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March 16, 2009

This is just an idea for a photo that I had last Friday, and I really love how it turned out.  The play gun that Kasen is holding was my brother’s play gun when he was a little boy.  Kasen had never seen it until right before this photo shoot.  I put it in her hand and asked her to pretend to blow.  She did.  She let me take three shots (pics), and this was the first one I took.  Lucky me! ;)   After Kasen went to bed,  I asked for Brad’s assistance to help me since I wanted to photograph smoke . . . and I certainly couldn’t do that on my own.  He lit a few matches and blew them out, and I was able to capture the smoke the way I wanted.  I then took the two photos and merged them together and this is what I got. :)   Just a fun shot that reminds of the old western photos that they used to take at Six Flags over Texas.   I wonder if they still do that?  And if you’re concerned or wondering, the play guns are back in lock-up. ;)

Here’s my little cowgirl, or maybe she’s the sheriff????


See ya’ later!!

I'm in the process of transitioning over to a new blog.  And my web site is down. :( Fun times.  So, my sweet husband is working on BOTH of those things as we speak.  Hopefully, the new blog will go live within the week.  The web site, well . . . . . we're hoping that will be fixed even sooner. *crossing fingers* 

Have a GREAT time watching the Academy Awards tonight.  We always do.  We started a tradition when Kasen wasn't even a year old – she gets dressed to the nines for her Oscar party evening. ;)    She's napping now, getting ready for her big debut.  After she gets her much needed beauty sleep, we'll get her all dolled up and take some pics in the studio.  She is really getting a kick out of it and we even had to paint her fingernails this morning as an added bonus.  It will be so much fun when she's older, to look back through the years, and see what dress she was wearing, and how much she has grown.  And you never know, she just may be receiving her very own Oscar some day – now wouldn't that be crazy?! LOL  Well, you know, we HAVE always called her a DRAMA QUEEN. ;)

See ya' later!!

P.S.  I'll try to get all of Kasen's pics from each Oscar party, and post them tomorrow. :D

Cylons, Starbuck, Apollo

January 19, 2009

If you have no idea what that title means, then you are obviously NOT a Battlestar Galactica fan! LOL  I have to admit, I'm normally not the Sci-Fi type, even though I do like to watch Star Wars occasionally.  However; this is the last season of Battlestar and I'm really bummed.  Brad and I got a chance to watch a new episode last night (thank goodness for DVRs), and I just keep wondering how they're going to wrap all this up by the end of the season.  I know one thing for sure, I'll really miss watching all the great characters and seeing how the cool storyline was continuing to unfold.  Guess I'll be on the watchout for a new Sci-Fi show that will catch my interest.  Hey, I even liked Firefly. LOL

See ya' later!!