve eaten out a lot already and the pizza guy knows us quite well.  It won’t be too long before they’ll be eating home cooked meals again . . . . . I’m counting the days for that . . . . . .and so are they!  LOL :)

See ya’ later!!

The Trip

June 9, 2010

I’m baaaaaccckkkkkk . . . in case you missed me! LOL   We took a road trip during Memorial  Day Weekend to see my family in Iowa, and we just returned on Monday.  It was a LONG drive . . . especially with two littles.  Whew!  I’ll definitely need a year to recover to try again I think.  The whole family drove up together, Brad flew back after just a couple of days, and we snagged my Mom and brought her home with us. ;)  The kids did great on the drive there and the drive back, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was a hard trip, but they were both troopers.  It helped that we had lots of things for them to do, lots of snacks and we *tried* to have unlimited patience . . . . . . “tried” is the key word! LOL  Kasen could not have had more fun with her cousins, and Holden had quite the time as well.  It was the first time that everybody had met Holden except for my nephew Lucas, and of course, my Mom.  They were as smitten with him as he was with them.  He definitely fits right in! :D

Everybody was so great and I was able to take LOTS of pictures, which I will share later on!  I’ve been crashing early since we got back home since I haven’t been feeling well.  Brad and Kasen were sick on the way there, and they were kind enough to pass it on to Holden and me!  Mom was getting sick before we got there and now she’s a little under the weather too.  It won’t be long before we’re all running at full speed again!

Here’s one picture until I can post more!  Here are my beautiful nieces, two of which will be graduating from high school next year.  It just shocks me.  And my youngest niece is thirteen (the one in the middle).  Where has the time gone?  They have always been beautiful young girls, but now they are gorgeous young women.  What a great family I have! :)


See ya’ later!!

Our Sweet Girl

April 5, 2010

Our sweet little girl is very sick tonight. :(  She wouldn’t even touch her supper, or her drink, not even a popsicle. . . just sat at the table and cried that her head hurt.  She has a fever and she was even reluctant to take her “cherry medicine” – aka Children’s Tylenol, which she LOVES.  Guess we’ll have  a day of watching cartoons and movies tomorrow since she isn’t going to school.  Hopefully she’ll just be calm and not super cranky.  I really hate seeing her like that, soooo quiet, sooo still, not like our rambunctious, exuberant girl AT.ALL.  She did finally eat a popsicle and have few bites of dinner, so I’m feeling a little more hopeful.  Poor girl, I really thought she was just having allergy problems.  Guess I was wrong. :(

Here she is in happier times – our annual Easter egg shot – taken at Brad’s parents’ house because they have the lovely green grass that doesn’t turn brown during the winter.  Ours is a yucky brown color still.  We’re seeing a little green so it won’t be long now.


Guess Who?

February 14, 2010


Hope your Valentine’s Day was sweet. :)

See ya’ later!!